Quadrille (1955)
    by Balenciaga

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    In 1925 Millot re-formulated a 15th century Italian scent and called it Crepe de Chine. It became an instant classic. Notes of tobacco, honey, roasted nuts floating over dense florals became a reference chypre. Millot offered a different version of it in 1947 - Insolent. Schiaparelli copied it in 1937 and called it Shocking. D'Albret copied it in 1952 and called it Ecusson.

    Balenciaga turned to this formula for his third scent (after 1947's Le Dix and La Fuite des Heures) in 1955 and created the classic Quadrille - a lighter version of Crepe de Chine.

    It is warm, dense, elegant and rich. One of the greatest chypre types ever created and with no modern equivalent.

    Go out of your way to find it - it's worth every penny!

    29 January, 2014

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    Ms Rochambeau
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    I recently found a tiny vintage mini of Quadrille and when I dabbed it on, I immediately thought of vintage Rochas' Femme. This is fruity/spicy and chypre-like and although it's similar in many ways to Femme, it's not as leathery and animalic. Think of it as a more "behaved" or "lady-like" version of femme.

    04 March, 2013

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    Jean Patou Fan

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    I love Quadrille! It has a bygone elegance, but is far from old fashioned.

    It has beautiful plum and peach notes against a background of chypre and subtle spice. There's a definite smokiness too.

    I have seen Quadrille advertised as a summer fragrance, but the smoky notes make me think of Autumn (which is when I wear it every year). I think Quadrille has a more casual elegance than the formal Le Dix, but it's suitable for day or evening wear. It seems that the Parfum has been discontinued, which is such a pity. One of the all time Great perfumes

    23 March, 2010

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    carolyn ross
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    I was given a gift of French perfume samples
    a while back and this was my immediate favorite,
    a real standout. Nothing smells like Quadrille,
    It suggests luxuriousness and is quite long lasting.
    No wonder Balenciaga had a reputation for the best!

    14 September, 2009

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    Dispite all the listed notes, Quadrille smells to me like plum wine with an herbal infusion. This is an enticing aroma, but not one that I wear easily. The notes are highly integrated and well-chosen. No herbs are listed, so I assume it is violet or leather (which other reviewers have mentioned) that exudes the bitterness which I describe as herbal. The overall effect is sheer but powerful. It is sure to please the discerning tastes of people looking for an unusual and unique fragrance.

    25 April, 2008

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    one of the great etrnal masterpieces of perfume making-there is nothing to say about it-try it and you know what´s about-very elegant,classical and unique-perfectly composed-perfect harmony and balance of ingredients!Amazing -and a scent for a good looking, elegant and charismatic woman! not a girl-a real woman!

    28 January, 2007

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