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  • Shooting Stars: Oroville by Xerjoff

    by deadidol

    A citrus aromatic that’s almost entirely devoid of character. All the usual players are present: lemon verbena, neroli, sage, but it’s all sanitized and primped so that none of the bite of the standard EdC genre remains. There’s just so little to say...More

  • Tirrenico by Profumi del Forte

    by deadidol

    Sweetened algae with vegetal flourishes, this is like a simulacra of a coastal scent in that it doesn’t quite ring true to me. There’s a lactonic aspect, a sage-like note, and the sweetness, I’m guessing, is supposed to resemble ambergris. It’s kind ...More

  • Le Sourire de Diable by L'Antichambre

    by deadidol

    A demure resinous scent — labdanum and spices. There’s a lot of cumin, so it goes a bit sweaty, but it’s quite tolerable (depending on your level of tolerance, I suppose). In fact, there are a lot of spices in this, and that’s really what it smells l...More

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