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  • Galloway by Parfums de Marly

    by Buzzlepuff

    An excellent old growth forest scent of greens, earth, peppers, and slight bit of leather. The green naturalness of Galloway reminds me of scents like Frederic Malle Bois d' Orage and Tom Ford Extreme but I think I like this one more. There is a dep...More

  • Royal Mayfair by Creed

    by Nosey49

    Got a sample at NM last weekend and am testing it today. I'm now in the fourth hour. Note that I wear what I wear because of the way it makes me FEEL, not to please others or to smell "good." Though they're certainly different, I get ...More

  • Carven Homme (original) by Carven

    by Darvant

    Pure balance and kaleidoscopic airy sophistication. A light but surprisingly "presenceful" fragrance, a masterfully crafted combination of musks, wooods, leather/tobacco and "lymphatic" floral notes. Carven Homme is indeed an exce...More

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