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  • Rosa Nigra by Unum

    by Angelo Orazio Pregoni

    In Italy there was a time when the business people who wanted to diversify their business created restaurants or chains of pizza-points! Now is the time of the niche perfumery. This is the time of “art directors”. If you want to get Theologicae as...More

  • Come La Luna by Bois 1920

    by Darvant

    Hyper classic (neo classic) spicy "forbidding" composition with a classically chypre aura not so far from historical pieces of "Baroque" from Aramis (JHL, Aramis, Aramis 900), Guerlain (Derby, Mitsouko), Ysl (Opium), Estee Lauder ...More

  • Dunhill Fresh by Dunhill

    by Colin Maillard

    Smart but lazy. What a shame. Dunhill Fresh could have been a really good perfume for me, if they just put some more effort in it. It is basically a violet-centered mix between a brighter version of Dior’s Fahrenheit crossed with Jil Sander Man; sort...More

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