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Charisma (1970)
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Year of Launch1970
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Charisma is a feminine perfume by Avon. The scent was launched in 1970

Reviews of Charisma

Charisma is a dry and elegant chypre. When I was a kid, our neighbor was an Avon lady. We would try her samples, and I remember loving Charisma and Moonwind. My old roller ball sample is almost gone, but what is left is still in perfect condition. Very high quality and still full of womanly sophistication.
23rd September, 2015
I had a bottle of this in the shape of a silver and Red robin when I was little. The bottle was adorable, but I think the perfume had gone bad. All I smelled was pungent alcohol and a very strong, antiseptic, rosy smell. I would like to try smelling this one from a bottle I know isn't past its prime.
28th August, 2012
I guilt-tripped a friend into going antique shopping with me. I had been sick. I needed some retail therapy, which was really vintage perfume hunting. She drove me to one of my favorite old musty stores and pretended she was not having a good time.

Then, she found the turtle. A very somber brown glass turtle.

With Charisma in it and an AVON sticker on the bottom. And she comes sashaying to me, find in hand, to taunt me with the irony of a brown turtle from AVON with some juice named Charisma in his shell. She dared me to try it, thinking, hey, I will make you smell AVON, and then can we please go get a cupcake and go home?

And we both loved the smell after we screwed off the odd little gold turtle head. Charisma does smell like Coco. And it dries down on me into a warm vanilla that is gorgeous. But still, why put something named Charisma in a brown glass turtle? I am so confused. But do appreciate the warm, spicy goodness. And we got cupcakes.
12th February, 2012
Completely agree with distortech and his precise and accurate review of Charisma. I found this in a thrift store, which, by the way, is a great place to find vintage scents. Now I'm not too much of a perfume snob, but when I saw the Avon sticker on the bottom, I almost didn't bother to open the bottle. I have never really liked--let's say--actively disliked Avon's frags. The quality is okay at best and most of their stuff has this house note of powdery/amber that seems to suffuse everything and render all their stuff pretty much the same.
Which is why I was so shocked when I smelled Charisma. Not only was it good, it was an excellent facsimilie of Coco by Chanel. But wait, this came out in 1970...long before Coco. How can that be? Coincidence? Perhaps, but the similarities are so striking, I can't help but think that Jacques Polge smelled this and used it as his template for Coco. Of course, it's nowhere near the luxe level of the Chanel, but it makes you wonder.
08th February, 2011
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm trying on both to see what you mean, I can identify the similarities, but the charisma is coming over more sugar spicy. I love Coco, but I'm not loving this. It's like a playtime version, altogether less grown up. It has a plastic, powdery, scented doll smell on me.
It may smell nicer on someone who brings out the floral side of a perfume.
12th February, 2010
FANTASTIC. Very similar to Coco by Chanel, albeit stripped down a bit with a more distinct powdery/amber note coming through a bit faster than the Chanel - omitting the vanilla/tonka altogether in the base. The similarities with the carnation/clove mid to base notes is certainly undeniable and considering this came out a full 14 years BEFORE Coco . . . WOW!! Very nice indeed.
27th February, 2009

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