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  • Very Irrésistible Harvest 2005 by Givenchy

    by rbaker

    On my skin this starts out with the rose, mixed with a bit of star anise and a green - darkish herbal undertone. The anise is not detracting from the rose very much; in this composition the supremacy and lead rôle of the rose is never seriously cha...More

  • Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

    by Starlet fume

    I am not the best at reviews but I feel the need to step up on this one. After the commercial I dutifully ordered a bottle being a Guerlain Junky. ( Vintage Guerlain in general). So.... Not surprising that Mon Guerlain smells very ordinary and s...More

  • Organza Harvest 2005 by Givenchy

    by rbaker

    Building upon the original, the too notes here is a reasonable, albeit not particularly exciting honeysuckle impression that is not very sweet on my skin. The core constituent is a delightful jasmine, quite discreet and with an ever so slightly e...More

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