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  • L'Homme Accompli by Divine

    by Way Off Scenter

    Genre: Leather I have to hand it to Divine: this outfit has taken great care with their line. They’ve introduced something like a dozen fragrances over roughly three decades, and there’s been little if any dross among those offerings. L’Homme Acco...More

  • Oud by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    by Bavard

    This uses the same saffron as L'Agent Provocateur, which can be fun. They're similar enough to be confusing during moments when the saffron is strongest, but the general feeling of the opening of L'Agent Provocateur is better for me, with its rose no...More

  • Oyédo by Diptyque

    by rbaker

    An orangey opening mixed with a touch of lemon, a bit sweetened and not very bright, more like a lemon curd, is at the beginning of the top notes. Son this darkens a bit, with a herbal tone, mainly thyme, appearing in the middle phase. Then a ...More

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