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  • Gentlewoman by Juliette Has a Gun

    by Lian

    I actually really enjoyed this scent. It's very fresh due to the citrus and blends wonderfully with sweeter scents. The combination with this and Mmmm was astounding. Mmm on its own was a dull affair but this lifted it to new heights. On its own i...More

  • Mmmm… by Juliette Has a Gun

    by Lian

    Opening was a bit flowery and fresh for a gourmande. Then it changes into a dupe for Kenzo Amour. Not paying tha money for an Kenzo Amour dupe...More

  • Queens by Bond No. 9

    by Lian

    The opening was fruity and pleasant. You notice that there is more sweet underneath it and its far from bland and actually interesting. It's pleasant and reminded me of chinatown but maybe a bit turned down with blackberry instead of peaches. It wa...More

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