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  • Carven Homme (original) by Carven

    by Darvant

    Pure balance and kaleidoscopic airy sophistication. A light but surprisingly "presenceful" fragrance, a masterfully crafted combination of musks, wooods, leather/tobacco and "lymphatic" floral notes. Carven Homme is indeed an exce...More

  • Hanbury by Maria Candida Gentile

    by Colin Maillard

    Surely among the nicest fragrances by Maria Candida Gentile, Hanbury opens with a really graceful and romantic bouquet of orange blossoms, mimosa, a drop of citrus, other powdery floral notes (I think I get something similar to muguet and some smooth...More

  • Royal Mayfair by Creed

    by Nosey49

    Got a sample at NM last weekend and am testing it today. I'm now in the fourth hour. Note that I wear what I wear because of the way it makes me FEEL, not to please others or to smell "good." Though they're certainly different, I get ...More

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