Armand Basi Femme (2000)
    by Armand Basi

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    When I first tried this fragrance I had not previously heard of the brand Armand Basi and I'll admit I was a little dubious at first. Upon first spray, I found myself a little overwhelmed with its citrusy opening notes. Fortunately the sourness of the top notes quickly fade and a much softer floral scent emerges. Although pleasant, I thought the roses and jasmine were a little predictable and common.

    After wearing this fragrance for a couple of hours, the strength of the middle notes are still there and a very sensual and sultry vanilla starts to make its presence known. This in my opinion is the best part of this fragrance.

    Overall I found the fragrance to be very gentle, calming and soft. It was in no way loud and intrusive. I was a little disappointed though, that the fragrance didn't seem to match the uniqueness of the bottle itself, which was what intrigued me initially.

    26 April, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This has a strange opening of lemon
    but this scent can go into a lot of different directions i also think of
    dusty old books cucumbers and mildew on rainsoaked wood. like Issey Miyake l'eau d Issey it has a miminalistic
    zenlike qualities that makes this bottle
    unique a simple not gaudy bling bling
    in your face kind of a perfume.

    peace quiet and solitude the early morning dew soaked grass and forest relaxing outside of your cabin in a
    beautiful forest kind of a perfume
    this is not my favorite because of the lemon but it's unique in it's own way.

    14 December, 2010

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