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  • Maharanih Intense by Nicolaï

    by Bavard

    This is another great fragrance from Nicolai, interesting and balanced, wearable and memorable, an alluring smell. Looking at the notes, sandalwood and civet seem to describe what I'm smelling. It's slightly gamy in a way that could almost be too cha...More

  • 2000 Fleurs by Creed

    by rbaker

    The floral blast that greets me during the opening blast sets the tone: floral, floral, floral! The top notes are dominated a lovely magnolia, that is supported by a fairly gentle violet with a light touch of a rose. The drydown sees the rise ...More

  • Furyo by Jacques Bogart

    by Zealot Crusader

    Ever have an "Oh my God" moment when spraying on a fragrance and taking it in for the first time? Well, I certainly had one with this little doozy, but more on that later. Bogart brought in some big guns with a young pre-Firmenich/pre-Guerl...More

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