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Anné Pliska (1987)
by Anné Pliska


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Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Anné Pliska

Anné Pliska is a feminine perfume by Anné Pliska. The scent was launched in 1987

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Reviews of Anné Pliska

Perfectly pleasant amber. It's kind of old fashioned with its powdery topnotes paired against sour green chypre elements. As the powder fades, it takes on a vague fruity undertone and pleasant soapy muskiness.

I can see why people love this, but I can also see why one could find it a little dull. It's mostly basenotes, so there's not a lot of excitement or changes through the day, but it smells good, so thumbs up!
19th January, 2016
Genre: Oriental

Anné Pliska is a big, spicy amber that wastes no time on top notes but instead goes straight to the smoky, syrupy-sweet heart of the matter. In weight and character Anné Pliska is not all that far from Ambre Sultan, though it does not share the Lutens scent’s peculiar oregano and bay leaf accents. Indeed, with its abundant dark spices and dried fruit overtones Anné Pliska could easily be mistaken for something in the Serge Lutens line: it’s sweeter, fruitier, and a touch brighter than Ambre Sultan, less spicy than Arabie, less smoky than Fumerie Turque, and less woody than Chergui. In short, it’s akin to the part of all those Serge Lutens scents that makes them smell alike to some people, without the bits that make them smell interesting to other people. Or, to put it even more simply, it’s a little bit dull.

As is so often the case with dense amber scents, Anné Pliska lands on the skin with a resounding thud, and then stays more-or-less in place for several hours without altering too much in content or character. (The effect of olfactory stasis should come as no surprise, as amber components are by nature tenacious, high molecular weight base note materials.) It’s neither shy nor overwhelming in sillage or projection, and I’d consider it completely unisex. If you’re in the market for a straightforward amber scent, rich and sweet, but none too challenging, this is one to consider alongside L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Ambre Extrême or Montale’s Blue Amber. If you want more edge on your amber, go for Ambre Sultan or Ambre Russe, and if you want more depth and complexity seek out Maïtre Parfumeur et Gantier’s Ambre Précieux.
08th June, 2014
After reading all of the glowing reviews of this perfume on this and other scent websites, I almost bought a full bottle. It has all of the base-notes that I love in all my other perfumes, and I thought, why not? Common sense prevailed, however, and I bought a sample instead. Boy am I glad I did. I would love to see (smell?) what this smells like on other people, because on me it is vile. All I got was an overpowering blast of bergamot for the first hour, which settled only very slightly - I didn't get any mandarin or orange at all. Then I started to get small, powdery whiffs (the vanilla and musk coming through?), with a slightly metallic tang. Two and a half hours later, the bergamot was still going strong and was still pretty much overpowering everything else, but with an unpleasant, sharp, almost bitey/antiseptic edge - kind of like the air-fresheners cabbies use over here. Three hours later and I gave up - I liked the powdery whiffs, but the overpowering smell of bergamot just killed this for me. I had to scrub it off, and it took a few tries to get rid of it. I've seen reviews comparing this to Shalimar - I can't figure out why, as they're nothing alike. I've tried Shalimar a few times and it's lovely, and have had people ask me what perfume I'm wearing and telling me it smells fantastic. No comparison as far as I'm concerned - Shalimar beats this one hands down. If anyone wants my sample, I'm happy to swap it for something else.

An update to my last review on this. I left the sample alone (in its wrapping, away from the light) and didn't think any more about it. A month before my birthday (last month), I decided to try another of the samples I got along with the Anne Pliska, and which I'd loved - DISASTER! Wore it to work and had to fight the urge to rush home to scrub it off. So, I decided to give the Anne Pliska another go - and I was so glad I did. It smelt totally different, so much so that I asked my lovely husband to get me some for my birthday, which he did. Can't explain why it smelt so horrible on me the first couple of goes (hormones? phase of the moon?) but it's lovely now. The bergmaot is still quite sharp at opening, but quickly settles down, and I get beautiful, warm spice, with a yummy chocolate orange scent and soft musk. It lasts pretty well, although when I smell my wrist I feel like it's gone, then I'll brush my hair away or adjust my specs, and get that lovely waft of spice/chocolate/orange/musk. I go to gym in the mornings, and the days when I wear it, once I'm good and "glowing" at gym, I can still get a lovely, soft, powdery whiff. Have to fight myself to not wear it every day, as I want it to last, but this one is definitely a keeper. I'd been looking for something different from all of the celebrity/designer fragrances, which to my despair is pretty much all we seem to get here, and this fits the bill. Gorgeous!
15th February, 2014 (last edited: 13th October, 2014)
this pink sweetheart is about as oriental as a perfume can get. It's like the naughty little sister of Shalimar--she just realized that her curvy bottom and perky bosoms are weapons of mass destruction. And she's eager to learn how to use them. A definite to buy for me. A smidge sweeter, less powder. MUST have it for my own, my precious. OK. I just weirded MYSELF out...Ladies, sample it! If BN had two thumbs for upping, AP would have it.
04th September, 2012 (last edited: 10th September, 2012)
I love Anna Pliska. I was given a little sample from Nordstrom in 1989. I've worn it ever since. It's powdery, citrusy, dark and seductive, yet still friendly and approachable. It doesn't have the headachy bite of Angel or Poison.
30th July, 2012
A lovely, lovely fragrance that someone here on Basenotes suggested after I revealed that I'm a complete novice with all this! I stated that I like things musky, and this scent is gorgeous. I still have a nose that doesn't know one note from another, largely, so I can't explain the nuances, but the subtlety of the musk is wonderful. I put this on this morning and had a beautiful, but soft whiff for 4 or 5 hours, and now the scent is lighter, more close to the skin, but still wonderful. Our weather here in Nation's Capital is often quite hot and humid during summer, and I'm glad to find this scent is substantial but not heavy or overpowering. There's something alluring but comfortable about it -- very, very nice. Thanks to all who are suggesting fragrances for me to try.
14th June, 2011

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