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    • Mistral Patchouli by Atelier Cologne

      by rbaker

      The initial blast is present with a fresh citrus mix, tangerine, pomelo and bigarrade with touches of petit grain, which is counterbalanced by an aniseed impression that, on me that it, is in the background compared to the citrus storm. The dryd...More

    • Eternity for Men Intense by Calvin Klein

      by Shifty Bat

      Who the hell green-lit this? It smells as hollow and uninvolved as the Clean scents they sell at Sephora. If you were honestly (and I emphasize -honestly-) trying to sell me an emboldened take on the original, already strong, Eternity I would be sad...More

    • SoCal Cologne by Hollister

      by speedracer

      On my skin, SoCal is a very sweet, creamy lotion scent. It doesn’t seem especially tropical but it does remind me of the hotel scents that I’ve smelled in Florida, so maybe that is tropical-related. To me, it just a pleasant, generic room scent. Not...More

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