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Tuscany per Donna (1992)
by Estée Lauder (originally by Aramis)


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Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEstée Lauder
Originally byAramis
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tuscany per Donna

Tuscany per Donna is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1992

Tuscany per Donna fragrance notes

Reviews of Tuscany per Donna

Turin describes a "woody rose," noting the amber-orange oriental accord, and praising the edgy geranium-peony note, giving it four stars and classifying it as a "peony oriental."

To my nose, it is an inoffensive, but practically scentless creation, smelling in a general way of rose and amber. The sandalwood and vanilla are used sparingly, as are the other florals listed above.

Despite several applications, I get only a very faint whisp of scent that quickly disintegrates.

It's neither good nor bad, just blandly uninteresting.

For the record, I love Aramis' Tuscany per Uomo of six years prior.
05th October, 2015
A warm summer's evening in the hills of Tuscany

What an unexpected surprise. I haven't worn Estee Lauder fragrances in many years, and this "oldie but goodie" has captured my attention in a big way. (Orignially released by Aramis, the fragrance was taken over by Lauder at some point in time. I don't know whether this frag changed in any way during the ownership change since I've not sampled the Aramis release.)

A complex fragrance in the "old school" tradition of perfumery. I really like the warm, fruity opening; peaches and warm dry grass. I get a sense of sun-baked grass, like that in the hills of Tuscany during the summer; dry but still herbal. The heart notes bring in a lot of sweetness, mostly jasmine and honeysuckle to my nose, and the basenotes of sandalwood, vanilla and warm amber evolve quickly into a lovely drydown of warm woody goodness. The drydown reminds me of vintage Samsara, the sandalwood is of very nice quality here.

I really think this should be worn in the heat of summer--the heat makes the fragrance bloom in a beautiful way. Sprayed lightly, it's an evocative fragrance that is a pleasure to wear. Longevity good, about 6 hours, and sillage also good, use with a light hand.

Pros: Warm, fruity, and herbal, sandalwood and amber: rich and resinous
Cons: None"

20th September, 2013
This is a good safe fragrance for people who want to go the floriential route, but like to keep it light. I found it to be not bad but somewhat ordinary, not exciting enough for me to buy a full bottle, but throughout the 90s you always got a generous "gift with purchase" sample at the Estee Lauder counter, which I would occasionally wear. I agree with Exciter76 that you can smell spices though none are listed in the notes.
03rd September, 2012
I cannot help but tie this fragrance to nostalgia; I wore this fragrance to my senior prom. Nostalgia aside, this is actually a really enjoyable hearty fragrance. Tresor may have popularized the spicy pitted-fruit floriental trend of the 1990s but Tuscany Per Donna perfected that trend. TPD smells like the 1990s but it encapsulates the best of what the decade had to offer in a bottle.

TPD is distinctive, redolent with spice-laden stone fruit preserves. There are no spices listed but it smells spiced—I think the spiciness can be attributed to the carnation (I’m not a fan of carnation but it is so irresistible here). It does not take long for the vanilla, amber, and warm woods to imitate the scent of bakery goods—those fruit-filled butter cookies come to mind. It’s blissful! This decadent scent will stick around from first spray to next shower. The sillage and projection are typical of most 1990s scents: strong and sturdy.

I have an aged bottle—my second one—from the late-1990s that has only gotten richer with proper storage and time. I liked it when I was seventeen but I love it now that I am old (read: evolved) enough to appreciate all its phases. I love TPD for its unabashed personality and its ability to be gourmand at heart without being sickly saccharine.
08th July, 2012
This is so feminine and classic perfume!
The fruity-herbal opening is strong juicy with peach-orange-plum
combination with green notes!
Rich and floral heart with prominent honeysuckle ,hyacinth and carnation notes...dries down to a most warm and woody sandal-amber-musk basenotes!
Great perfume ..warm sensual woody classic!
29th April, 2011
This is a supreme Italian-style scent. It compares favorably to the now-discontinued rare Venezia by Laura Biagiotti, considerably cheaper and easier to find. The only thing missing is the Japanese Wong-Shi flower. Still, this is very very close. I'm glad to have discovered this, because I'm running out of Venezia.
16th August, 2010

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