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Amazing (1999)
by Bill Blass


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Year of Launch1999
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People and companies

HouseBill Blass
PerfumerJean-Claude Delville
Parent CompanyVapro International
Parent Company at launchQuality King Distributors > Five Star Fragrances

About Amazing

Amazing is a feminine perfume by Bill Blass. The scent was launched in 1999 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville

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Reviews of Amazing

Some days I like this, more than others. Call me nuts; when I reapply a few times a day, it nearly resembles Bulgari Black. After a few hours this mutates into a rubber and leather accord. My bottle is fairly old - maybe that is why. The top notes are long gone. My bottle is nearly empty. It's discontinued anyway. I wouldn't recommend seeking this out. It's just not all that...
08th October, 2017
I have to agree with the other reviews that Amazing starts off pretty terrible. There are an awful lot of uncomplimentary smells happening at once and it's just a mess. Mint and roses and cherry fight it out with animalic honey and a creepy milk smell, while plasticky synthetics make all this weirdness smell even worse.

However, given about a half an hour, a violet note takes over and ties it all together. The cherry and roses and mint fuse with the bright flowery aspects of the violet and all start working together nicely. Meanwhile, the honey and milk and a subtle woody undertone fuze with the make-up element of the ionone violet note, which forms a nice rich base for the brighter elements to sit on. There's a perfumey plastic quality that runs through everything, which I don't necessarily care for, but it's not bad.

All in all, I've smelled much better flowery woody fruity violet scents, and I'm just not willing to give a thumbs up to a perfume with such messy topnotes, but Amazing really isn't bad once you give it some time. Though, as sherrie11 has already said, there's nothing particularly "amazing" here...
19th April, 2014
The first whiff is nail polish remover w/ an underlining of green floral. I only put this on originally because it came in a gift sampler pack and I had run out of my signature scent. Well after the dry down it was quite nice. I was not in love w/ it, but received more than a handful of compliments. It's cool and light w/ impressive sillage. I agree w/ Sherrie in that it does not feel particularly "amazing" as the name suggests. It suited my chemistry, but did not capture my heart at all.
20th November, 2008
Realizing that this is discontinued, I only write this on the off chance that a woman might find this at a nice discount at a TJ Maxx or something. Don't pass it up.

I got a sample, thought it was men's, and tried it. I figured it was just too feminine and put it aside for long time. Now I'm reviewing everything I have to "give back" to Basenotes, which has helped me terribly. So, upon realizing that this is a women's fragrances I can re-analyze it properly.

This is light, floral, feminine, flirtatious. It conjures the imagery of a summer fling; it's irreverent and careless, but not without the potential to be more serious.
01st September, 2008
I don't know why all the Bill Blass fragrances are being discontinued. They are relatively quite nice fragrances and get many compliments.

Amazing for women is a rather "stringent" tea rose fragrance with a slight "acidic" tone. It is rather nice on the dry down, but upon spraying my initial impression is that of waxy Crayola Crayons. Yes, it smells like Crayons at first. I think they discontinued the line because all the shower gel bottles were cracking. I bought several bottles of EDT, shower gel, and spray deodorant as I knew they were going to be discontinued. I had to transfer the shower gel into some containers I bought at The Container Store, so everything's fine now (no leaking shower gel bottles on my shelf). I wear this as a unisex fragrance as it is somewhere in the category of Declaration by Cartier, or Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy. It's a winner in my opinion. Thanks!
15th April, 2007
Ugh. The first ten seconds are terrible. When the fragrance settles done, almost all I get are aldehydes. I’m not sure exactly what notes are combined with the aldehydes—possibly rose plus a little citrus and the obligatory jasmine, but the main impact comes from the aldehydes. This is the first time I’ve encountered nearly naked aldehydes. Hmmm… Interesting. It’s very feminine, quite transparent, and highly unnatural. I don’t want to say “synthetic” because it doesn’t have that annoying lilt to it that’s in so many fragrances now days—at least not at first. As I keep smelling them, I’m starting to be annoyed and I have a funny synthetic taste in the back of my throat. These aldehydes are okay for an occasional sniff, but constant smelling of them is not okay. There’s a subtle fruit note in there, some green notes, and some more florals—all are quite transparent. The drydown is the typical sandalwood, musk and amber—also very subtle, but I think the aldehydes have disappeared.

Well, this was a new experience for me. The first fragrance I’ve smelled that seems to be composed almost entirely of aldehydes. I can’t say I like it, but I can’t say I dislike it, either. It is rather nice to get a sniff of this sort of thing once in a while, but prolonged exposure to it is not pleasant.
11th February, 2007

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