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  • Gucci Première by Gucci

    by rbaker

    Review of the Eau de Parfum: Asomewhat attenuated bergamot with a fruity undertone gives way to a white flowery impression, which develop into the central accord of this composition's heart notes. Later on the fruitiness morphs into a white ...More

  • Romance by Ralph Lauren

    by rbaker

    A sweetish and fruity concoction, mainly lychee and a mild ginder accent, which in the drydown shifts to become mainly a floral composition. The floral impressions in the heart notes are mainly freesia, lotus and violet, the latter being dominan...More

  • Moschino Friends Men by Moschino

    by freewheelingvagabond

    Generic fresh, fruity fragrance with some citrus notes of orange and an implied melon effect. Dries down to a synthetic woods base. It isn't sweet in particular, and has a hint of a sourness which is mercifully very restrained. It is very generic ove...More

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