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  • Oil Fiction by Juliette Has a Gun

    by Bavard

    The opening few seconds seemed like a promising, simple perfume, but it started going through a rough patch within a couple minutes, becoming more complex, or fractured, and smelling to me like cleaning product, with modern woody notes added. I found...More

  • 17/17 Irisss by Xerjoff

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20170721: A good Iris fragrance. Makeup kind of iris. This lacks their signature base- which is a good thing. There is some woods in the drydown and some other notes up top but Iris is the main focus and gets more prominent once the top ...More

  • Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

    by Redneck Perfumisto

    White clouds of incense Freed from marble's beauty by Muses with chain saws....More

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