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  • No. 5 Eau Première by Chanel

    by babsbendix

    When the original version had just come out, I actually stopped a young woman in the street to find out what she was wearing - in her wake was the most airy, delicate, magical, unidentifiable floral, and I was confused when she said it was No. 5. I e...More

  • Happy for Men by Clinique

    by Joeyjoey70

    STRONG and I mean STRONG long lasting citrus scent from Clinique that in my opinion varies very little from the female version... At least within the first 2 hours on skin then does dry into a slightly musky dry down but still strong on the citrus. G...More

  • Symphonie-Passion by Unum

    by Darvant

    Symphonie Passion is surely a more urban Unum's aromatic experience. Supremely woody-cardamomish. Finally a dynamic (and more ordinary) scent from this "appalling" italian house, something closer to a banal office (or meeting room) than to ...More

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