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  • Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

    by thediamondsea

    Orange zest . . . and hairspray! I really like most of Atelier Cologne's photorealistic fruity scents, because they smell fresh and zingy and their citrus notes last longer than almost anything else out there. I think Orange Sanguine in particular ...More

  • Jubilation XXV by Amouage

    by enofile

    I purchased this scent because I wanted an "all season" fragrance which might evoke a different emotion as temperatures rose and fell. Certainly, in the store, Jubilation XXV was fascinating. Unfortunately, on me, this fragrance lasts ab...More

  • Revillon pour Homme by Révillon

    by Bavard

    Thumbs up for this 1977 release. It's rich and full bodied in the opening. It has a mossy green tinge, and smells like it was made from quality ingredients. It seems like an unobtrusive kind of smell, not a typical cologne smell to me. It almost smel...More

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