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  • Cellini by Fabergé

    by Darvant

    "In to the fougere's wild". Faberge Cellini for men is a quite refined (but really "strong") freshly aromatic barber-shop classic fougere exuding a fascinating fresh aura a la Aramis Tuscany Man (a lot), Drakkar Noir, Cuba Black m...More

  • Scent No. 1 - Bergamot Sage by Cognoscenti

    by Buzzlepuff

    Bergamot Sage opens with very delicate and quite beautiful sparkling pink grapefruit, bergamot, slight fig and light woods and light musk as a base. The first few sniffs were very nice, then its gone. This fragrance does not have enough contrasts wit...More

  • Scent No. 8 - Aldehydic Oakmoss by Cognoscenti

    by Buzzlepuff

    Aldehydic Oakmoss is a middle toned scent that has a continuous hollow toned metallic vegetal green aroma that occasionally slows down to a warm toasty cocoa but then returns to the metallic green. This ringing and changing vibrancy is from the n...More

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