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  • Massachusetts by United Scents of America

    by Darvant

    Supremely berrish but at once virile, spicy and vaguely textured combination (the synthetic vibe is quite in the average). The Massachusetts's opening is a mess, really too much berrish, pungent and sparkling. Bergamot balances (with its hesperidic s...More

  • Chinatown by Bond No. 9

    by Darvant

    Chinatown in Venice or Vienna may be (do those cities have a Chinatown too??). Nothing new under the sun but a real "harmonious" surprise considering that this one is a Bond No.9's issue. This scent is based on a satisfactory harmony betwee...More

  • Scandal pour Homme by Roja Dove

    by drseid

    Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) opens with a brief blast of grassy green tarragon tinged bergamot citrus with hints of aromatic lavender before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the aromatic lavender remains, now som...More

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