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  • 17/17 Damarose by Xerjoff

    by Bavard

    This doesn't smell too different from a mass marketed fragrance sold in the local mall, a Stella McCartney fragrance, for example, and although the ingredients don't smell precious or unique, this Xerjoff version of a fruity floral does smell well pu...More

  • Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20170622: A masculine Rose Patchouli floral that does not smell like traditional Rose Patchouli. There is a grape soda accord too which perhaps adds that je ne sais quoi. Lasts long and is very safe. ...More

  • Lilac Love by Amouage

    by rbaker

    A floral heliotrope with jasmine and good parts of gardenia and other white florals; later on a somewhat flat iris arises too. The drydown is a vanilla chocolate dyad, not dissimilar to molten ice cream but, alas, quite generic, as is the soft patch...More

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