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    • The Voice of Reason by Gorilla Perfume

      by Darvant

      The Voice of Reason is a superbly toasted (a tad of coffee beans in the blend?) indie visceral burnt sugary/spicy accord (a la Slumberhouse Jeke or Baque) of rhum agricole, immortelle (or rooty/earthy stuffs like it), caramellous spices, smoke, (toba...More

    • Cedre Blanc by Creed

      by tspencer

      Cedre Blanc is lovely. This has a misty, cloudy feel that does indeed invoke the color white. A dry almond and dry vanilla. There is sweetness but it is very reserved and classy. My nose seems to get ambergris, musk, almond and vanilla in the bas...More

    • Rose Barbare by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      Whilst I detect a very brief touch of bergamot in the opening blast, the rose takes over almost immediately. Bulgarian and later Turkish roses, initially lighter and bright, then a bit more somber and more shadowy, but never really dark and deep. D...More

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