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  • BalMan by Pierre Balmain

    by Darvant

    Balman de Balmain opens "familiarly" with an almost intoxicating (herbal-aromatic, synthetically amberish, slightly plastic, spicy-resinous, bitter-sweet, vaguely salty and kind of spicy-humid) blast conjuring me "invigorating openings...More

  • Covent Garden by Jack

    by Kaern

    This is only half a review as I couldn't wear this for more than 20 minutes. The opening and heart are too much for me -- like sour booze with a slug of ginger - made my eyes water. For all I know, the drydown may be lovely, but I will let othe...More

  • Millésime Impérial by Creed

    by Kaern

    This is about the fifth time I have tried this. I thought I might stumble into a wonderful batch. MI just doesn't work for me. The opening accord tanks imo -- sweet and saline jut means hissy in my book. The drydown is ok and lasts a fair while ...More

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