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  • Côte d'Amour by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    by foetidus

    Citrus opening greened with rosemary… similar to the top notes of some of the traditional colognes, but actually this one is quite a pristine experience. I would say that the balance of the rosemary and citrus is remarkably well done. It doesn...More

  • Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme by Gucci

    by foetidus

    “Gucci Guilty Black” …I think they’re right! … Gucci SHOULD feel guilty… first, for creating this mediocrity… and second, for calling it ”black.” The way to profit nowadays apparently is to knock off as many cheap flankers as possible. The origi...More

  • Azzaro Duo Men by Azzaro

    by foetidus

    The opening and middle notes – grapefruit, galbanum, and ginger – come at me all at once. The grapefruit provides “clean” and “fresh”; the galbanum, provides the green; and the ginger provides the synthetic aspect which was probably meant to be a me...More

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