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  • Lôjazz by Santi Burgas

    by Darvant

    Santi Burgas Lojazz is probably the most convincing piece included in the Loant's collection. A supremely floral accord of neroli, I suppose tuberose (not listed), oily sambac jasmine (the starring element) and further (by me undiscernible) floral el...More

  • Shaman by MiN New York

    by alfarom

    Here's another MiN that could have been a winner if just more appropriately priced. This is basically a straight-forward violet leaves fragrance with subtle aquatic facets built around a smooth incense and patchouli base. Leafy and balmy. Very simple...More

  • Dahab by MiN New York

    by alfarom

    A smoky, saffrony (w)oudy thing which feels pretty interesting during the initial couple of hours to then lose much of its edge falling into a meh-woody base. There are potentially interesting aspects about Dahab but they don't feel implemented enoug...More

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