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Odyssey (1982)
by Avon


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Year of Launch1982
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Discontinued for many years, it was relaunched in 2016 in Avon's Classic Collection.

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Reviews of Odyssey

As I recall, this was pleasant enough if I had nothing else handy, but I found it fairly boring. Softly nebulous without being mysterious, and with too much baby powder. It had one good use: As a young social worker, I used to wear it if one of my cases in Juvie promised to get more contentious than usual. It calmed the kids, the parents, the defense attorneys, one or two of the judges and, oh yeah, me. Olfactory Valium. :-)
30th October, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)
It has only been a few minutes, but from the get go I liked this fragrance. The spouse used an entire powder canister to scent the sheets, so, obviously it was a favorite. I found the powder to be extremely musky, but not so the cologne. It is very clean and softly floral.
I have heard this likened to both Chanel 19 and Noa and Noa Fleur.
It is reminiscent of the Chanel in EDP and it is a crisp and slightly musky floral.
Truly enjoyable, particularly for the price and ease of availability.
05th March, 2011
This was one of my favourites throughout the nineties; a "clean, soft, musky floral" as vanillavanilla says. And l also loved the body cream, shower gel etc. l probably wouldn't wear it again now, but l have fond memories of this fragrance.
15th February, 2011
ivory soap.
this is getting freecycled.
i can't think of anything more banal.
don't pay money for this.
i got it for less than $6 and feel gypped.
21st August, 2010
Odyssey is one of the most TERRIBLE fragrances I have ever used. It smells like a rotted, gritty, sour men’s cologne. It was almost painful to smell. A friend gave it to me for Christmas and I tried so hard to wear it. It was putrid from the moment I put it on and got worse with the day.
19th February, 2009
My mom used to wear this a lot. It's okay at first, but like Haiku, has a weird drydown that smells like body odor to some.
12th October, 2008

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