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  • Eaux Arborantes : Saltus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

    by Buzzlepuff

    Like many of Liquides Imagainares scents Saltus is wrapped around a resinous incense note, Somalian Incense is here which has an earthy deep mystical presence. The eucalyptus adds a salty menthol contrast in the opening moments and castoreum leaves ...More

  • Eaux Arborantes : Succus by Les Liquides Imaginaires

    by Buzzlepuff

    Succus opens with tart slightly sweet citrus that has an airy feel as if it will stay aloft and never be affected by gravity, drifting further into the upper layers of ozone air mixed with sunshine. This melon - grapefruit scent has an odd compatibil...More

  • Peau de Bête by Les Liquides Imaginaires

    by Buzzlepuff

    The opening of Peau de Bete is dry as an incense that has all the charm of freshly cast concrete pavement. This dry and cold character is given life by a warm organic spice that keeps the tone low and husky before a very dry leather emerges. All this...More

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