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  • Cuir Mandarine by David Jourquin

    by Colin Maillard

    Cuir Mandarin opens with a bitter, herbal patchouli paired with something silky-dusty and slightly sweet (I thought of some synthetic, “cashmerish” wood, but it must be rather ambroxan as it’s more ambery than woody), then cloves, a citric note, and ...More

  • Accordo Viola by L'Erbolario

    by Darvant

    A balmy synthetic accord of violet and powder. Really dry, languid and comforting. The almost soapy violet is really captivating and the synthetic vibe is just under control. Pale texture. A sweet spell....More

  • Womanity by Thierry Mugler

    by Colin Maillard

    Womanity (what?) opens with salty aldehydes scented with anise, a metallic-gassy cloud with a shade of sky blue. Angular, cold, azure, salty and sweetish at the same time, but most of all annoyingly harsh, chemical, quite suffocating honestly. Plus, ...More

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