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  • Join The Club : Comandante! by Xerjoff

    by Chanel1

    Join The Club Comandante reminds me a lot of Polo Red, which I like. And I like the staying power it has. For the price I've seen this, $200 for 50 ml, I want it to be a lot better than a department store fragrance. And after a full wearing, I like P...More

  • Vince Camuto Homme by Vince Camuto

    by Darvant

    What an immense boredom guys, namely the hyper generic combination of green-aromatic/calonic/metallic patterns on one side and synthetically woody/ambery notes on the other side. Vince Camuto Pour Homme sounds as a sort of ideal combination of Gaulti...More

  • Pour Une Femme (new) by Caron

    by jacona

    A blend of rose, frankincense, amber and benjamin. To my nose a it is pretty straight forward rose and incense on the darker side and lovely in cooler weather. I would put it in the same family as Fendi Asja for anyone looking for a replacement. ...More

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