Truth Calvin Klein (2000)
    by Calvin Klein

    Truth Calvin Klein Fragrance notes

    Lush Accord: Bamboo, Patchouli, Sapling, Vetiver, Wet Woods, White Peony, White Clover
    Sensual Accord: Acacia Flower
    , Bio-Vanilla, Musks, Slik Tree Flower, Woods, White Amber

    Truth Calvin Klein information

    Truth doesn't follow the usual Topnote, Heartnote, Basenotes structure. Instead it has two distinct accords: Lush and Sensual.

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    United States United States

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    Let’s start with scent and truth. Bamboo? Wet Woods? Silk tree flower? Seems a bit insincere from the start, I’d say. If you’re going to list ridiculous note without a trace of botanical truth, why not branch out from botany and list notes like fractiousness, regret, serenity or stasis.

    But I love the way Truth smells. It shows a wonderful and converging use of synthetic tones. There’s a green woody sappiness and a tart fruit/musk combination that both extends and redefines the ‘freshness’ that defines the middle of the road of designer fragrance. The result is a beautiful ambiguity without a hint of tension.

    11th August, 2011

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    Slovenia Slovenia

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    As with all fragrances, I tried this one on a couple of times before buying it.
    I have now learned that it is NOT always the most reliable thing to do (although it still beats the alternatives, of course).
    Perhaps I should have tried it in more than one shop, because clearly their bottle was aged or something. The drydown was much more to my liking than it is now that I am actually wearing it from my own, brand new bottle.

    I love the opening: it's so fresh and sprightly, with those joyous citrusy notes! It reminds me of a big, happy smile - fresh and sweet, not cloying and contrived.

    Then, after 10 minutes or so, comes the part that I love the most.
    I am not sure which note it is that produces it, but suddenly it all settles down and morphs into a glorious chrysanthemum scent - still very fresh, but in a pleasantly composed, "ladylike" manner, not unlike the smile of La Gioconda. ;)
    Personally it reminds me a LOT of the middle phase of Donna Karan's DKNY, only it has a whiff more of substance.

    This phase lasts for about an hour.
    Then, the fragrance gradually develops into a sweeter and more vanilla-like drydown, with a distinct "greasy", oily undernote.
    I am not too crazy about that part. I don't HATE it, but I am not sure I would have bought this scent if I had smelled the same drydown on the two occasions I tried it in the store.
    Still, I am not sorry.

    Its sillage could be better, but it's certainly good it's not obtrusive.
    Its longevity is OK, but of course I would have preferred that middle note to be present for longer.

    I would also have preferred CK to use the traditional nomenclature. Their current composition sounds contrived and is no more descriptive than the "old fashioned" way.

    Still, it is a very nice and remarkably versatile fragrance. Perhaps not one of the greats of all times - but it's certainly much more appealing to me than 90% of the perfume production in the last decade or two.

    16 May, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    I must say this was an interesting and unique choice by Calvin Klein when they created this fragrance. I love that this scent is complex and forever changing from citrus to spicyness to freshness.

    From the beginning the lemon note is very prominent and strong, with the notes of patchouli and bamboo lingering in the background. It takes a certain person to enjoy these top notes, preferably someone who enjoys their fruity/citrusy scents.

    However the scent mellows as it transcends into the heart of the fragrance which is gentle, flowery and fresh. The feministic aspects of this fragrance are portrayed through the lushness of the lily, mimose and peony combined.

    I detect a certain spicyness when I smell this in contact with my skin. This creates a warm and sensual scent which I rather enjoy.

    The lasting strength is quite good and the packaging, although simple, is modern and tasteful.

    Truth is a fragrance that will grow on you. The love might not happen after first sniff but give it a few more tries and you might be surprised.

    26 April, 2011

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    Smells like light pink and light green in the morning. Does that make any sense? Okay...

    Truth is a very nice fragrance. It's nothing to scream about but I find it's rare to see such distinct similarities between the masculine and feminine versions of a fragrance, and I love the men's version. This, the original, has the same green, crisp, and dewy-wet feel to it but is also pink floral and just lightly powdery. Many claim the men's take on this comes across as generic cologne and these same people are likely to call this one little better but I can't help but enjoy it. Another noteworthy similarity between the two sides of the Truth is they are both deceptively strong for something that smells so watery.

    26 April, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Not too bad – I’ve tested many worst Calvin Klein fragrances. The opening is clean but a little too sweet – fruity sweet – for my tastes. It has a little of the usual Calvin Klein signature synthetic tinge to it, but I’m getting so used to that, that I’m beginning to tolerate it. The basil of the middle seems to magnify the sweet fruitiness, which soon becomes a bit excessive… starts to cloy. And this threat of cloying isn’t helped by the base, either, because the woods come off as sweet, also. Still, there’s a green freshness to the fragrance that feels rather good. The sillage is average and the longevity is acceptable. Truth is not a very creative or refined, or beautiful fragrance, but it’s ok.

    06 December, 2010

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    France France

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    This is a wonderful perfume! the notes are light, airy and deep at the same time..makes me feel happy, makes me feel like I am walking in a distant has something vibrant about is in my opinion the only scent that just comes alive! I love it! it isnt too strong, it just melts into my skin!!

    12 May, 2009

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