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  • Le Rivage des Syrtes / PdN1 by MDCI

    by rbaker

    The first impression is that of an orangey citrus-fruity combination, in which the fruity side is quite generic and not easy to characterise especially. It is light but the orange is nicely done of good quality ingredients. The heart notes are f...More

  • One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

    by DuNezDeBuzier

    A true Jackovasaurus of a fragrance. Loud and annoying. Not to be confused with OMS, Quorum, Bogart Signature or others of that ilk. True, this statement is more about this reviewer's perspective than on the juice. So... sorry, not sorry. Fo...More

  • Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 by MDCI

    by rbaker

    A nice mix of citrus - very restrained and ylang-ylang are at the core of the beginning. The ylang-ylang moves into the foreground soon, and leads over into the jasmine, which is the main heart note. All this is nicely done, even if the components a...More

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