Dia Woman (2002)
    by Amouage

    Dia Woman Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    Reminiscent of Jean Louis Scherrer - a green floral chypre

    I love truly original scents, whether I actually would wear them or not. There is so much available today that is the same as dozens of others - uniqueness seems to have gone out of fashion.

    Amouage Dia reminds me of the opalescent green floral chypre of Jean Louis Scherrer's initial namesake scent. Totally original and arresting. Not for me, but I admire it just the same.

    None of the other reviews here mention this particular comparison, but they all note that Dia borrows from a number of other creations. Amouage would have more value per their outrageous pricing if one were buying a scent that was unique, and not a derivation.

    Pros: "Almost" unique scent
    Cons: Copy of an earlier "original""

    17 September, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Is undeniable that this classic aldehydic/floral follows the footsteps of some previous historical compositions as the more radiant and notorious Chanel N.5 and the more shadowy/brown and fruity/animalic V&A First, passing through Caleche (less aldehydic and more soapy/leathery in my opinion) and Rive Gauche (initially more angular/aromatic/hesperidic and finally more musky). Dia is aldehydic for sure, really rosey and orangy throughout but owns an its personal identity finally morphing towards a fabulous oriental and soapy musky/vanillic powder (with some sort of almondy/figgy and violety nuances) so enveloping and holy. The dry down is the part i appreciate more cause it's more modern than the aldehydic beginning itself but above all is more particular as just in this final phase i'm able to definitely place this concoction on a different level, probably less properly soapy, musky or powdery than some of its antecessors but more delicate and creamy/floral (with a multifaceted wake of cyclamen, violet, fig/almond and rose). Another wonderful, never offensive and extremely well crafted creation by Ellena that keeps on an absolute balance between floral, aldehydic, oriental, fruity and aromatic/green elements with a perfect level of density, freshness and mildness.

    17 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    It starts as a really nice No. 5-esque aldehydic perfume, complete with the all-important sparkly topnotes, though I must say that it sort of misses the mark, smelling more like fancy powdery 7-Up than No. 5's legendary champagne. It's very soapy, and any florals just flavor the soap without really standing out. These aren't complaints at all, just observations - I really liked the first few hours of Dia.

    Then, it goes a little weird, adding in an interesting smell that reminds me of hot wet hair on a vaguely sweaty woman. This makes the soapy flowers smell like shampoo, so the final hours of Dia (and we're talking quite a long time, as this has some serious tenacity) smell like a vaguely gross woman's locker room shower full of sweaty women with wet hair using especially fragrant flowery shampoo. I know this sounds kind of nuts, but Bond's Astor Place has the same hot wet hair effect, so it's a real thing that perfumers actually do...

    Honestly, I didn't like the steamy wet hair smell, and it feels like a silly novelty to put into what otherwise felt like a grand old-school aldehydic floral. I'm glad there are perfumers experimenting with interesting effects, but that doesn't mean I have to want to wear them...

    08 November, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Whereas Ubar evokes a surge of nostalgia for long-lost perfumes from a more glamorous time, Dia is merely familiar. Admittedly they are out to do different things. Dia aims to be a luxurious every occasion fragrance and succeeds completely, but it is in a long French tradition of aldehydic mixed florals and doesn't jump to the front of that particular class. It has the pre-requisite aldehydic take off to its sumptuous blend of florals, a heart where a rose-jasmine kind of accord begins to take shape around the creaminess of the surrounding flowers. There's quite a bit of musk in the base and a hint of nitrile, too. It may be wearing haute couture, but it does seem mightily bored.
    I didn't want it hanging around all day long (which it can do with ease).

    18 May, 2012

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    Somehow whenever I'm out sampling fragrances I never seem to visit the Amouage counter - it could be because I have Gold and recognise it to be great without managing to love it that much. Today I decided that I really should make more of an effort.

    Dia is good - but not great. It's light, pretty and very wearable, if this is one of Ellena's creations then he's done a reasonable (and very typical) job. Unfortunately I then went to the Chanel fragrance boutique (cruelly situated right next door to the Amouage counter) and sampled a few of the Exclusifs - no comparison, believe me.

    Dia is OK, quite pretty, in fact - but why spend that sort of money on this sort of fragrance when there's infinitely more beautiful and beguiling stuff out there?

    02 May, 2012

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    Croatia Croatia

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    This is perfect clean loud floral, that smells very natural and expencive.

    I loved it at a first sniff, it is XXL freshness in a bottle, so when i tried it i wanted to have that feeling of freshnes all day long so i bought it!

    Its huge floral it smells very natural, i have extrait and it lasts 2 days...maybe its bit too strong but this is loud fragrance, when i wore it 1st time everyone noticed it...

    the drydown is exceptionaly good , its better then the start. and if you spray it on clothes its like you washed it in the finest of finest detergents you can imagine.

    I put it in the same group as YSL Rive Gauche...those aldehyds those florals , except that Dia is maybe more floral or this is cause i have extract parfume.

    It can not be compared to other J.C.Ellean scents casue this one is loud , only the freshnes that you get is 100% him.

    23 February, 2012

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