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    • Christmas In NYC by Demeter Fragrance Library

      by rbaker

      The opening is characterised by the usual wintery Christmas feel of spices, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla and the likes. Somewhat predictable but pleasant. Later in the drydown this mix turns less pleasant, and this is mainly due the increasing pr...More

    • No Matter What by Liaison de Parfum

      by rogalal

      A rather cheap strawberry shampoo smell given a soda sparkle with aldehydes. As the aldehydes fade, it makes room for that overused peach and a pinch of mint. This all eventually gives way to a mix of raspberry candy and violets. Everything here a...More

    • Stay With Me by Liaison de Parfum

      by rogalal

      Stay With Me goes on quite loudly. There are two main themes - first, a Giorgio Beverly Hills-esque mix of tuberose and orange blossom. Second, a rather modern mix of salty indoles, fabric softener musk, and a tobacco-ish tonka. I generally dislik...More

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