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    • Acqua di Scandola by Parfum d'Empire

      by rogalal

      Acqua di Scandola kicks off with citrus paired up with synthetics - ozone, eggy aldehydes, and salty calone. There are also greens, both the aquatic kind (cucumber and "marine" chemicals), as well as green herbs. While the citrus is goi...More

    • Take Me to the River by 4160 Tuesdays

      by Francop

      Delightful long lasting fragrance made with notes that resemble the journey of a very long Saturday night out partying till the early hours of Sunday Morning. The accords of raspberry jam, wine, leather, cognac, rose, tobacco & musk dance toge...More

    • Angélique Noire by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      The Angelica as seed appears pretty much right from the start, combined with a slightly fruity notion that contains pears and whiffs of white peach. A dash of white peppers enhances the touch of bitterness that is overlaying the top notes. The ...More

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