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  • S.T. Dupont Homme by S.T. Dupont

    by Bavard

    I like this. The top reminds me more of Cartier Declaration Essence than the original Cartier Declaration, and it has an orange smell that reminds me of Terre d'Hermes. Of the four, this one and Declaration Essence would be my picks. This one also ha...More

  • Dark Horse by Dame Perfumery

    by jacona

    The initial blast is citrus and spice, the woody vanilla is more apparent in the dry down, yet the citrus notes manage to stick around. At first it is reminiscent of Fendi Theorema minus the creamy base, but takes on a very subtle masculine vibe. It...More

  • Touch for Men by Burberry

    by Joeyjoey70

    This isn't bad but it's missing something to make it a thumbs up. I like the opening... but it is down hill from there. Maybe if it had a little more vetiver and musk in the dry down it would be a winner... For a designer "mall" juice it ...More

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