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  • Lothair by Penhaligon's

    by speedracer

    Sweet, seductive and spicy opening. Not that far off from Eau des Baux. In fact, it's pretty close to EdB to my nose but not as sharp, more refined and also not as loud which may not be what some want. This smells so good that you'll want others to ...More

  • Prada Candy L'Eau by Prada

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Tart citrus. Slight green note, morphing into the delicate sweet pea. Cotton candy, juvenile lip gloss, strawberry Starburst Fruit Chew accord. Settles down into a toasted caramel smell. Aquolina fragrances last longer than this does. Except for...More

  • Kedu by Memo

    by rogalal

    Green tea and citrus fading to green tea and soapy white florals, with a wisp of that sesame note for depth. The problem with citrus/green tea scents is that they can sometimes smell unfortunately like hotel soap or cheap spa products. Kedu's use...More

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