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  • Chypre Palatin by MDCI

    by flathorn

    The opening is incredible - a funky, fun, happiness fog. It smells like a '70's floral chypre, relaxed, fuzzy, pretty, non-serious. Though the ingredient list doesn't show coriander, it seems to play into the '70's vibe in the opening. The hyacinth m...More

  • Kiste by Slumberhouse

    by drseid

    Kiste opens with a relatively sweet deep boozy peach before moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the sweet boozy peach accord slightly dissipates though remains in relative strength, as a deep pipe tobacco and black tea acc...More

  • Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

    by Darvant

    Why not? If synthetic must be, welcome to this type of hyper-sexy "extraits" of "apparently organic" feminine juices. It seems to catch on skin the aroma exuding from a sweaty/dirty t-shirt previously worn by a sporty and "fl...More

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