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  • French Line by Révillon

    by Bavard

    Thumbs up for vintage French Line by Revillon, although it may have some harshness in the opening - did someone roast the patchouli? It steps back from the sternness to be softer, and even slightly sweet, as it develops, and the quality of fragrances...More

  • Anthropologie Fictions : London, She Knew He Was For-ever by Anthropologie

    by Diamondflame

    A transparent yet pleasant composition based on (yet another) floral tea, warmed with what could only be a miserly drop of honey. As far as originality is concerned this is clearly derivative but the name does make a play for the heartstrings: ...More

  • Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia by Guerlain

    by Diamondflame

    The olfactory impression I had while wearing this was that of a light floral tea flavored with citrus peel shavings and crushed mint leaves. If polite and pleasant company is what you're after, Mentafollia fits the bill. Personally I much prefer her ...More

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