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    Oh my =))!!

    What can I say? I LOVE it! It's hard to find, I bought it on ebay and I'm planning to buy MORE before it totally runs out of the market as other great fragrances that get discontinued.

    It's citrus fresh on the beginning then it dries down to amber "settle person but not old" (O_o). Not good longevity, like 1-3 hours on my skin, and the sillage when you spray it on it's great but as the time passes I just feel it near my skin.

    It's not totally girly fragrance like bunch of fruits and flowers and bees and weehhh rolling down the flowery hill with a cloudy dress; even tho it's youthful... how can I say... Let's say 18+ lol. Well it was in amazon that I read it was famous on its time cuz it was the "stripper's fave fragrance". How come they discontinued it! Strippers still want to smell good.

    Either way, this perfume took me back to 2001 when I first smelled it and tolly love it! Fresh, citrus, free, careless, relaxed, don't care if it's cheap lol, I like it

    Pros: Price, smell, I like it that's the best Pro!
    Cons: Not so glam, 18+"

    22 October, 2013

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    Absolutely vile. I can't believe this barf-inducing scent has been on the market for over ten years. Cloying, sickeningly sweet and nauseating. Skip it.

    29 January, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Do not joke, this is nothing but an headache inducing gummy and plastic cocktail of colored fruits, florals and cream. It could be a decent fragrance for a blond doll.

    21st September, 2011

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    Thumbs down??!! Nooo, I've smelled much worse!!
    The bottle is cute, and especially for the price this is pretty good stuff. Bright, fruity, and sweet with and just a hint of warmth and spice. Why not?

    21st August, 2009

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    I know this is mostly subjective, but on me, the stuff is horrible. I could not find one thing about it I like.

    21st February, 2009

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    Can a perfume smell any cheaper than this? It can smell unisex sometimes.

    12 October, 2008

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