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W (1995)
by Banana Republic


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Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBanana Republic
PerfumerJean-Claude Delville
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchGap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division

About W

W is a feminine perfume by Banana Republic. The scent was launched in 1995 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville

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Reviews of W

It's a good thing that an upside-down W is an M, because Banana Republic W is a fullfledged unisex scent. This is a refreshing floral citrus with a demeanor somewhere between Bond no 9 EAU DE NEW YORK and NEW YORK FLING. It's quite nice, I must say, although W is on the light side. I'm actually a bit baffled as to why this perfume is being marketed to women, as it is every bit as appropriate for men. In fact, it lies exactly at the midpoint between feminine and masculine fragrances, with a complete ambiguity that makes it perfect for both. Not too flowery, and not too cologne-y, W offers a perfect balance that wears very well in hot weather.

02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 09th July, 2011)
Banana Republic W (BRW) is a very pleasant, light, slightly powdery, green floral. I don't get bug spray on top, but I do get about 5 minutes of urine, yes urine. It passes, and after that BRW is a fresh & citrusy office-appropriate everyday fragrance. It's a modern green that's best for spring or summer, I think.

I like my florals bold or light, and BWR fits the latter group. There's a white floral that's just a tad irritating to me when I wear it on my skin. Maybe Honeysuckle or Lily of Valley, or the combination of both? I don't get the same irritation when BRW is applied to a card. Amazing longevity on a card, btw - nearly a week later, still there - clear, bright, & clean.

BRW is something that seems appropriate for warmer weather, but for me it's not due to that white floral. However, BRW could be a go-to floral fragrance in the winter for me. It has enough green pep to brighten gray skies but enough depth to withstand cooler temps.

BRW reminds me of Alliage/Aliage, only a lighter, more floral version. You have to have the right chemistry to pull both off, imo. Thankfully I do - Alliage in summer, BRW in winter.

BRW is one of the few florals that I own. Obtained it in a swap, nearly 100ml full. Haven't decided if I will replace if (when) gone. Odds are, I'll probably swap it out.
12th September, 2010
This is a "holy grail" fragrance for me and is one I return to time after time despite having a number of other way more expensive perfumes on my perfume shelf. I will even admit to stockpiling it! I fear that BR will discontinue it and so I have 3 full bottles of it in my fridge and a number of the minis scattered around. As other reviewers have noted, "W" is a great classic yet modern white floral. When I wear it or spray it in my house, it gives me that "calm, competent, all is right with the world" feeling. It also reminds me of a cool breezy evening in San Francisco driving through the Presidio, about to have a sophisticated evening somewhere in the City. If I could only have one fragrance, this just might be it.

(Note: I have also posted my review on MUA)
03rd April, 2008
I'm not in agreement with the previous commentaries. For me, "W" is clean & green! Initially it smells soapy. Not like violet soapy...more like a childs plastic bottle of blowing bubble solution, gently clean. Green is the main character of fragrance here. Very uncomplicated, somewhat sharp, basic & plain. I imagine people who don't typically enjoy personal fragrance may like this for it's simple freshness. My own tastes don't run in this direction, as this scent is neither appealing nor appalling.
11th July, 2007
Nice enough. It smells like pencil sharpenings.
13th May, 2007
When I bought this I noticed something familiar about it but couldn't pinpoint what it was. I put it on today and in a snap I found out why I bought it: it smells just like Very Sexy Now by Victoria's Secret, the latest version of their Very Sexy line of perfumes.
08th August, 2006

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