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    • Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

      by foetidus

      Fairly generic opening: the grapefruit and cedar are quite common in openings and the synthetic atmosphere is also common on cheaper fragrances. The exception is the cranberry, which provides a contrast to the more typical grapedfruit / cedar ope...More

    • L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

      by foetidus

      L’Homme Ideal Cologne strikes me as being different from most Guerlains. It is a bright, pleasant citrus-almond confection that’s a little shallow, a little plastic, but quite a good performer. It lacks depth and complexity; it presents a superf...More

    • GF Ferré Bluemusk by Gianfranco Ferré

      by foetidus

      In the top and the heart level, Blue Musk has enough aquatics in its primarily fruity – floral structure to make it qualify as both an aquatic and a musky fruity floral. Blue Musk is one of the more natural smelling aquatics that I’ve encountered ...More

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