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  • Femme Individuelle by Montblanc

    by flathorn

    I'm wondering if this has been reformulated. Reading the reviews, it seems a little different than the one I tested. The one I tried was a light bright gourmand oriental. It manages to be light by being thin rather than sheer. It is also diffused by...More

  • Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

    by flathorn

    I came onto this fragrance late, after it had been reformulated. Whatever it was before, and however it's dissed now, the wonderful thing about the current Dolce Vita is its bright sunny character. There are few that make me smile like this one. Ther...More

  • Escale a Parati by Christian Dior

    by flathorn

    Graceful and nice from beginning to end. My favorite of the three Escales I tried. Parati has a beautiful citrusy EDC opening, added mint at its heart, and a warm sheer soft slightly woody-musky drydown. Though musk isn't listed as an ingredient, it ...More

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