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  • Sublime Balkiss by The Different Company

    by Kaern

    Does blueberry, blackcurrant and rose equate to grapefruit? That's what I get anyway. Cocoa in the base? What? A zingy grapefruit that eventually becomes more floral, but not feminine to my nose. Amazing tenacity. I love it....More

  • Long Board by MiN New York

    by Kaern

    I think this smells gorgeous and sexy in a 'beach' type way. Can't imagine wearing this outside of summer though which obviously restricts it's use. Not sure I want to pay the ridiculous price of it -- if MIN had reduced the egregious packaging they ...More

  • Magic Circus by MiN New York

    by alfarom

    I honestly expected Magic Circus to be way worse that it actually is. 90% of the notes involved speak about nemesis to me but, as a matter of fact, this is nowhere as bad as it could have actually been. Good news…I guess. Yes, it's a roasted cotto...More

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