Jolie Madame (1953)
    by Pierre Balmain

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    Thud, what a dud. First though, why oh why would anyone seriously test a fragrance with violet if you absolutely hate violet? Then, vote it down based on the violet and not the composition or quality as a whole? When you review this way it doesn't give others information other than that you don't like violets...Also, most of us pleebs are not testing "vintage" nor would I want to.

    On the other site with the balloons heh someone said it smells like an Indian bazaar, omg, yes it does! I do not want to smell like an Indian bazaar. There are indistinct wicker and vegetative smells also random muted spices. It can be musty and in this bazaar, the floors haven't been cleaned in awhile so it's a bit dirty and funky...not good dirty, dirty floor dirty. I don't mean to malign bazaars like this and I hope not to offend. I love visiting them, I just don't want to smell like one.

    I bought it blind because I'm on a violet kick but the violet leaf/flower is but an after thought. There's slight tinge but nothing worth mentioning. I'm not afraid of "challenging" scents though most of mine are mainstream because I'm too cheap for niche. I love a good dirty frag like Obsession, or chypre like Paloma Picasso and Mitsouko or leather! I love leather! What I get is Vetiver, Musk, Castoreum, Civet and nothing cuts the funk. There are so many better violet frags for those wanting one and chypres too for that matter.

    17 April, 2014 (Last Edited: 18 April, 2014)

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    On me the vintage edt goes on with a mix of tuberose and dusky violet over a warm chypre base. Although this is nice, I would not rate it as outstanding in any way.

    The base, despite 7 ingredients, is not as strong as my nose would need to balance the florals. Still, even though it is not my personal cup of tea, I can't deny it is unique in my experience - to have sweet florals float over nicely balanced, leathery warmth.

    Top notes: Gardenia, Artemesia, Bergamot Coriander, Neroli
    Middle notes: Jasmine Tuberose, Rose, Orris, Jonquil
    Base notes: Patchouli, Oak Moss, Vetiver, Musk, Castoreum, Leather, Civet

    25 March, 2014

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    This is my first post, so excuse my simple explanation! Jolie Madame is one of my all time loves. On me it smells divine, the newer version that is. I have not been fortunate enough to smell the original, but it is hard to think it could be even better than this. It is sweet yet pungent at the same time and always draws positive comments.

    10th December, 2013

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    I wish I could try the vintage...only have the reformulated which, after a couple of hours, dries down to the astringency of cat pee. the first three hours are great, leather and violets, as promised but -- man! Gotta get home in time!

    14 October, 2010

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    The Opening starts with i can detect
    Lily Rose jasmine neroli and it dries
    down to the dark underworld of woods and Leather It's like the Greek Legend
    Persephone. when she was the maiden Kore and she picked Sweet crisp flowers
    Represent the upperworld Until the ground beneath her Opened up And she was snached and aducted By the master
    of the Underworld HADES! Represents The Leatherly Aspect of this Perfume
    this is what this perfume reminds me of
    Persephone's Decent.

    16 August, 2010

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    This used to be amazing - it's still good, but not what it was.

    The violet is still quite powerful but the leather/chypre balance is lacking and the whole thing is somehow not quite as interesting as it was. This was the first fragrance that my husband ever bought me so It'll always have a place in my wardrobe but I wish - how I wish - that it would be re-formulated back to something nearer what it was X years ago.

    Why does that never happen, by the way? I know it may well be impossible to produce an exact re-creation of a former Great but a good-quality reproduction shouldn't be impossible - come on guys, try harder!

    11th August, 2010

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