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  • La Collection Croisiere : Paris Seychelles by Pierre Guillaume

    by Darvant

    I've always considered the "yet classic" Kenzo Pour Homme a quite original take on the woodsy-ozonic theme and I still outline it, anyway...this Pierre Guillaume's Paris Seycelles seems to be (at least along its "front side", just...More

  • Villa Ocre by Pascal Morabito

    by Colin Maillard

    Given the name and the slightly outdated packaging echoing (probably unvoluntarily) Haschisch Men by Veejaga, I was expecting some mild and uninteresting sort of herbal/pine fresh fougère. Well, Villa Ocre is a whole another story on the contrary. It...More

  • Tango by Masque

    by farang

    I like it.....but. Well, it is certainly a rich fragrance with lots of spices, balsams, and some faint animalic note. It opens boozy and vanilla plays along for a long period. It smelt rather perfect when I tried it on paper. However on my ski...More

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