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    • Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes

      by thediamondsea

      I figured Rhinoceros would be a rough ride, but geez--people are wearing this stuff? I'm not shocked by the basic idea: it's a massive, smoky, terpey thing on top of a woody base, and (as we say in Texas) the woods is full of these. Rhinoceros...More

    • Natura Fabularis : 2 Violaceum by L'Artisan Parfumeur

      by thediamondsea

      L'Artisan's new(ish) Natura Fabularis ("nature mythology") series looks interesting to me, because anything new from this house looks interesting to me; but, to be honest, I also feel a little disappointed that this house has succumbed (onc...More

    • Bracken Woman by Amouage

      by rbaker

      The top notes have to major components on my skin: firstly, a nice, pleasant mixed wildberry-fruitiness and has a nice sweetness with it, and, secondly, a fresh, green fern impression that is expressing the aroma of fields of fern rather well. A del...More

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