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  • A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

    by Kaern

    I hate the smell of whisky -- Pure Malt does not smell of it. It does smell of malt , hops and wood though. If you can overlook the ridiculous claims (fermented in oak casks?) and horrific bottle / spray mechanism -- what you have is one of t...More

  • Brutus by Orto Parisi

    by Kaern

    Yes -- not a normal type 'Nasomatto' unlike Boccanera from the same line. You'd thing 'Brutus' would be an out and out 'masculine' but it's really quite sweet and restrained. Deadidol has listed a lot of notes that I don't detect at all -- cumin?...More

  • Chypre Palatin by MDCI

    by flathorn

    The opening is incredible - a funky, fun, happiness fog. It smells like a '70's floral chypre, relaxed, fuzzy, pretty. Not serious, not uptight, casual, one of the neat things about the chypres that came out then. Not much oakmoss, a lot of hyacinth,...More

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