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  • Charmes et Feuilles by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    The strong aroma of surgical spirit (methyl salicylate, wintergreen) and cough mixture here leads me to suppose it may be suitable for members of the nursing profession. Or indeed for doctors (such as myself). Would I wear it on my rounds? Well yes, ...More

  • Ruh by Pekji

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20170324: Take note perfumers - This is how a saffron should be done. It is the main player with rose and spice supporting it. Unlike other reviewers, I dont get much coffee here. This is a great saffron scent. ...More

  • Une Nuit Magnétique by The Different Company

    by kingofengland

    Unfortunately this type of note is one I'm familiar with from a particular mass market deodorant and toiletry line, so that rather spoils it for me. And also sows doubts about how different some of the Different Company's perfumes really are....More

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