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  • Ambre Nuit Cologne by Christian Dior

    by Chanel1

    It smells familiar, and reminds me of Chanel Coromandel, but maybe a more wearable alternative. Dior Ambre Nuit is one of the few samples I've really enjoyed from recent orders. I'm going to be wearing this one....More

  • Balsamo della Mecca/ Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo

    by vitaman

    Wore this for 3 hours with a vague feeling that I've smelled it before. Finally dawned on me that this is Messe de Minuit by Etro with less projection. A nice rich Frankincense skin scent. Feels sacred and comfortable. Main gripe is that even appli...More

  • Wit by Delrae

    by flathorn

    The opening is beautiful - light lemon-souffle springtime florals. I've never smelled daphne, but Wit is like white lilac, a wafting of honeysuckle, dewy greens, slightly honeyed, with a softness. There are plenty of leafy green notes to give the fee...More

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