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  • Oudh Infini by Parfums Dusita

    by lucky pierre

    This is my 1st post so I'll start with a quick disclaimer. I'm a novice and my posts will be nothing like the erudite commentaries of Colin Maillard, ClaireV, Darvant and the many other Basenoters whose comments I love to read. I'm just beginning t...More

  • Seyrig by Bruno Fazzolari

    by freewheelingvagabond

    Aldehydes, florals, musk. Seyrig starts with a heady blast of aldehydes that is at once soapy and refined. There soon comes to the fore an assorted bouquet of flowers where it is difficult to discern individual contributors, though there is a hin...More

  • Mr. Burberry by Burberry

    by Redneck Perfumisto

    If sandalwood falls In cedar, guaiac and herbs Does it smell this nice?...More

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