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    • No Matter What by Liaison de Parfum

      by rogalal

      A rather cheap strawberry shampoo smell given a soda sparkle with aldehydes. As the aldehydes fade, it makes room for that overused peach and a pinch of mint. This all eventually gives way to a mix of raspberry candy and violets. Everything here a...More

    • Stay With Me by Liaison de Parfum

      by rogalal

      Stay With Me goes on quite loudly. There are two main themes - first, a Giorgio Beverly Hills-esque mix of tuberose and orange blossom. Second, a rather modern mix of salty indoles, fabric softener musk, and a tobacco-ish tonka. I generally dislik...More

    • Habit Rouge by Guerlain

      by speedracer

      Bright, clean, lemon opening. I'm not a note expert but I think it's the faint rosewood or rose giving this a feminine feel. That's just the scent wafting in the air. If you get into where you sprayed it, all you get is lemons. The drydown is whe...More

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