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  • Satine by Lalique

    by sophi

    This is a sweet powdery floral scent feeling velvet and warm on skin. It serves as an ideal perfume for all-year-around. Reminds me of Amour by Kenzo ...a sweet floriental fragrance. ...More

  • Ottoman Empire by Areej le Doré

    by JBS1

    The house of Feel Oud and Areej le Dore is so exciting . We have someone who goes to remote locations for resourcing material , who has his own distilling process , who has wonderful communication with the fragrance community, and has a profound unde...More

  • Qatar by Roja Dove

    by Way Off Scenter

    Genre: Floral Oriental Qatar opens on a very sweet orange rind top note that is soon flanked by a syrupy peach and berry accord that will persist through much of the scent’s development. Jasmine, intensely sweet, powdery amber, and rose emerge alo...More

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