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  • Sex Goddess by 4160 Tuesdays

    by Bavard

    There's a tart note I assume is blackcurrant, a little too sharp for me even after it dies down and fades into a sweeter, softer, fruity accord with the raspberry. I liked the raspberry more in the cream the way it was in Vintage Cities New York....More

  • Vespero by Jeroboam

    by Buzzlepuff

    Vespero is a very handsome fragrance and holds unflinching character of strength and backbone. Opening with a glimmer of grapefruit tartness the perfume scent rolls out from the depths and plunges the wearer into a bone dry, patchouli darkened leathe...More

  • Santo Incienso by The Different Company

    by Buzzlepuff

    Santo Incienso is a light green cedar and palo santo wood fragrance that breathes an effervescence of ozone lightness that creates a shimmering and lasting presence. The elevating ocean breezes off the Pacific up through giant Sequoias is a what I t...More

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