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  • Fougère Royale by Houbigant

    by foetidus

    Impressive opening – the aromatics are spectacular. The opening is a traditional bergamot, chamomile, lavender, and green, but I don’t remember an accord with such impressive aromatics. When the aromatics subside, what remains is a rather tradition...More

  • Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

    by foetidus

    I like several inexpensive fragrances – but this isn’t one of them. I think it’s the combination pineapple / watery note in the opening that turns me off – just too plastic for my taste. And then there’s the gingerlily… I never did get along with ...More

  • Eau sOleil by Nicolaï

    by foetidus

    The opening smells very much like the smell of aromatic sap from a broken plant stem melded with a quality citrus note... I like it… natural and calming. The pyramid lists a whole lot of citrus, but I get a green / "citrus" combination. L...More

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