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    • Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

      by speedracer

      Definitely smells like a mixed citrus drink in the opening. Something with lime. Fresh and clean. Pretty linear throughout with just some more woody notes. Feels best for casual wear in warmer months. Very good projection and longevity....More

    • Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

      by speedracer

      Spicy, synthetic, fruity-fresh opening. Not terrible but is terribly generic (pleasant). The drydown goes sweet and musky. Again, smelled this many times before in cheaper fragrances. This smells casual and unrefined. Could be worn day or night a...More

    • Epic Man by Amouage

      by speedracer

      I get a spicy but pleasant cardamom in the opening. Also, there's a sharp floral or fruit note. The drydown comes in quickly with cedar and leather. Keeps getting woodier as it goes further into the drydown. Feels mature, refined and dressed up. ...More

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