Balmain de Balmain (1998)
    by Pierre Balmain

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    Argentina Argentina

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    A chypre as it should be

    Well, the opening notes remind me of a floral Tiffany for men, while the mid and base notes diverge into manly skinkiness. It was a blind buy: a big surprise indeed, I never would have thought this could be that way. A woman wearing this? I cannot imagine for the sake of me blind-dating a woman wearing BdB. I would think she would be chewing me up in no time. Ladies, do your newly met boys a favor, don't ever wear this in a first date.

    Pros: Whatever good you find in chypres in its not so fem version
    Cons: If skanky puts you off, avoit it as the plague"

    23 October, 2013

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    Bal a Versailles

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    This is definitely a man's chypre. It's my type of chypre and I'm a woman, almost sixty. Yegads! That's spooky. And it is spooky to find this Jean Shrimpton of a perfume on my wrist. (She was famous for lauching the mini skirt, being photographed by David Bailey and being the face of Chanel No 19)
    Why are too many perfumes unbearably sweet these days? Distressing.
    This is a fougere in the first instance. I had some Morny Fougere scented shower gel and BdeB was perfect to use after my shower in combo.

    This is superior to Molinard de Molinard in MHO and like MdeM, is availabel as a mini tester online. I would recommend a test run on this fragrance. Very little patchouli. Do try it with a Little Black Dress or a Little Black Negligee, or jeans and a tee (lashings of mascara and smoky eyes for the girls) Yeah, it is a walk down memory lane but the hedgerows are thick with blossom, moist with rain, and the soft mossy woods are near. Wallking with Pierre, very nice.

    30th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 05 May, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    This seems to be an homage to Germaine Cellier, she of Jolie Madame, Miss Balmain, and Vent Vert, as well as the Piguet icons Fracas and Bandit. To my nose it covers much of the same ground as does Miss Balmain, though not so smoky, a bit more conventional. I love Miss Balmain, and this would be too much of an overlap. Still, if you are a Cellier fan, you can't go wrong with this.

    11th April, 2012

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    I always had a soft spot in my heart for Balmain ever since I first smelled the original L’Eau de Monsieur Balmain, and, let me tell you, back in the day, it was absolutely gorgeous. That lemon and verbena fragrance with wild grass and herbs on a real sandalwood base diffused with power-musk was…FWOOSH! Marvelous. Balmain’s retro fragrances are the shiznitz. Jolie Madame is such fun. It once elicited a full-faced blush from the husband of a friend of mine when I unthinkingly thrust my wrist under his nose—yeah, right in front of her. (I felt so embarrassed for him. My bad.)

    Balmain de Balmain is hearkens back to the day when a woman and her perfume weren’t afraid of saying, “I’m wearing perfume.” It is a woody, rose-jasmine Chypre on a honeyed amber base that never becomes too sweet. It reminds me a little bit of Estee Lauder Knowing. A friend remarked that Balmain de Balmain smelled like “suburban, bridge-playing ladies,” which captures the ambience nicely. Then again, she’s not a fan of Knowing like I am. The Balmain is more polite than that former, muscular, truncheon-wielding scent of the 80s. It can be applied in more copious quantities than Knowing—a little spritz of which grows in loudness like an approaching train, emanating clouds of sweet powder eight hours later. Balmain de Balmain avoids the obnoxious powder, but then, it lacks the deep plum and patchouli notes of Knowing, opting for a retro, aldehydic opening with green notes and then passing through it’s well-balanced florals to a dry oakmoss on warm amber. It announces itself as a perfume in the classic, French style. I doubt that it does well on today’s market, even though Knowing sells for Estee Lauder, but, hey, some of us like to smell like perfume, not fresh flowers.

    29 December, 2011

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    Jean Patou Fan

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    I am not going to list the ingredients and individual notes of Balmain De Balmain, as this has been done by several reviewers here. This fragrance has fruity, floral, chypre and musky notes against a subtle spice background. It smells familiar, reminding me slightly of Y and Armani. Though I like the fragrance very much (particularly in the Parfum version), I do not think it is individual or distinctive enough to be a classic like Jolie Madame.

    Definitely suitable for men to wear, particularly the EDT version, in which the chypre is more evident than in the Parfum, and has less ephasis on the floral notes.

    29 March, 2010

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    Australia Australia

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    A lovely green, uplifting fragrance.

    First of all, I need to thank Vibert for a rousing review, which convinced me to order Balmain de Balmain unsniffed.

    Balmain de Balmain is green from start to finish, and it is one of the nicest green fragrances I have smelled so far.

    The galbanum and bergamot give the opening a lush transparency that immediately indicates how lovely an olfactory experience the wearer is in for.

    The jasmine in the middle lasts for the length of the fragrance, and ensures that Balmain de Balmain remains perfectly balanced between sweetness and greenness. I think it is this balance that makes Balmain de Balmain one of the ultimate unisex fragrance options.

    I mainly get grassy vetiver and moist oak moss in the base, with just a little bit of wood.

    At the price Balmain de Balmain sells for, it must be the fragrance bargain of the decade.

    10th November, 2009

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