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  • Soliflore Tuberose by Dame Perfumery

    by ClaireV

    After my scarring experience with Gardenia, I was almost wincing the thought of having to try Tuberose, the last Dame Perfumery decant included in my swap with my American friend. Thankfully, Tuberose smells just like the tuberose used in Tubereuse C...More

  • Soliflore Mimosa by Dame Perfumery

    by ClaireV

    I lived in a country that held a mimosa festival every year, with parades and little girls wearing head garlands of mimosas threaded together – so I know what mimosa smells like. Honestly, mimosa smells a bit odd at first. The perfume, Mimosa, is...More

  • Soliflore Gardenia by Dame Perfumery

    by ClaireV

    Gardenia from Dame Perfumery is a no-go for me, I’m afraid. I admit I’ve never smelled a gardenia in real life, but if it smells like this, then keep it far away from me. I am quite willing to recognize that this is very true to life, given that all ...More

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