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    • Chambre Noire by Olfactive Studio

      by Strange Accord

      I was very surprised at this scent. I expected something leathery and perhaps a bit animalic. I actually found it to be powdery & musty. It reminded me of Guerlain's Mitsouko a fragrance, like many early Guerlain's that I find extremely unplea...More

    • Oud Malaki by Chopard

      by Bavard

      This smells like a fragrance marketed as oud, but equal parts spices, other woods, and menthol; a marginal thumbs up....More

    • La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

      by Buzzlepuff

      This is a style of leather fragrance that was made popular by the original Helmut Lang Cuiron with its dry raspy leather with hints of tobacco leaf which gives it more of a suede feel. More leathery than Cuiron, but without any of the petrochemicals...More

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