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  • SexMagic by House of Matriarch

    by Bavard

    This is marketed as a wood fragrance including oud. It's a bit screechy for me, especially the opening. If it's wood, it's freshly cut green wood that would never burn, it's far too wet. Maybe it's a freshly varnished wood, there's a chemical smell i...More

  • Eau Sublime by Rancé

    by Bavard

    This is great. Complex, floral, fruity, lightly sweet. Delicious....More

  • Cuir Garamante by MDCI

    by rbaker

    Form the beginning a generic leathery crisp peppery impression greets me. It has a fairly clear harshness to it, with the nutmeg quite evident. The saffron is more vague on my skin, and has a somewhat flat and woolly character. Further into th...More

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