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    • Neroli Portofino Acqua by Tom Ford

      by mobes119

      As warm weather scents go, I'd be hard- pressed to find something that agrees with me more. I just love the way this smells- 5/5 all the way. The problem for me, however, is that this fragrance just doesn't last on my skin. At all. Such a pity, becau...More

    • L'Humaniste by Frapin

      by mobes119

      Smells fine- certainly nothing unique in my opinion. The biggest issue is the lack of projection- I oversprayed and this still became a skin scent in less than 90 minutes. In 3 hours time, it was completely gone. I expected much more when I shelle...More

    • Join The Club : More Than Words by Xerjoff

      by mobes119

      Definitely opens sweet- the "wow" comes on the dry down. This is simply a beautiful fragrance and a joy to wear. This is my first venture into a fragrance with a heavy rose note, and I think I started at the right place. Definitely a bea...More

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