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  • Givrine by E.Coudray

    by Darvant

    E. Coudray Givrine is a graceful musky floral with a final ordinary fruity soapiness with traces of powder. The scent, before unfolding in a really few time its musky soapiness, opens with a promising aldehydic accord of watery flowers, violet leave...More

  • Intense Tiare by Montale

    by deadidol

    I’m not a fan of Montale’s assembly line approach to perfume (any company that puts out 50+ “oud"-variants can’t be very serious about what they release). However, the line gets my attention when they manage to do something that deviates from th...More

  • Tabu by Dana

    by Darvant

    Dana Tabu strikes us by soon for its (immediately detectable) combination of honeyed jasmine, tuberose (not listed), orange blossoms, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, resins, sweet spices (cinnamon for sure) and civet, overall combined in order to pro...More

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