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  • Bazar Femme by Christian Lacroix

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    A well done fruity floral. The peachy note isn't too obnoxious. The base is rather pale. Overall it's breezy and delightful. The bottle and packaging are fun....More

  • Aspiration by Louis Cardin

    by Darvant

    Super spicy, I finally pick up powdery saffron in particular. A classic fleeting herbal/aromatic dry opening (vaguely a la Paco Rabanne Xs or D&G Pour Homme) finally reached by soapy/musky/rosey resinous balsams with a powdery/chypre (brightly &q...More

  • Heritage Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

    by Oviatt

    As a longtime fan of Heritage EdT (of which I have plenty of vintage), I was worried about trying the latest version of this; everyone raves about the vintage and I did not want to be disappointed about a EdP version of one of may favorite scents. I...More

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