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    • 11 by Le Cherche Midi

      by Diamondflame

      Light, airy and as fleetingly refreshing as a cream soda popsicle on a sweltering day, 11 seems to me like a lighter, less robust take on Xerjoff’s original 1861 with its ozonic undercurrent running through a more conventional pairing of minty-citrus...More

    • Reflection Man by Amouage

      by Buzzlepuff

      I can see why so many people love this scent. Reflection is an aromatic scent built from old fashioned fragrance combinations that are often found in toiletries, fine milled soaps and barbershops around the world. The opening is bitter orange leaf,...More

    • Larmes du Désert by Atelier Des Ors

      by Darvant

      What a mesmerizing woody-resinous composition my Lords!!! I agree with the always excellent Buzzlepuff since I notice a great game of proportions and balancements, despite "handling" resins in perfumery is never particularly easy. Resins an...More

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