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  • Love Is Heavenly by Victoria's Secret

    by rbaker

    Floral artificiality galore - a very generic mix of a floral component that can only be analysed by means of chemical formulae. A super-sweet musky undertone does not really improve things here. Just smelling it appears to raise my blood sugar leve...More

  • xo Victoria by Victoria's Secret

    by rbaker

    A profusely sweet concoction of a fruity rose core - bmcery synthetic, with the laboratory impression being the predominant component in this creation. I get moderate sillage, very good projection and four hours of longevity on my skin. A b...More

  • Gianfranco Ferré for Man by Gianfranco Ferré

    by purecaramel

    I have a 50ml glass bottle like the one pictured above. Apparently it is the "New Vintage" issued in the early 2000's, Diana de Silva house. Mid 2000's it was moved to ITF Milan I believe, with a reform. This is the third De Silva produced...More

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