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Tribý (1993)
by Benetton


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Year of Launch1993
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PackagingTamotsu Yagi
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care
Parent Company at launchSAB

About Tribý

A blend of exotic flowers, fruits, plants and woods that are the mainstays of tribal health and beauty. The Tribu bottle was inspired by the indian totem pole, the eiffel tower and a test tube.

Tribý fragrance notes

Reviews of Tribý

An earthy floral-green accord focused on a basic tea-like note supporting a massive floral bouquet and a dark-mossy greenness. The juice is rich but relatively light and easy to wear. I detect something kind of secretly fruity (simil red berrish) in the background (but may be it's the violet-blackcurrant combination to provide this illusion) while ylang-ylang provides that sophisticated sensuous feminine spark which is typical of many old floral-chypre of the glorious past. Yes, I agree with Foetidus, this scent is interesting despite not properly intriguing. The floral-tea (jasmine-tea in particular) main accord unfolds a vibe remotely connectable to the one mastering Costume National Scent but while the latter has a modern minimal ambery structure Tribu' by Benetton is inspired by classicism and old-school mossy-chypre (in here fruitiness, patchouli's earthiness, a massive floral presence and the basic woodiness conjure me vaguely the main combination of elements I've encountered in the fruitier Cacharel Eden). Really a lovely classic mossy-floral, unfortunately discontinued.
17th July, 2016
Starts with a strong note of pastel crayons, together with red & black tea with the raisins cooked in the tea.In the middle I get he deepest sandalwood with a few figs, and dried fruits & tobacco, with sour rowanberry spiced up in liquor, so I guess rowanberry-liquor? This scent is **VERY AUTUMN**, the very scent of the year ending. Burning red, brown & yellow leaves, in the same color as the actual bottle! This is a very interesting "nichy"-smelling kind of perfume indeed!
30th June, 2010
i purchased my first bottle of tribu when i was 17 (1992) and have been wearing it on and off ever since. i suppose it might be one of my signature fragrances. it seems i can always go back to tribu. it's fresh, and ends with some peppery notes. tribu is good for work, but is also quite feminine. i always get compliments when i wear tribu. it has never developed a hard core following, so folks just don't recognize it all that much. my only concern at this point is the bottle. it's all plastic and bulky. they need to rethink the packaging into something more eco friendly.
25th October, 2008
Nice scentópeach, raspberry, rose, jasmine, violet, sandalwood. Itís not intriguing but it is quite interesting. With as many notes as it has, the accord does not get muddied: The notes are surprisingly individually identifiable and they also appear to form shifting accords. I donít know whether to call Tribý strong or weakóit has definite body to it, but it doesnít seem to project very much. It is non-offensive. As to whether it is feminine or not, itís hard to tell. It doesnít strike me as exactly feminine, but I donít find it very masculine, either; regardless, it is an interesting scent.
04th December, 2006
Cedar and rose...a spot-on capture of the zeitgeist of '93. Not a bad scent, but really not my cup of tea. (Speaking of which, I don't get the tea note at all...) Again, not a bad scent--I could sit next to someone wearing this and not find it offensive--but I think it might be a bit too reminiscent of scents such as Liz Claiborne and... heh, perhaps castorpollux is right in saying that Tribu is one of the most recognizable smells out there... It's a nice, innocuously woody/rosy, earthy scent that accurately pins down the Benetton multi-color/multi-scent ethos.
05th September, 2006
I agree that it has a very tea-like quality but i find it earthy as well. Possibly one of the most recognizable smells out there, it's also a very interesting one. This scent is very well blended and has a decent sillage and is one of the most longlasting benettons. Nowadays it's also very cheap. The heavy sandalwood-ylang mid notes give the scent a very creamy feel to it. Warm, subtle and yet elegant (not every elegant scent has to smell like a heavy fourgŤre -in the case of male scents- or an expensive rose-jasmine de grasse -in the case of the female scents) it's not only for young people but for eveyone. It's truly unisex to me too. Strange print ads, nowadays it might feel dated to someone that grew up at the time of its release and might fall into the "weird early 90's scents". I happen to love it.

27th August, 2006

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