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  • Black Aoud by Montale

    by deadidol

    Montaleís entire existence is basically structured upon their ability to create a hundred or so variants of their house aesthetic ó a crass take on Eastern perfumes that are well balanced, but tend to smell dodgy. The archetype for their success seem...More

  • L'Homme Infini by Divine

    by deadidol

    A semi-modern vetiver/bergamot with clean, wooden edges and a peppery opening. Itís a tad bitter up top, but it softens fast into something that resembles a textbook modern masculine affair. It dries into an even more run-of-the-mill chemical base, b...More

  • Nevermore by Frapin

    by deadidol

    This is a super-fizzy aldehyde with some bitter, citrus-like notes upfront. Itís definitely rose at its core, but itís doing more than what you might expect from a standard rose scent. Thereís a psychedelic feel to itóa shimmery kind of prismatic haz...More

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