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  • Heritage Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

    by purecaramel

    The 90's Vintage EDP. Now you're talking. Think holding closer to the skin, intimate, a halo around the whole of you. Golden oil, slightly darker, vaguely dusty. Like them all, bigtime, however the 90's Vintage EDP and EDT are so very Full Fat Scr...More

  • Theorema by Fendi

    by thediamondsea

    I swore to myself that I was not gonna get on the Theorema train, damn it--the reviews, the prices, the hype, the discontinued status, and all the wailing and lamentation that comes with discovering a classic that's no longer made--that marvelous but...More

  • Missoni Parfum pour Homme by Missoni

    by Darvant

    Missoni Parfum Pour Homme starts as a revival (in a contemporary key) of scents a la Byblos Uomo original or Versus Pour Homme by Gianni Versace (glorious modern juices sice the moment of their inception) in order to gradually assume an its own darkl...More

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