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  • Colony (new) by Jean Patou

    by furrypine

    The old Colony is a pineapple chypre; a syrupy pineapple set against bitter oakmoss, unusual and striking, and clearly from a different time period. The new version is called "a modern adaption" by Patou. It's no longer a chypre, but a p...More

  • Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

    by deadidol

    This is lousy. The perfumer is using the notorious rum ether — a distinctive, immediately recognizable raw material that’s rich and boozy but dissipates in (I’m not kidding) 30 seconds. For as lovely as that material smells, it’s worthless in perfume...More

  • Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

    by deadidol

    A timid rose resting on a pillow of apricot. It’s not a juicy apricot though; it’s more like the dried apricot snacks you grab at the checkout. Aside from that, vetiver, patchouli, and a milky-vanillic base signify, but there’s not much else. It remi...More

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