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  • Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20161207: A great masculine. Honey and patchouli mixed right. I also get some flowers(rose maybe or carnation). The animalic civet is done perfectly here. I do not like overpowering civet (Furyo is ruined for me because of civet) but ...More

  • parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Anbar by Comme des Garçons

    by rbaker

    The opening is in the classic summer cologne style: refreshing lemon and bergamot together with a mandarine-orangey citrus core - roll on sun and blue skies! The drydown sees the citrus notes evaporate, but on me the bergamot lingers for a number...More

  • Métaboles by YS Uzac

    by purecaramel

    Very nice contemporary Leather feel. Geranium is beautifully lighted. A twist of Liquorice scents and heightens. Sprinkle of Black Pepper. Hmm. Just right in sweetening. Enough Musk to draw it back to a proper Perfume. Overall, reminds me of a dish p...More

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