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  • Fleur Poudrée de Musc by Les Néréides

    by deadidol

    This is a top-loaded floral stinker somewhat akin to MKK but with an insanely scratchy, hive-inducing powder effect added. The musk is basically a wallop of civet paired with a rough-grained cedar-type note and some animalis type accords thrown in. I...More

  • Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolarri

    by Colin Maillard

    A woody-leathery-citrus symphony with a ton of class. The wood here is dry, dark and rubbery, quite close to leather (hence my definition above), with a mellow smoky vetiver note and a “woodier” vein than usual, made drier and darker by cypriol (I gu...More

  • Copper Skies by Kerosene

    by Colin Maillard

    Thick intriguing opening with sweet dark notes of tobacco, something like licorice sticks - rich, earthy, sweet, balsamic; something balsamic and minty, anise, beeswax (basically a dry, caramelized-resinous honey note), amber, something “sugary”, but...More

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