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  • Zefiro by Xerjoff

    by FumeHood

    Not at all what I imagined. There is a strange inversion of the notes, in my opinion. It opens like Xerjoff´s answer to Masque Milano´s Russian Tea. Replace the mint with cinnamon, clove and cardamon. No citrus whatsoever (where is their famous...More

  • Ruh by Pekji

    by Darvant

    Finally something on my tunes. Ruh is a new singular interpretation of the classic rose-saffron combo (usually resinous or powdery but in here at the beginning sharply aqueous, apparently fruity, than veined by a toasted coffee presence, slightly dir...More

  • La Fumée by Miller Harris

    by Emoe

    Meh i got a sample of this as the note pyramid shouts to me. I LOVE smoky incense frags, (RBR Embers is my favourite) and really had high expectations for this. the fragrance itself isnt bad, not at all. it is pleasant, and hits at the notes, but f...More

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