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    • Coromandel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

      by purecaramel

      I like Bavard's "This is the best Coromandel EDT knockoff ever" LOL!! Honestly, I have to agree. Coromandel as a scent, I think, will prove to be a Chanel Classic. As JTD says, it hits most of the spots to be a "Crowdpleaser"...More

    • Coromandel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

      by Bavard

      Of course this is a thumbs up, the question is how good is it compared to the legendary edt? It's probably not quite as good as the edt. I didn't think the edt was perfect, and I never went beyond a large decant, but it did have magical moments...More

    • Resist Me by Liaison de Parfum

      by rogalal

      The first couple of Liason de Parfum samples I tried were dumb shampoo candy perfumes which, along with the general flirty "vibe" of the brand, had me ready to write them off. Thankfully, Resist Me is here to claw back some respect. It'...More

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