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  • Very Irresistible for Men Fresh Attitude by Givenchy

    by Darvant

    Minty-angular plastic Givenchy's "stardust allure". Fresh Attitude is an hyper glamour/synthetic Givenchy's "experiment" on the cedarwood's theme based on the game of juxtapositions (minty-citric patterns, ozonic molecules, coffee...More

  • Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

    by Rick Bennett

    Very nice. Spicy cinnamon, with a citrus freshness at the start that wears off after half an hour or so. The cinnamon stays the whole way through, with vanilla coming through later. Yes it's dated, but it's a good scent. I have Chanel goste too, wh...More

  • La Collection Croisiere : Mojito Chypre by Pierre Guillaume

    by deadidol

    Ill go out on a limb and say that this is the most adventurous of the five releases from PGs new teal line, but Ill also add that its the one that turned my stomach the fastest. It smells like a strawberry-tinged air freshener harsh and enorm...More

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