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Touch for Women (2000)
by Burberry


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchInter Parfums

About Touch for Women

Touch for Women is a feminine perfume by Burberry. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Touch for Women

A sheer fragrance made 'fresh' by a foundation of hairspray. It seems very formulaic, unmemorable, not really Touch-able, because of the somewhat radiant synthetics that belong in, at most, an upscale department store. It starts with a sheer generic wash of vague fruits, citrus; a so-called floral freshness that one must train one's nose at many a department store counter to consider fresh, but in reality is a synthetic radiant harshness. It quickly fades to a vaguer, lighter smell, a skin scent, which is said to be sheer notes of cedar, oakmoss and tonka, but comes across more like a low grade white musk, which always has harsh aspects on my skin in spite of the divine sound of it.
I suppose every perfume house has to have a transparent fresh fragrance and this is theirs. It just seems so generic, so calculated to fill a slot with no reason for existence other than that. If this had been the first of this type I had smelled instead of the fortieth, I might not have dismissed it so readily. But even then I would have thought to myself "A little too hairsprayish. Not much personality, but would fit in anywhere, so it's very safe". I have to say the ingredient list looks wonderful, but is the best part of the fragrance.
Many have commented on its fruitiness - I think when I start picking up hairspray notes like I did on Touch, it effectively obliterates fruity notes, and many other top notes. I've noticed that on other hairsprayish fragrances I've tried.
04th May, 2015
I just purchased this without testing it. I have actually purchased many things without testing them and have had excellent luck. This was not one of those times. I have never returned a fragrance because I just don't like it at all. It's kind of expensive for air freshener which for me would be its only use. While I like many of the notes, I really do not like this scent at all and am returning it.
03rd July, 2014
oakwood cedarwood and a nut shell. clean smell, reminds me of rain or wet wood in the forest. it could be a masculine scent ,not the usuall feminine scent for girly girls...i would caracterise it unisex and suitable to wear by sportive girls/women.
29th February, 2012
Burberry Touch is different to say the least. I'm not usually a lover of green and soapy scents, however this fragrance charms me.

This fragrance opens with a sharp, green bitterness which tends to rather masculine. Despite being turned off by this opening I was intrigued by it and kept bringing my wrist to my nose to smell it over and over again.

In a way I wanted this fragrance to turn creamy and slightly sweet, however in the heart it is mostly a powdery and soapy scent. The notes are very light, almost undetectable. It's like the composition has been mixed so well that it's hard to identify any particular notes.

Some would call this powdery floral mediocre, but I find it to be much more complex than it seems. The way it settles on the skin is very delicate, it becomes a scent that isn't just perfume, it is like a natural part of yourself, a natural skin scent.

This fragrance lingers on your skin for hours and I never get sick of it. It is so enticing that I can barely stop smelling it. The overall impression is a light, pretty and inoffensive fragrance best suited for daytime/casual wear.

11th June, 2011
Think of Burberry and you may think of your typical British 'chav' standing outside a corner shop with a can of Stella in one hand and a pitbulls leash in the other however Burberrys fragrances are devine and Touch is definately one of the best. It's light and fresh and won't give your nan a headache. It's neither overpowering or too sweet it's just perfect for any lady of any age.
29th June, 2010
Touch is a nice scent. Rather dry, clean and not too sweet. Interesting. I can't detect any aldehyde note and in my opinion Touch bears no resemblance to Chanel No. 5 which is a perfume I absolutely detest. Touch is a perfume that can be worn every day.
15th October, 2009

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