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  • Aurore Nomade by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    Immediate positive reaction to this one, and yes, I got the banana even before I read the official description. And I would have said tuberose, but it may be the frangipani and ylang, at any rate it's a mellifluous cocktail. Probably with masculine a...More

  • Rose Poivrée by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    I was at once repelled and fascinated by this perfume. It's unpleasant but in a captivating way, and it's like nothing I've ever smelled. The nearest might be Mugler's Womanity, but it's even more bizarre than that. Totally alien, like something from...More

  • Le 15 by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    I agree with you, Goodlife, that Le 15 is not particularly thrilling. But if you check on Ausliebezumduft, all the Different Co's perfumes are categorically guaranteed to avoid all synthetics, iso-e-super included! I pointed out the musk cannot be sy...More

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