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  • Candy Aoud by Roja Dove

    by deadidol

    Like Sweetie Aoud, the opening of Candy Aoud bridges the sickening with the fascinating; you get something that resembles a mouthful of gummi bears crossed with soapy florals. Also like Sweetie Aoud, this scent ditches the sugary namesake in under a ...More

  • Fruity Aoud by Roja Dove

    by deadidol

    So, the gimmick with this tutti-frutti trio seems to be that the top notes reflect the first part of the name, but they burn off fast leaving only a slither of the namesake behind. This one is indeed fruity and the fruit accord is predominantly berri...More

  • Sweetie Aoud by Roja Dove

    by deadidol

    The name’s deceptive as there’s nothing oud-ish here, and the sweetness — while overpowering at the start — burns off within minutes to reveal a bread-like accord that quickly (and I mean quickly) gives way to an earthy patchouli and cardamom. This m...More

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