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  • Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne

    by the blood on 530 27

    I remember smelling the tester in store, it has a somewhat sweet green grass note on top. Not as ethereal as Apsu, and sometimes I can't perceive it at all. Back home, it then fell to the very peppery woody heart (black hemlock?). Except that, it ...More

  • Mitsouko by Guerlain

    by the blood on 530 27

    I read another fragrantica review about Guerlains, which propose an explaination why this truly legendary brand not as popular as it was: they're not those over-the-counter 5-minutes-fame perfumes, they're mean to be take-home and appreciated in a lo...More

  • Portrait of a Lady by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    by the blood on 530 27

    Every time I tried it on I get different ideas. This perfume is a Rubik's cube, my dumb brain can only work out one face at a time. The most current version I got is: vivid rose blast at opening, accompanied by something strongly reminiscent of ou...More

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