LouLou (1987)
    by Cacharel

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    LouLou is a women's fragrance by Cacharel. The scent was launched in 1987 and the bottle was designed by Annegret Beier

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    Le_Coeur_Gothique's avatar

    Greece Greece

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    „Taking me away...”

    Sometimes I have a dream...

    I'm walking down a dark alley on a freezing winter night.
    It's just a couple of days after New Year's Eve.
    I'm slightly drunk and feeling lonely.
    A wind chime starts to jingle somewhere in the distance, and I'm slowly deluged by a bizzare feeling that something extraordinary is about to happen.
    And then it begins...
    First I find myself surrounded by what I perceive as the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled.
    It's smoky enough to trigger a fire alarm, powdery as a dozen of Versailles paramours, and so dense that you could cut it with a knife.
    It's so breathtakingly beautiful that it has me staggering.
    It's simply mesmerising, narcotic even.
    "This can't be of this world..." I'm thinking.
    And then I see it.
    Slowly descending, a hexagonal teal something with a flashing crimson cone topping it, touches the ground softly.
    I'm thinking that if this is a spaceship, then it's the most girly girlish that could possibly exist.
    But I'm wrong...
    The crimson top opens.
    The scent becomes even stronger, and it seems to pulsate and breathe, as if it has a life of its own.
    Two girls come out, glide gracefully down its side and walk slowly towards me.
    They both have short black bobs, kohl-laden brown eyes, porcelain skin and ruby lips.
    They're both clad in short flapper dresses in teal, heavy with beads, sequins and feathers, and wearing dazzling crimson headbands.
    They're both smoking cinnamon scented cigarettes in long black bakelite cigarette holders.
    They're both utterly dramatic and ravishingly beautiful.
    "That's some rigs for space travel..." I'm thinking.
    -"Oh, here you are!"
    -"We were looking for you everywhere. We got so worried!"
    Their voices are deep and husky, sending waves of tingling pleasure all over me.
    -"I apologise, but I didn't know you were looking for me."
    They both seem to get a little disappointed.
    -"We thought you'd be expecting us..."
    I'd like to tell them that I was expecting them all my life, but I try to appear tougher than I am and nonchalant enough to impress them.
    -"Why should I expect two ladies from space?"
    -"Oh, but we didn't come from space. We came from your dreams."
    -"I'm Loucille and she's Louella."

    Don't wake me up...

    20th December, 2014

    Way Off Scenter's avatar

    United States United States

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    Genre: Oriental

    LouLou is a sweet, powdery floral-oriental scent with the texture of a velvet cushion and the mass of an industrial drill press. It opens at full throttle, with indolic jasmine, tuberose, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, heliotrope, and plenty of aldehydes. All of these are soon joined by a very rich sandalwood and animalic musk and the foundation is a sweet, powdery vanillic amber. The composition is dense, viscous and determinedly “old school” in character. It’s also smooth, coherent, and well-blended, so while it represents a style that many would find matronly, LouLou exemplifies that style rather well.

    This kind of big oriental scent is rarely ever quiet, and LouLou is true to type, with aggressive projection and thick clouds of sillage. It’s “in for a penny, in for a pound” with LouLou. To enjoy it you’ve got to love the kind of retro, “perfumey” scents that granny wore, and you must feel no shame flouting your love. Sweet. Powdery. If that’s your thing, LouLou just might be your girl!

    19th June, 2014

    rbaker's avatar

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    This starts with an orangey-floral mix, mainly jasmine, lily and mimosa -the latter in the background- and this mixes very well indeed. It is a floral-fresh impression is given depth with a incense-woody underpinning in the drydown and is very well done. This lasts for several hours, and towards the end a not of tonka-induced sweetness keeps well in the mix. Silage and projection are very good, and the longevity is an acceptable six hours. A good spring scent.

    23rd April, 2014

    JackTwist's avatar

    United States United States

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    Turin correctly describes this as a "Jasmine Oriental," and that its primary interest is in the balance between the sweet femininity of the floral melange and the "edge" that the iris middle not gives it, keeping it from being overly sweet.

    It is an excellent jasmine, nicely balanced by the powdery almonds scent of the mimosa. One of the classiest and most sophisticated of Cacharel's classic scents.

    Definitely not unisex, quite feminine, beautifully rounded.

    31st December, 2013

    mariana's avatar

    Brazil Brazil

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    A vintage masterpiece!

    Ugly bottle that carries a heavenly juice! Perfect for cold weather. Just two drops and you'll smell divine for all day long.? The sweet and enchanting 80's aura!

    09th September, 2013

    MrMookie's avatar

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    80's galore!

    Got it today had to buy it again (30ml) not sure my wife will like it so if not.. it ends in my perfume closet :-)

    It was 1988 and i was 9.
    My brother 17 and my sister 16 on their hightimes going out with their friends in the weekends .
    I loved to see them coming over at friday night hanging out at our place having fun and being excited about the night to come.

    My brother had girlfriends and friends with girlfriends and ofcourse my sister had great looking girlfriends too :-)
    I was sitting between them sniffing their necks.
    It was BIG FUN! (echoes the song from Inner city's Big Fun)
    In the 80's the perfume industry was putting powerhouses on the shelf and LouLou was one of those pilars.
    As my brother wore Egoiste,Kouros,Lapidus and Tsar my sister was only wearing this bright neon Blue well crafted bottle with this enchanting red cap. (later she got the sprayer which also was very attractive as a bottle)
    All the girls had LouLou and i was in heaven!

    This scent is for me the benchmark of the womens powerhouse.
    Its creamy,sweet and wildly mysterious!
    Another fact this is a masterpiece : There is only 1 LouLou!
    Not like all the Amor series.

    As they say about this in the marketing which i cannot say better :
    "Loulou is like intoxicating dark red flower which allures you to the depth of dangerous and dark forest. Yet, it is not possible to resist. It is irresistible and once you are engrossed by its warm scent, you simply have to let go and follow it, you have to pick the forbidden fruit

    From the first seconds when applied this smells good!

    In my opinion not unisex!
    ***pour femme***

    Pros: Unique and deep
    Cons: None"

    23rd August, 2013

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