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    • parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Sequoia by Comme des Garçons

      by Sniffers

      a sort of strange , typical CDG, surreal woody fragrance...nice sweet booze on the top...tangy and has the just the slightest camphory effect if I smell it up close...kinda smells like a little neighberhood bar with the old wooden bar and nice paneli...More

    • Jeke by Slumberhouse

      by Sniffers

      powerful , aromatic , full on smell of rich thick juicy tobacco leaf...the tobacco is so intense it is almost animalistic...smoky incense flavoring...this particular tobacco note sort off reminds me of the tobacco in TF Tobacco Vanille , but of cours...More

    • Anubis by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

      by Sniffers

      big thumbs up on this one...for me, this lies somewhere between the smell of resins coming from an ancient tomb or sitting in a wooden cathedral with huge billowing clouds of incense...thick, rich and opulent...can almost feel a physical presence of ...More

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