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  • Metropolis by Estée Lauder

    by drseid

    Metropolis opens with an aromatic blast of lavender with supporting green peppermint before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the peppermint becomes more prominent, taking center stage as the lavender swaps into a...More

  • Uomo by Valentino

    by Colin Maillard

    I smell almost no differences with Dior Homme, except a more prominent gourmand side, and less complexity. Which means this scent smells undoubtedly good, actually much good if you are into that "metrosexual gourmand" type of fragrances, bu...More

  • Nino Cerruti by Cerruti

    by alfarom

    The parallel bewteen Nino Cerruti and Insensè is quite clear in my opinion. They're both aldehyde-prominent green / aromatic fougeres with a remarkable floral pattern but whereas Insensè communicates via hints, looks and smiles, Cerruti curses and r...More

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