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  • Organza Harvest 2005 by Givenchy

    by rbaker

    Building upon the original, the too notes here is a reasonable, albeit not particularly exciting honeysuckle impression that is not very sweet on my skin. The core constituent is a delightful jasmine, quite discreet and with an ever so slightly e...More

  • Lilac Love by Amouage

    by thediamondsea

    I like the house of Amouage, and I love floral, powdery heliotrope-driven perfumes, but Lilac Love did not work for me. It has all the elements that I like in this style of perfume, but it also has some other qualities that drive me nuts. I smell a g...More

  • Organza Harvest 2008 Fleur d'Oranger by Givenchy

    by rbaker

    A sweetish opening blast, mostly due to a pleasant honeysuckle that is a touch unexciting - less scintillating than, for instance, Creed's Chevrefeuille - but nonetheless well executed. The core note develops very early in the drydown, a beautif...More

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