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  • Red Musk Oud by Body Shop

    by Zephyr1973

    I had hopes for this. Granted not high ones, as this is the Body Shop. But I gave it a try, and at first, it was nice - top notes were powerful and edgy. Oud-like scent. Not barnyard, but westernized and nice. But then a nasty synthetic blast reached...More

  • L'Eau des Hesperides by Diptyque

    by Colin Maillard

    Eau des Hesperides by Diptyque starts off with a sharp, almost acrid minty-citrus-grass accord, which smells as much green as really pungent and balsamic. Invigorating and bracing on one side, quite artificial on the other, ending up in smelling a bi...More

  • Osmanthus Interdite by Parfum d'Empire

    by Darvant

    Parfum d'Empire Osmanthus Interdite opens with an utterly crisp and vegetal accord of musk, green tea, citrus and earthy osmanthus. The first approach is bitter-herbal, fizzy (vaguely medicinal), somewhat lemony (bergamot?) and gradually floral. This...More

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