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  • Shaal Nur by Etro

    by Colin Maillard

    Shaal Nur opens with a really pleasant and perfectly blended woody-balsamic accord surrounded by citrus notes, sweet spices (nutmeg, cardamom, perhaps styrax too), something smelling like balsamic resins (olibanum), patchouli, a really aromatic whiff...More

  • Wode by Boudicca

    by Colin Maillard

    The opening of the new version of Boudicca Wode Scent instantly threw me right into an old rusty bottle of Nina Ricci Phileas I had once, which was completely ruined, the juice gone severely wrong. Wode smells of that, precisely: a vintage herbal-lea...More

  • Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

    by Darvant

    A sort of olfactory compromise between the original classic formula (a marvellously futuristic rubbery violet) and the suffocating Absolute version (a different type of "properly resinous" sultry stuff). The Fahrenheit Parfum's opening poss...More

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