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  • Black by Puredistance

    by Chanel1

    The premium price for this ($295 for 60 ml) makes me want more. It smells a lot like MiN NY Scent Stories Dahab, which is similarly pricey, I think. There is something nice in these scents. I like the Dahab version a little more, I think. Having ...More

  • Aer by Angela Ciampagna

    by Darvant

    Aer is not properly my archetype of concoction but I have to admit it smells utterly natural and realistically grassy-citric (in a way that is almost shocking, it seems to handle herbs, flowers and citrus for real. Incredibly oily is longly the part ...More

  • Kobako by Bourjois

    by cacio

    This is for the Osmotheque reconstruction, smelled on paper. Chanel Cuir de Russie plus cinnamon. This is a smooth, suede-like leather in the mold of Chanel Cuir de Russie (as opposed to the butch Tabac Blond tradition). The different is that this...More

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