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  • Ferrari Essence Musk by Ferrari

    by Darvant

    Ok, Ferrari Essence Musk is a mainstream fruity ozonic concoction with a first salty-fruity-minty stage close to dozens aquatics out there but the sharper dry down is mastered by this spicy and manly amber presence (supported by cool musky cedarwood)...More

  • Sumatera by Coquillete Paris

    by Darvant

    Have you ever tried the "typically american" cinnamon-based "piquant" chewing-gums? Well, actually Coquiette Paris Sumatera smells quite close to it, especially in its first stage (despite stage is not the appropriate word). I det...More

  • Lights by Roads

    by Angelo Orazio Pregoni

    There are many differences between a brand like this and one as “by Killian”! We are apparently in front of two illustrious sons who try their own way in a business and in perfumery. Danielle Ryan seems to start with less benefits, she doesn’t li...More

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