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    • La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

      by Buzzlepuff

      This is a style of leather fragrance that was made popular by the original Helmut Lang Cuiron with its dry raspy leather with hints of tobacco leaf which gives it more of a suede feel. More leathery than Cuiron, but without any of the petrochemicals...More

    • Vanilla Bourbon Intense by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

      by Joeyjoey70

      This is a well balanced and slightly bitter IMO. It has a great blend of vanilla and patchouli. This isn't an over the top super sweet vanilla at all so I think it is very unisex in that respect. I would recommend a try before you buy ($75 US for...More

    • Ore by Slumberhouse

      by Joeyjoey70

      Ore by Slumberhouse is one of the strongest and longest lasting scents I have had the pleasure to experience. From start to finish it is amazing. Sweet? Yes. Too sweet? Not at all. Just enough sweetness to bring out the deep and resinous wood notes ...More

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