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Colors de Benetton (1987)
by Benetton


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Year of Launch1987
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Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care
Parent Company at launchSAB

About Colors de Benetton

Colors de Benetton combines fragrance elements gathered from every corner of the globe - southern France to southern Spain, Singapore to India. It's a mix of spring-scented orange blossom, basil and hyacinth with bright fruity hints of pineapple and peaches, and a classic floral bouquet of jasmine and rose. The packaging is distinctively Benetton and universally appealing.. Fresh, bright and playful. Its pentagonally shaped bottle represent the planet's five continents - all the corners of the world.

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Reviews of Colors de Benetton

This was MY big, loud, 80s fragrance in my early teen years. Tart fruits with unusual florals in the opening (hyacinth and orange blossom), drying down to a *slightly* bitter peachskin, jasmine-y base, but not at all treacly or powdery. I remember this was a sillage monster, too. I miss it terribly, but it's a fragrance best left to young, quirky gals. (I suppose young, quirky gals wear niche perfumes these days, though...lucky them.)
08th May, 2013 (last edited: 11th May, 2013)
Sweet, fresh floral with big projection and a playful, pleasant flirtiness to it. Young woman's fragrance for sure. Memories, memories...
07th July, 2012
LOUD fragrance. You could smell this from a mile away. Orange and jasmines dominate on me. As with everyone else here, it was also something I used in high school on rare ocasion. It was just so loud I had a hard time using it everyday as I would have liked to since it was so in at the time. But I couldn't. Imagine pouring a quart of hot sauce on all your food, for all of your meals---as much as you like hot sauce, you just can't have that much!
14th June, 2010
defines college era for me- the pineapple note is memorable and prominent- interesting and unique scent
03rd December, 2009
Colors reminds me of high school as well - but I have to say that the newer bottles of Colors that are being sold DO NOT smell anything like the clear glass bottles that I owned way back when. I've read that it was re-launched in 1993 and they must have changed the formulation. When my last bottle ran out, I replaced it from two different perfumers and neither of them smelled anything like the one that I had that was empty. I ended up buying a vintage bottle on eBay. Only when I'd bought an old bottle did I find the warm wintry scent that I remember from way back when.
22nd December, 2008
Mitulove Show all reviews
United Kingdom
How funny, I wandered to this page because I remembered liking it in High School, and looking at the reviews, I certainly wasn't the only one. Similarly, it's not something I'd wear these days..
27th January, 2007

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