Calypso Violette (1999)
by Calypso St Barth [Christiane Celle]


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Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseCalypso St Barth [Christiane Celle]

About Calypso Violette

Calypso Violette is a feminine perfume by Calypso St Barth [Christiane Celle]. The scent was launched in 1999

Reviews of Calypso Violette

I love Violet! This scent is that of a strong woman wearing a Violet scent. It is not Spring like but good for making a statement. I love that it could be worn by a female or male, rare for a floral. It lasts fairly well although it is perfect for a strong scent. You can experience the strong initial impression but not worry that it will be overpowering for too long. Nice!
20th January, 2010
This is one is a straight and sweet violet scent. It is much like the Violette colognes in the first half of last century. It is nostalgic and cute but disappearing very fast.
24th September, 2008
I am wearing Violette today. It's a very rainy day here, and my first thought upon waking was, "Violette!" I went on a very heavy Violet kick about a year ago, and after trying about 15 different violet perfumes, my three favorites were Aroma M's Geisha Violet (which layers very nicely with Calypso BTW), Calypso Violette, and L'Artisan Verte Violette. This is not a powdery violet. It is one of the darkest violet scents I have tried, and it really works on my skin. After wearing both Verte Violette and Calypso Violette for the last year, the only differences I can tell are the following: Calypso lasts longer and is a bit more syrupy, and Verte Violette is lighter and has a hay note. I love them both, but if I had to choose (for my money), I would choose Calypso. :) Beautiful stuff.
11th August, 2008
I wish this smelled nice on me. It starts off a nice spicey violet, but instead of a rose drydown, it smells like urine on me. I can't get past it, but I think on the right person with the right body chemistry it would be amazing.
24th May, 2007
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United States
Christiane Celle Calypso Violette is one of only two violet fragrances I've tried that I can wear well; the other being Penhaligan's Violetta. Others smell syrupy-sweet after about 10 minutes and give me a headache. Calypso Violette is a fresh violet, and it's the least powdery violet fragrance I've ever smelled. It has a deep rose undertone that emerges as the initial airy violet notes warm into my skin. The beginning has a raspberry note as well, which transitions to dark violets and dewy leaves, and a hint of white tea. Violet scents usually smell innocent and sweet to me, (possibly because the first fragrance I ever owned, at age 6, was Devon Violets), but Calypso Violette is sexy! The lasting power isn't great, but it's not bad for an edt. In cool weather I refresh it after about 4 hours of wear, and it lasts about an hour longer in hot weather. Violette is quite lovely, and I recommend giving it a try even if you despise violet. It's a really intriguing creation that's also priced reasonably for a boutique fragrance: $55.00 for a 3.4 oz. bottle.
06th March, 2007
This is a smoldering, lovely sweet honeyed violet. True, it is quite different from most violet scents, and that's a good thing. I love violet, but no need for more of what I already have!

It reminds me of a fairytale forest, dappled light through the trees, violets blooming on the mossy forest floor, spreading a blanket and opening a basket of honeyed cakes to share with the satyr who is flashing me his wicked smile. See you later!
01st March, 2007

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