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  • Shelter Island by Bond No. 9

    by Alex Krycek

    I just started testing this one out. After reading the other reviews, I feel like I'm missing the experience. So, that's on me... I'm not really getting Coppertone, lilies, ocean, oud... Somebody mentioned lemon-pepper mix, and after smel...More

  • Brut by Fabergé

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20170330: Fabrege Version: When I was in middle school, my father got promoted to a new role in different part of the country. So when we were moving the main mover honcho was doing the dressing table and he saw my father's bottle of Br...More

  • Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun

    by Lian

    I actually really enjoyed this scent. It's very fresh due to the citrus and blends wonderfully with sweeter scents. The combination with this and Mmmm was astounding. Mmm on its own was a dull affair but this lifted it to new heights. On its own i...More

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