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  • Catalyst for Men by Halston

    by epapsiou

    Stardate 20161209: Vintage Version. This is a powerful masculine fragrance that lasts more than a day. Spices and SW. The citrus,spice and SW makes it a cousin of Vintage Dunhill Edition. Or more like a bastard child of Dunhill Edition and A...More

  • David Beckham Classic Blue by Beckham

    by rbaker

    A fresh grapefruit note that has some extra sweetness added to it is followed by a pleasant apple impression. Clearly a mice summery start. Floral and herbal undertones are added further into the drydown, with geranium with whiffs of oleander in...More

  • Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

    by Shifty Bat

    I don't tend to favor the Varvatos line after their first release, but this one is pleasant enough to wear. And do you know why that is? Because it is a complete, top-down ripoff of Dirty English with a touch of vanilla or similar. Utterly transpar...More

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