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    • Mortal Skin by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

      by thrilledchilled

      This is like sexual ink. It's a beautiful fragrance and does remind me of that wonderful inky smell and the almost sexual feelings I experienced (without realizing it) as a young boy when I'd be reading the Sunday L.A. Times and smelling that ink. ...More

    • Aoud Flowers by Montale

      by rbaker

      The oud blast at the start is obvious, and, yes, a rose comes with it, surprise, surprise! The rose is actually the more interesting part here. Whilst the oud is clearly a creature of laboratory chemistry, the rose, in all its darkness, is well exe...More

    • 69 Fahrenheit by Alexandria Fragrances

      by speedracer

      69 Fahrenheit has a cumin note that I do not remember from the original vintage or current versions but otherwise smells very much like a good batch of Fahrenheit. Everything is there but it does smell a bit subdued when smelling against the real thi...More

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