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  • Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

    by deadidol

    Well, it's a sweet blob of something. I can't pull a single identifiable note out of it, but I'm guessing it's supposed to be vanilla? To my nose, the main notes are 1 Million, Spice Bomb, The One, and several of those scent with ponies on the bottle...More

  • Rosarium by Angela Ciampagna

    by deadidol

    This is like Calling All Angels on a diet to me. It has that same balsamic-gourmand take on incense, only its density is closer to the infamous CdG series than the more sugary April Aromatics scent. And I think that’s Rosarium’s real strength: there’...More

  • Nox by Angela Ciampagna

    by deadidol

    I love hinoki and often wear it as a solo note, but to me, it's like a dressed-up cedar. Nox places hinoki at the center of the composition, but blurs the focus in a way that neither transforms the note into something larger than itself, nor features...More

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