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  • Nightingale by Zoologist Perfumes

    by Darvant

    Nightingale is my first experience with Zoologist, the magnificent "by flora/fauna-inspired" Indie/naturalistic canadian alchemic niche brand. Their collection is aimed to capture the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom, transforming them ...More

  • Dior Dior by Christian Dior

    by jtd

    The ’70s was the decade of the sequel and the greatest hits album. It’s as if the late ’60s had used up the cultural capacity for new ideas and reiteration was the new innovation. As the name implies, Dior Dior favored repetition over novelty. All...More

  • Sublime Balkiss by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    Fruity green chypre which recalls for example Cristalle (Chanel) as well as Chypre Mousse from Oriza Legrand. A nice fragrance, I would have said feminine rather than masculine, unless you regard all perfumes as unisex....More

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