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  • Royal Mayfair by Creed

    by deadidol

    This one’s surprisingly budget smelling for the line that bangs on about status and wealth and being one of the elite and all that. It’s a sort of fresh, sporty kind of affair — high-end locker room aquatic, I guess. It make me think of the kind of m...More

  • Ryder by Ex Idolo

    by deadidol

    I wasn’t into the first Ex Idolo release, but I saw the appeal as the scent was a reasonably well crafted drunken rose. This one is a step down in that the construction and the effect are both mediocre. It’s basically Tom Ford’s Amber Absolute merged...More

  • Aramis by Aramis

    by Rick Bennett

    I remember this the first time from about 1978, when I was 11. I went on a school trip to London and went into the perfumery in Harrods or possibly Selfridges. I remember thinking "pepper" (black pepper). To be honest I wouldn't have recogn...More

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