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Gold Woman (1983)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch1983
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerGuy Robert
PackagingVerrieres Brosse

About Gold Woman

Gold Woman is a feminine perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 1983 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Guy Robert. The bottle was designed by Verrieres Brosse

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Reviews of Gold Woman

Gold is a beautiful fragrance with a vintage feel. It's great and sexy to wear. But it doesn't tell me a story so far. I find it a bit boring.
Very Amouage for sure.
27th August, 2017

Based on the reviews and my life long love for Chanel no. 5 I was expecting to like this, and boy, do I!

It's a big, sophisticated, unapologetically glamorous super floral that envelops me in a golden cloud wherever I go. Some people describe it as very formal; a scent to wear when wrapped in furs on the way to the opera, but I can wear this anywhere, even when in tattered jeans and a t-shirt while doing the weekly grocery run. It provides instant fabulousness to the mundane, but it also has a bright, energetic, exuberant side that keeps to from going too serious for me.

For those who complain that modern day formulations lack strength, give this a try. 3 sprays will radiate a good few meters all day long. I can still smell it on a dress I've worn days ago when I enter my closet.

This has signature scent potential.

Edit: I've managed to find a bottle of this for about a third of the retail price. Good times!
17th June, 2017 (last edited: 28th June, 2017)
I have been wearing this crossover for more than fifteen years mainly because it is so utterly beautiful and it happens to work particularly well with my skin-type. Such is the power of the sillage that I started getting the occasional odd look. To combat this I have started applying it beneath my underwear so that in a daytime business meeting no-one can be entirely sure where the scent is coming from, that is other than from underneath the boardroom table!
The other day a vendeur in Harrod's mentioned that some of the old empty Amouage bottles are now becoming collectable and that the rarer ones now sell for hundreds of dollars. If this is true then what great news!
01st February, 2017
Just got a small bottle of the vintage stuff in a trade and I am OVERKLEMPT!

Good LAWD!

So, at the beginning of my more recent perfume journey "reboot" starting around 2014, I received a sample of Gold from a kind person. I loved it, but was not in position to buy it. I was also still trying to adjust my nose, figure out what I liked, and having lurked for about a year or so here, I was eager to begin participating in the discussions. So Gold was placed on the back-burner, and on went my tour of scents.

Just this past week, a friend from the other side of the country whom I have done a lot of blind trades with over the past year or so, sent me a group of pictures from which to choose my next trade - I always enjoy these "shopping" trips with him! He and I both share the same passion for looking up notes and reviews, and taking the plunge - it really is quite fun, and it has been a great way to explore things I might never have had the chance!

Anyway, this little bottle was so obscure, but it was distinctive in the cut - not your basic rectangle - I was getting very excited - what could this be?? He revealed its identity: Amouage Women's Gold - the "older version" HOLY COW ON A POGO STICK! LOL!

Ladies (and gentlemen who seriously care), this is THE bomb of bombshell fragrances - this is the trumpet that announces your entry to the party, it is your escort with the James Bond is you, in your best gown, heals, and mink stole with diamond earrings. This is ALL woman - volume turned up and spotlight on. Oh, and did I forget to mention, you are wearing Chanel Red lipstick and nail polish? Yea - its THAT good.
02nd August, 2016
I love Chanel #5, and this is done in a similar vein so I enjoy it. It find it masterfully composed and enjoy the power of it. I loved the bottle and I don't regret this purchase one bit. My mother was a stunner with a trail of admirers, and she wore vixen fragrances like this and pulled it off without anyone once accusing her of being "old ladyish". A woman who knows her own power will never worry about how she is perceived and just wears/does what she likes and people naturally respond to that confidence. When I worked in the public no one ever chased down co-workers to ask them what perfume they were wearing (light fruity florals) but they sure did me in the riskier perfumes like this. Even men who wanted to purchase whatever I had on for wives or girlfriends stopped me, some even had me write the name down. That says something to me. When I took perfume risks I got noticed and praised for it. When I didn't people walked on by without acting like they smelled anything worth commenting on. That is the power of a different perfume that doesn't smell like everyone else in the room. Too much of the same type of thing is simply generic and uneventful. This is a grand perfume that gets noticed and I love it. No need to discuss how it smells because that's been covered.
23rd June, 2016
Gold Woman is a fancy-pants fragrance, but it's finished and perfected to the point of being a bit unnerving.

Essentially it’s a huge, romantic, classic-style chypre that wears its influences on its sleeve. Yet, it ventures away from the expected materials (amber, moss, bergamot), relying instead on a balsamic myrrh note that’s merged with orris to produce an almost powdery-rich earthy effect. The florals are restrained when compared with other Amouage feminines, but they’re still playing a key role—especially the jasmine, which stands out the most. There’s a soapyness to it, but it’s kept in balance; musks exist, but they're friendly.

This is about as retro as it gets, but it’s brilliantly articulated from top to bottom. Soft, textural, alluring—it out-Chanel’s Chanel. Overall, a very good perfume that could easily be worn by either gender, but it’s too precious—polished to a fault in that it reads like a blueprint for chypres. Something to set it off wouldn’t have gone amiss, but it’s still a touchstone that's impressively rendered given that the usual chypre materials were substituted with alternates.
13th January, 2015

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