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  • Fetish by Roja Dove

    by drseid

    Fetish (Parfum) opens with an orange-green citric petitgrain with significant ashy green oakmoss support before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition moves to its early heart the ashy green oakmoss takes the fore for an hour or so, gradual...More

  • Au Delą by Bruno Fazzolari

    by Darvant

    Honestly guys, I'm increasingly impressed by the natural floral "Grandeur" of the Bruno Fazzolari's "artistic" creations. In all of those I detect grace, nostalgia, balance, subtle sensuality, artistic refinement, re-interpretatio...More

  • Dia Man by Amouage

    by DazWah84

    Great scent, very easy to wear. Only downside is that if people suffer from allergies, it will cause sneezes....More

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