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  • Mr. Vetiver by Une Nuit à Bali

    by Kaern

    I love these sort of vetivers -- fresh, bracing, full of life. Almost the complete antithesis of the Tauer and MPG versions. Second only to the Lubin vetiver and reasonably priced, it has a lovely long lasting drydown....More

  • Lights by Roads

    by Kaern

    I am not sure who this is aimed at but the top notes almost floored me. There is just too much going on and seems like an exercise in bombast. Ylang, clove, violet -- in nuclear proportions. Not for me, but worth seeking out just to try....More

  • Cloud 9 by Roads

    by Kaern

    Austere packaging (nice) hides an unexpectedly rich, clean fragrance, especially in the opening, which is fresh and floral. This soon gives way to a sort of soapy mix of vanilla and a woody type musk. Not what I call a 'serious' fragrance, but it sur...More

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