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  • Horny Little Devil by Smell Bent

    by Nosey49

    Cinnamon bomb and a very good one. The sillage is good - but - I was disappointed in the longevity. I have also just tested Smell Bent's Chili Vanilli and Disco Nap as well. Of the three, Horny Little Devil was the only one with poor longevity on my ...More

  • Disco Nap by Smell Bent

    by Nosey49

    This one is nice and reminds me of some of the Bond offerings but, at a MUCH lower price. The opening is excellent but the dry down was a little disappointing. Now don't get me wrong - it's still nice. However, the basenotes aren't different or nice ...More

  • Chile Vanilli by Smell Bent

    by Nosey49

    I'm not much of a vanilla fan. On me, vanilla becomes cloying, overpowering, and sickly sweet. BUT - this one is nice. The patchouli and cinnamon tame and subdue the vanilla. It's still very much a vanilla scent and it is the main player. However, th...More

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