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  • L'Ame d'un Héros by Guerlain

    by Darvant

    L'Ame d'un Heros is a revisitation of the classic Coriolan in a more suave, yes "polished" and gentle "format" (as previously underlined). A less peppery-herbal and more rounded Guerlain Coriolan's version. You can easily recogniz...More

  • Sheikh Anas Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

    by Darvant

    A supreme balsamic rosey soapiness characterizes almost the entire evolution of this musky exotic blend (before a more dry-spicy-earthy floral ambergris finally takes the role of protagonist). Sheikh Anas Blend opens by soon with all its "appara...More

  • Santalum by Profumum

    by SexySmells

    I love Sandalwood done right. Basenotes will attest to the fact that there are numerous sandal dominant scents that achieve cult status in some fashion. Some will swear by Egoiste, some by Villoresi, others claim Maitre Parfumeur has the best. I gues...More

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