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Anaïs Anaïs (1978)
by Cacharel


Anaïs Anaïs information

Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerRoger Pellegrino
PerfumerRobert Gonnon
PerfumerPaul Lèger
PerfumerRaymond Chaillan
PackagingAnnegret Beier
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Anaïs Anaïs

Named after, Anaitis, a Persian Love Goddess. But, like New York, so good they named it twice...

Reviews of Anaïs Anaïs

Who didn't own a bottle of this in the 80's. I wore it and loved it. So feminine, it was the scent of the popular girls in high school. Floral but not defined, just pretty smelling.
20th September, 2016
The orange blossom, white florals, and creamy sandalwood work together to make a light, almost honeysuckle accord. This is a beautiful fragrance.
10th September, 2016
The L'Original EDT available today is a favorite. It has great lasting power on me, and I haven't tried the EDP as I like what I have.

I'm sure I was around girls who wore it when I was young, though my nostalgic connection to it is through the hyacinth note, which emerges as the strongest accord when I wear it. See, as a pre-teen, one of my favorite possessions was a Coty Sweet Earth solid perfume compact that held three floral scents: honeysuckle, ylang ylang, and hyacinth. The other two florals I've smelled often in my perfume life, but hyacinth doesn't turn up that much.

I don't find Anais Anais to be sweet at all, but a gentle green floral chypre. I had an accident with it today that turned out fab. I forgot I'd applied some Goutal Gardenia Passion EDT a couple of hours before (love it, but yes, it's fleeting) and I put on some Anais Anais. The application revived the Goutal, and with its green vegetal quality, it was really simpatico layered with the Cacharel.
21st October, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Ah, the scent of past girlfriends.... This powdery floral has a sandalwoody base and is a real sorority girl of a scent. It is sweet, pretty and hangs on just long enough to make an impression. It is as deep as a puddle but charming none the less.
20th June, 2015

Inspired by ancient fairy tales.ANIS ANIS is a white floral spin that speaks even more romantically of that which we're all after:The great love.It is a recognizable smell and not overpowering.Sensual but not in a decadent way.A innocent fragrance with a wonderful mystique that is sure to please. Remarkable,Rememberable,Timeless,Romantic,Stylish, Sophisticated,Mystical,Classic,Charming and Feminine.

A blend of high powdery floral notes like honeysuckle,jasmine, rose,orris and orange blossom with a rich combination of lower accents including incense,leather,amber and vetiver that add dimension, depth and warmth to this elegant and feminine perfume.It smells like a walk through and enchanted garden.

ANAIS ANAIS has a strong enough scent that makes it noticeable,but it is not never painful like most other perfumes.It is perfect for anytime of day.I recommend it for Spring and Autumn seasons.If you are looking for a refreshing and cute floral scent that any man will love,i highly recommend this one,you wont regret it if you are elegant and elegance lady.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
I loved Anaïs Anaïs when I was at uni, was unhappy that it was discontinued, and a bit doubtful when the original form was supposedly relaunched. I held off trying it for a long time, but finally caved in, and gave it a go.

It's...recognizable. But all I could think of was that the 'relaunch' is to the original what Jessica Simpson's cover of 'These Boots are Made for Walking' is to Nancy Sinatra's original. The general floral structure is there, but it's flattened, somehow sterilized, and despite being a copy, somehow manages to completely miss the point.

The original was soft, with something vaguely, elusively raw beneath/behind it, layered, nuanced, coherent. The new stuff is flat, harshly cloying, artificial, and lacks a heart to pull it together. I'd hoped that the drydown would yield a more pleasant side, but nope. Even the new 'old' label reflect the changes.
15th April, 2015 (last edited: 16th April, 2015)

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