To celebrate our 15th Birthday, we're counting down the greatest perfumes launched in the last 15 years… How many do you own?

Latest Reviews

  • Halston 1-12 by Halston

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20160726: All Versions A great Chypre that should be in everyone's wardrobe. The vintage has a bit more depth to it but the last formulation is good enough. and at $10/100ml this is a no brainer. You will notice the similarity with i...More

  • Aramis 900 by Aramis

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20160726: Vintage Version. So I did not like it the first 2 times I tried. But that was in the winter. Today is a hot and humid day and boy does this shine. The green and the rose singing in unison. A fresh soapiness that is much desir...More

  • Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

    by Viffer

    This perfume's hype as a stinker is greatly exagerated. I don't get the urine/fecal bomb that others speak about. Yes, it is a bit animalistic but, not as bad as most reviews here will have you believe and in fact, it is very nicely and tastefully d...More

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