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  • Vetiver Dance by Tauer

    by IsoESuperman

    BLUF: Different from all other vetivers I've tried. I know we all have our own take on what "powdery" means, but I perceived this as a powdery, white floral, clean take on vetiver. It doesn't smell at all like Dior's Privée Vétiver, but...More

  • Anabasis by Apoteker Tepe

    by IsoESuperman

    BLUF: A style of fragrance that is usually a snooze-fest for me, but this I found exciting. A super clean, grassy, green, minty, clean, clean, clean woody offering, with a very, very light touch of something smoky/resinous (birch? incense?). Expec...More

  • Eaux Arborantes : Saltus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

    by Buzzlepuff

    Like many of Liquides Imagainares scents Saltus is wrapped around a resinous incense note, Somalian Incense is here which has an earthy deep mystical presence. The eucalyptus adds a salty menthol contrast in the opening moments and castoreum leaves ...More

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