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    • Proust Perfumes : Oriane by 4160 Tuesdays

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Described on the website as a fantasy floral made with natural absolutes and contemporary synthetics. Opening is a light powdery floral note that settles into a cold cream/talcum powder scent. For those that love the 'makeup' smell or cold cream...More

    • Monsieur de Givenchy by Givenchy

      by Zealot Crusader

      Monsieur Givenchy is a fragrance created on the heels of a predecessor, in much the same way Guerlain's Vetiver would be a take on the emerging category of "vetiver masculine" and like Guerlain's scent, wasn't necessarily an attempt at outd...More

    • Peach by Demeter Fragrance Library

      by rbaker

      The good part The initial peach impression is lovely. It is a fresh peach, not too mature and hence not very sweet. Well done. The problem This nice peach lasts about one minute at the longest. The rest After the first minute this ...More

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