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  • Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    by Zealot Crusader

    Tobacco Vanille (2007) is among the most talked-about of the Tom Ford Private Blend selections, and came out of the original lineup which also spawned Noir de Noir (2007) and Oud Wood (2007). Out of the intial Private Blend wave, Tobacco Vanille has ...More

  • Wild Collection : Wild Cherry by Mancera

    by speedracer

    Strong, medicinal cherry in the opening, similar to a cherry cough drop. Maybe some honey but I'm not seeing that in the notes. Leans feminine to me but not in a huge way. Seems like more of a novelty than a scent somebody would like to wear but it ...More

  • R de Capucci by Roberto Capucci

    by Zealot Crusader

    Roberto Capucci is an Italian designer famous for his "sculpted" dresses throughout the mid-to-late 20th century. His fragrances arrived in the 60's and he's an older presence in the fashion world, but like Gianfranco Ferré or Nicola Trussa...More

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