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    • JHL by Aramis

      by Bavard

      I'm sampling what I think is vintage Aramis JHL, and enjoying it tremendously, which is typical for me sampling Aramis fragrances. I don't know if it's something I would wear often if I had a bottle - maybe - but it's a delicious, mouthwatering sampl...More

    • No. 5 by Chanel

      by MJW2157

      I really wanted to like this. I tried it several times and to no avail. It just doesn't smell good on me. Unfortunately instead of getting the florals in the heart notes or the woods, amber, vanilla etc in the base, I just get a big ole dose of Ci...More

    • Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

      by Joeyjoey70

      I had this in the 1990's. Nice for the time but it just didn't do it for me. I don't believe it smells dated just not my cup of tea. It's strong from the start and the fuel smell is a non starter for me. I do like the woody dry down but the opening ...More

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