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    • Florida Water by Murray & Lanman

      by flathorn

      I was a little surprised to see this marketed as an actual cologne, because I’ve only seen it used during ceremonies, but hey, why not? It does smell nice and refreshing. My review is for the Florida Water which comes from Peru. Less water, more res...More

    • Musk Gold by Ermenegildo Zegna

      by Buzzlepuff

      All these bold and intense notes create a big chunk of musk from Zegna. I can only enjoy this perfume by spraying a mist and walking through it for a light coating of little bits of musk sifted finely into a dillution on the body surface. The musk ...More

    • Monsieur Musk by Dana

      by Buzzlepuff

      My review is for Monsieur Houbigant Musk After Shave splash. The Houbigant version is several generations old and even though it is an aftershave it is quite bold and crisp in nature. This all time favorite musk opens with a slight dry spice that le...More

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