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    • Olène by Diptyque

      by Zealot Crusader

      Olène (1988) is a staple perfume of the classic lineup composed by Serge Kolouguine for the niche house Diptyque, and has an almost soliflore quality, like several others going back to the origins of the brand. Olène is extremely light, fresh, and st...More

    • Ambercuir by Sultan Pasha

      by Sniffers animalic civety-hyraxy fragrance that is sweet and polite about it...suede-smooth animalic a lover of animalic fragrances, this is some top notch stuff...nice and smooth...sort of glides along...honey adds an animali...More

    • Alluring by Boadicea the Victorious

      by Sniffers

      starts out fruity-jammy...has a chewable feel to it...fruit soaked resin that borders on being gourmand, especially with the support of some honey, but doesn't quite cross the line it progresses through the middle I get more and more of a ...More

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