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  • Nino Cerruti by Cerruti

    by alfarom

    The parallel bewteen Nino Cerruti and Insensè is quite clear in my opinion. They're both aldehyde-prominent green / aromatic fougeres with a remarkable floral pattern but whereas Insensè communicates via hints, looks and smiles, Cerruti curses and r...More

  • Patchouly Bohème by LM Parfums

    by alfarom

    If you're up for a straight-forward, head-shop style, classic patchouli, this is not it. Instead, people looking for a super-dark patchouli-infused, balmy fragrance, shouldn't miss the opportunity to give Patchouli Boheme a chance for any reason. ...More

  • CH Eau De Parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera

    by Darvant

    Simply a successful formula, temperamental and sexy. The combination of passion fruit, dark patchouli and orchid elicits a sort of ostensible violet-blackberries type of accord. A touch of opening bergamot provides complexity and articulation, for th...More

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