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  • Escapade a Byzance by Olibere Parfums

    by Colin Maillard

    Escapade ŕ Byzance by French newcomer Olibčre is for me sadly nothing more than a worthless addiction to the endless galore of Duchaufour’s creations, and particularly one of the most negligible. I guess the budget was tight here, both for the materi...More

  • Virgin Island Water by Creed

    by ClaireV

    Freshly squeezed limes, rum, coconut….it’s not an overly complex smell but it does what it says on the tin. Creed Virgin Island Water has to be the fragrance equivalent of the sentiments expressed in those 90’s Lilt adverts, where the running joke wa...More

  • Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    by ClaireV

    The ultimate in sweet nothings. Aqua Vitae by Maison Francis Kurkdijan is a fresh, summery fragrance that sparkles with zesty citrus, a green, crisp jasmine, and a whisper of tonka. There are massive amounts of hedione in this – about 50%, according ...More

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