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  • Soho by Bond No. 9

    by Francop

    Soho is a Madame who wears Bond no 9 B9; this fall season she adds a large hat covered in orange flowers to her outfit. Wherever she goes, her presence is noted leaving a cloud of her fragrance. Thumbs up! ...More

  • Vétiver Moloko by Ex Nihilo

    by rbaker

    On my skin the vetiver is present from the beginning; a clean vetiver, quite bright with no significant earthiness or harsh sides. Combined with a somewhat underwhelming bergamot, it is quite a pleasant entry combination. In the drydown woodsy a...More

  • Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    by scenttastic

    This is much more ambery on me than the Ambre Dore, which I tried recently. The lavender and nutmeg are right there at the opening, along with a slightly dusty, woody note. This seems more unisex that the Ambre Dore – it’s a bit spicier, but still ...More

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