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    • POP by Stella McCartney

      by Bavard

      I like this. It smells like a modern, sweet floral without the harsh aroma chemicals I detect in some new releases. I'm surprised a fruit note isn't listed, or maybe candied violets. Tuberose and sandalwood are not the main notes I think I'm smelling...More

    • Giulietta by Tocca

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Very light. Almost invisible. This scent fades after ten minutes, on me. I get a blast of apple, a touch of lilac, some musk, and a smattering of ylang ylang. I would give it a neutral if it performed better....More

    • Bugatti (original) by Etorre Bugatti

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      This one truly surprised me. I love it and OF COURSE it is discontinued. A somewhat oriental-style scent that works for both men and women, IMO. My greedy nose detected lemon and sandalwood at first. After about thirty minutes I sort of figured o...More

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