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  • Italian Leather by Memo

    by Darvant

    Excellent bitter-sweet aromatic opening featuring a sheer green-earthy tomato presence combined with wet balsams, earthy (but finally smoother) iris, red dusty pepper and leather. Really a bomb, visceral, pungent, cacophonous and almost tasty. The no...More

  • Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolarri

    by Darvant

    By inhaling the first Bruno Fazzolari Lampblack's whiff exhaling from my skin I soon detect several Mark Buxton Black Angel's nuances (actually also the classic and more angular Ferrari Red jumps partially on mind before deflecting towards different ...More

  • Jil Sander Man III by Jil Sander

    by Colin Maillard

    Jil Sander Man III opens with a bold, mouthwash-like pine & leaves accord, rather astringent and minty but mossy too, with pungent spices (cloves and juniper) on a smoky, woody, dark base made denser and almost “oily” by a peculiar accord of soap...More

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