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  • Siberian Musk by Areej le Doré

    by Diamondflame

    Gratitude. I can't remember the last time a fragrance made me feel grateful but that's exactly how I feel every time I catch a whiff of Siberian Musk. Grateful that I managed to snag a bottle for the privilege to wear it a little less sparringly...More

  • Ottoman Empire by Areej le Doré

    by Buzzlepuff

    There are lots of notes listed and Ottoman Empire is different almost every time I wear it so there is an unsettling feel about it for me. But I I think it is important to faithfully describe what I smell to give some guidance for others who may be ...More

  • Siberian Musk by Areej le Doré

    by Buzzlepuff

    I am a little intimidated writing a review for a fragrance which has a tribe of such enthusiastically vocal and raging fans. See:é-The-Official-Discussion-Thread, and Claire's review at: http://ta...More

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