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  • Royal Oud by Creed

    by deadidol

    For me, this is hands down the best thing Creed has to offer. It’s a simple perfume based on cedar, pepper, and various earthy notes (vetiver, patchouli, and cypriol for sure). There’s not a lick of oud in it (obviously), nor does it smell as gaudy o...More

  • Les Compositions Parfumées : Silver by Lalique

    by schnozz

    Lalique Silver requires great patience unless you are so fond of cardamom that you are willing to smell like over-spiced and over-steeped masala chai. The initial blast is a hissy sharp lemon/lime and cardamom, but the citrus fades within ten minute...More

  • Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

    by Bavard

    I've barely sniffed the current, green juice, but a Basenoter sent me a sample of an early 90s vintage of Pour Monsieur "Cologne," and I was impressed. It's a beautiful, straightforward fragrance; polite and inoffensive. I'll try to upd...More

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