Miss Balmain (1967)
    by Pierre Balmain

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    Croatia Croatia

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    this smells like Madame not Miss, amazing fashion change :)

    opens up bitter spicy,and almost raw moss, complex passing through bitter sweet phase into nice leathery smokey scent of old school, with complexity , where it resembles to Bandit.

    Cranation is very prominent with its spiced sweetnes at the begining, giving it that old fashioned style vibe, after several hours it turns completely into leathery smokey scent and stays like this for ever.

    it smells like 50% naturals perfume...so beautiful perfumery of old school and when perfumes were allowed to use the best of nature

    this is for the vintage perfume review

    22 March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This is stunning. I love it. My favorite of all the Balmains. Makes an amazing masculine...so don't be afraid of the pink bow on the bottle.

    23 April, 2012

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    United States United States

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    One of the great leather chypres, and one of my favorites. One little drop of the parfum goes a long way. Was it only released in 1967? It seems to have more in common with scents from the 1940's, like Rochas Femme. Superb!

    18 September, 2011

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    England England

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    Sublime! I wear this as a masculine and I find it the ultimate scent. The best I can imagine. It took some understanding at first, but I knew from the offset there was something special for me here. For something so big, so powerful, I find it great to wear on a sunny day. I have no idea why this is. All I can say is try it, try it, and try it again. The more familiar it becomes, the bigger it gets.

    01st May, 2011

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    United States United States

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    If you like contrast or to compare Leather Scents
    Gres Cabochard and Miss Balmain are perfect examples Miss Balmain is Prim
    fruity sweet bright naive lively a Good
    Girl scent Feminine and Represents
    Daytime. Cabochard is dark rebelious
    masculine mysterious woody sexual
    vampish bad girl smokey tabacco
    and represent the Night.

    this is a nice scent but does not grab me like Cabochard. i think there is too much Coconut mixed with Leather is a
    bad idea but whould'nt buy it again.

    09 October, 2010

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    Canada Canada

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    Mmmm I love this! So green and mossy and rich and delicious! I like to wear it while sipping rye on the rocks and pretending to be Lauren Bacall. I think it would go nicely with the smell of pipe tobacco, and could work as a masculine, though the name and old-fashioned would scare most guys off. I would love to smell it on a guy or girl of any age, but I probably never will... sadly. Maybe if was renamed and marketed as gentlemanly... in the 1940s.

    26 June, 2009

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