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  • Myrrhae by L'Erbolario

    by alfarom

    I'm not crazy about L'Erbolario's Myrrhae but I'm surely impressed but their honesty and the quality / price ratio. Myrrhae is a very simple and straight forward oriental which shares some aspects with both Comme Des Garçons 2 Man and Gucci Pour Homm...More

  • L'Erbolario Uomo by L'Erbolario

    by alfarom

    Uninspired and trite (yet competently done) sportsy masculine. If you like the genre it's absolutely at the same level with the most popular and way more expensive designer's offerings. Pass for me. ...More

  • Risqué by Roja Dove

    by drseid

    Risque (Parfum) opens with a slightly sweet citrus spiked airy rose and slightly powdery ylang-ylang tandem before moving quickly to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the ylang-ylang takes the fore with the citrus and rose quickly...More

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