Eternity (1988)
    by Calvin Klein

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    Eternity was inspired Calvin's marriage to Kelly Rector. Calvin gave Kelly a beautiful antique ring inscribed with the word, 'eternity'.
    Eternity is a floral scent.

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    Canada Canada

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    I love this but I don't wear it very often. I find it incredibly unique, but, now don't tar and feather me here but it does remind me of Guerlain's L'heure Bleue. I wear that fragrance more than this one as it's more soft, less biting without citrus and watery lotv. That's what I get here is lotv, citrus and huge carnation. The dry down is the best part, sexy but not totally soft - it has spark. It's a romantic scent, just like LB.

    28 February, 2014

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    It's good but doesn't last long and very subtle.. good for romantic wear for a young minded girl. It's not amazing but I like and the girls like they described it as Romantic, Flowerly, Manly

    yeah I don't get how flowers and manly work together but those are what I've been told. There is better out there though and that's why I won't be purchasing it

    09 April, 2013

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    The one and only perfume I truly can't stand. I had some house guests it must be about 20 years ago and one of them reeked of this. It smelled to me a mixture of arrogant and urinal-like. The 'arrogant' didn't come from the wearer who was a perfectly pleasant if somewhat overly conventional girl. I agree with Darvant about the gaminess, which coupled with the sharpness make it rank. I honestly can't even stay in the room with anyone wearing this, and the sillage must be unrivalled. I get it from a mile away.
    Overall impression; urine of a cyborg animal; indended for territorial marking.

    31st January, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    I don't particularly love this familiar and basically sharp fragrance that smells to me a bit dissonant, almost sweaty and synthetic. The mix is really floral with hints of green notes, citrus (mostly orange), some spices (a touch of cinnamon, cloves?), introducing a woody/musky base with just a touch of amber. The dry down is mostly sandalwood and musk under my nose. I detect some simil cherry synthetic fruity note in contrast with some green sharp element and the floral combination is deep and pungent. Penetrating floral notes (the lily effect is dominant to me together with the one from freesia), synthetic fruits, heady patchouli and a pronounced woody vibe are too powerful and unbalanced to me, producing a final dissonance. The final effect is too cloying, detergent kind and sweaty.

    16 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 17 December, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    My sister told me if you see a large number of a fragrance at TJ Max or similar clearance stores it means they're going to reformulate it or discontinue it. I saw a huge display of the original KL in the mid 80's at such a store, low & behold the scent was reformulated to something gross smelling. So when I recently saw a stack of (GASP!) Eternity bottles at TJ's I bought a couple. Yes, it's the real, original scent. Lots of light feminine notes, mostly light floral. But it can project a mile if used with a heavy hand! I hate to think this nice scent is most likely going to be changed.

    04 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 22 November, 2012)

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    I won a bottle of this- it smells ok but when I sprayed it, it was like bug spray and I couldn't wash it off fast enough! It's super strong and kind of like a floor cleaner, maybe? Yuck.

    10th August, 2012

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