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  • Vaniglia by Mazzolari

    by deadidol

    A sickening ethyl maltol and vanilla bomb opening with virtually no nuance whatsoever; itís just loud sugar and caramel ó seriously. There are no other recognizable notes. It takes about fifteen minutes to quiet down a bit, but even then itís just ma...More

  • Join The Club : Kind of Blue by Xerjoff

    by deadidol

    Itís a Xerjoff so the blend quality's there and this has more personality than the line usually delivers. Itís a very floral scent with touches of jasmine over a semi-oriental base and a prominent, narcotic narcissus center stage. The narcissus is th...More

  • The Swan Princess by The Vagabond Prince

    by deadidol

    The hideously named Swan Princess is a soft, sweet chemical violet with a slight soapy nuance. It smells adequately composed, but thereís nothing to it other than a chemical violet. Itís strung over a polite synthetic base thatís perfectly serviceabl...More

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