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  • Flanel by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    by Diamondflame

    Violet leaves on a bed of sandalwood and oakmoss. A predominantly dark green scent with shades of grey, like shadows on a forest floor. There is a hint of warmth underneath and a thin veneer of citrus over it. Apparently this was originally a bes...More

  • Cold Water Canyon by Surrender to Chance

    by Diamondflame

    Opens refreshingly like a splash of cold water to the face before transitioning swiftly to an atmospheric scent faintly redolent of jasmine sambac. Well-executed as a concept but as a wearable fragrance? Absolutely perfect. Especially for fans of jas...More

  • Surrender by Surrender to Chance

    by Diamondflame

    An elegant white floral centered on jasmine and muguet. This is a bridal bouquet for the blushing bride, not the scent du jour of the oft-imagined femme fatale. The initial disappointments surrounding this fragrance are clearly products of misplaced ...More

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