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  • Enygma by Onyrico

    by drseid

    Enygma goes on with a blast of saffron, with almost cinnamon-like nutmeg spice support. Moving to the early heart the saffron and nutmeg spice hang around in support, joining faint unidentifiable florals, as the composition adds dry tobacco and synt...More

  • Blomma Cult by Room 1015

    by Rick Bennett

    Vanilla, powdery floral or floral powder. To me it smells by turn of old fashioned make up (like my Nana used to wear), face powder, lipstick and baby talcum powder. All mixed up. It gets sweeter and more powdery as time goes on. Due to those associ...More

  • Sauvage by Christian Dior

    by Bavard

    This new Dior, Sauvage, fits right into the mainstream fragrance scene of 2015, and reminds me a little of Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men. Having worn it, no interest was sparked in wearing it again or buying any, but I am curious to smell it around on...More

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