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Cialenga (1973)
by Balenciaga


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Year of Launch1973
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Jentzen
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchMarbert

About Cialenga

Cialenga is a feminine perfume by Balenciaga. The scent was launched in 1973 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Jentzen

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United Kingdom
The absolute peak delight when applying this scent is the phenomenally gorgeous opening blast: a mix of fresh berry fruitiness, green herbal notes and hints of vetiver - wonderful! In the drydown floral tendencies predominate, mainly iris and jasmine, but later on a very nice ylang-ylang that is given depth by an overarching clove impression. A velvety rich Bulgarian rose leads me to the last stages in the journey.

The base is quite different again, with the rose being complements by a smooth sandalwood and a gentle but rich patchouli providing a typical base for a chypre fragrance, an observation that is confirmed by the gradual rising of a fairly light and smooth oak moss in the background.

The performance is a bit patchy, with the initial moderate sillage and good projection being increasingly muted over time, and after the first couple of hours it is very close to my skin. Still, is is composed of ingredients of supreme natural quality, is blended extremely well without losing structure, and lasts seven hours in total on my skin.

In summary, a great vintage scent for spring. 3.75/5.
20th August, 2015
This classic scent, identical to Coty's reissue of its classic Chypre, is for me a warm and interesting take on the scent of crushed caraway seed. It's of course a chypre and one that is therefore a mix of herbal and spice (I don't know exactly where the scent of caraway falls in the ingredient spectrum.

It does not have great silage, sits close to the body, but has great longevity. A one ounce edt bottle is quite strong and long lasting enough for an evening's wear.

It is like its sister, Prelude, discontinued, but like that scent, is readily and copiously available on Ebay for very reasonable prices. Try to locate the tall ribbed classic Balenciaga bottle edition as it would be close to the original release.
06th January, 2014
I bought a vintage EDT and, looking at the above reviews, I wonder if this is the same fragrance! This is a rich, woody, sumptuous perfume, unique and possessing so much personality. I get a little "green", much woodiness, and some wonderful clove in this scent. The florals come to the forefront after about 20-30 minutes, very fine, slightly dry, and beautifully blended. The drydown is fantastic; if you love dry, woody scents this one will thrill you. I absolutely love it, and wish it were still in production. (The Basenotes notations indicate that it is, but, in America, at least, it's difficult to find, and listed as discontinued on fragance websites.)
05th April, 2012
I like Cialenga for the summer: it is a light, slightly slightly green and woody floral, which reminds me very slightly of Hermes' Amazone though it is much "cooler"; I have not smelled anything that is quite the same. It is lighter and not as rich as the other Balenciaga frangrances, and possibly not as elegant, but a lovely perfume for hot weather.
18th April, 2010
I got an old sample of the parfum from a generous Basenoter. The topnotes have gone off, but from what I could make of it, it starts off with aldehydes and a bright floral note, lily I think. The middle notes are spicy and of fresh florals and what I think is a bit of rose. The overall effect is a spicy, soapy, and woody green floral that reminds me a little of Hermes Caleche, although I do prefer Caleche a lot more. Despite its fresher and soapy aspects, I think its much better for one who likes to reflect their more serious side with the love of the outdoors.
26th July, 2009

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