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Sui Dreams (2000)
by Anna Sui


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAnna Sui
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Sui Dreams

The second scent from, the Anna Sui. This fragrance, housed in a bright blue handbag, contains notes of exotic fruit and floral essences.

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United States
I don't usually re-purchase fruity florals, but I just got my 2nd bottle of this, after a decade's hiatus. It was one of the few bottles that I drained dry (instead of giving away/tossing when I tired of them).

It's sugary sweet, but light, so not cloying. It reminds me of cotton candy. If you don't apply much, it just fades, but if you thicken the application a bit, in a few hours, you have a delightful sweetness that magnifies your natural scent in a good way.

You can't go wrong with it. It's even-tempered and easygoing.

A good entry scent for the young, and a good anytime scent for the rest of us.
06th January, 2016
I love vanilla in most fragrances, however in Sui Dreams I can't help feeling as if they've made the vanilla too syrupy and sugary sweet.

The opening was rather disappointing with the vanilla and fruits creating a cheap and synthetic mix. It has an almost soapy quality to it which doesn't seem to work well as a perfume.

As might be expected, this is a rather girly fragrance, most likely aimed at young consumers.

In the pictures the bottle looks quite pretty, however in real-life the bottle is cheap, plastic and tacky. The blue juice also stains clothes.

I don't know of anyone that wears Sui Dreams, but in my personal opinion this is light enough and childish enough to be worn by young girls.

Must say that I'm disappointed that such a high price tag has been placed on such a cheap smelling fragrance. Certainly not something that I would personally buy.

05th June, 2011
A really nice, sweet, kiss-me-quick type of fragrance. Light and suitable more for day wear. Attractive bottle as well. I've nearly finished the bottle I've had for years, but doubt I'll replace it as my tastes have changed slightly now. Think this is more suitable as a 'first adult perfume' type like Anais Anais, rather than an adult 20-something perfume, which is what I require now.
12th March, 2010
The bottle drew me in...I had to test this fragrance when I saw it. It is shaped like a purse with puffed frosted glass detail on the outside of the bottle and a detailed pewter handle for the strap. The blue juice is nested perfectly inside. I was plesantly surprised when I first sprayed Sui Dreams on my arm. I love this fragrance...a light sweetness of orange creamsicles. It is soft, mild, and innofensive. It is a floriental to my nose with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, tangerine, bergamot, peony, and bitter orange. It has a warmthness to it, and would be perfect and gentle when you want a subtle scent that is noticable but doesn't scream attention. This has worked for me in both colder and warmer weather. This is an innocent fragrance that is delicate and very feminine. I can't help but sniff my self and the little bit of sillage it gives off when I wear this. This is a keeper in my wardrobe...I would definately repurchase Sui Dreams. It is a lovely fragrance...
21st February, 2009
Wonderful bottle, rather ho-hum fruity-floral fragrance. Why it is colored blue I cannot guess. I mostly get Creamsicle. However, on those days when one wants a sweet, orange-vanilla spritz, this one is very nice.
19th October, 2006
Reminds me of what we used to call "orange drink" - a not-really-soda, not-really-fruit- punch thing that fast food restaurants sometimes served in place of orange soda. It was beyond artifical tasting and had a little sharpness to it. Sui Dreams recaptures this in a fragrance - the topnotes of tangerine and orange bitter really stand out and set the pace for this fragrance, which dries down into a softly vanillic, powdery, orangey scent that smells just like - yup, orange drink. Like the beverage, nothing in Sui Dreams smells quite real, as in natural; and in a way that's part of its charm, though the routine wears thin over time. Very much a lightweight scent, nothing incredibly moving or provocative about it. It's fun to throw on now and then but not the kind of fragrance I find myself suddenly dying to apply. It's just sort of - there. Notes are: top - bergamot, tangerine, orange bitter, peach, freesia, peony, rose, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, skin musks.
30th September, 2005

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