Tabac Blond (1919)
    by Caron

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    Tabac Blond information

    Tabac Blond is a women's fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1919 and the bottle was designed by Félicie Bergaud

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    Wales Wales

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    A beautiful Caron classic! Tabac Blond is one of my favourite perfumes for autumn and winter, and one I have worn for many years. I have seen numerous reviews that call it a masculine fragrance (or at least having "masculine notes"), but I really don't get that (having said that, the line between what are classed as masculine and feminine scents is becoming more and more blurred). On my skin, Tabac Blond becomes a heavy, though soft and slightly powdery perfume; it is slightly syrupy and chypre, with the merest hint of leather, and no tobacco or smoke that I can detect. For a long time I knew Tabac Blond reminded me of at least one other perfume, but I couldn't place what it was: finally I have realised that it is like a mixture of Shalimar and Dioressence, and perhaps a touch of Jicky. Far too heavy for warm weather, but perfect for the colder months!

    26 July, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    The current EDP iteration is a faded leather with very little throw. Why bother?
    The top is a bit better, a brisk carnation and leather combo, with an ‘I mean business’ demeanour. Underlying it is the kind of smell you get on a coat when the wearer has worn the same perfume for a long time and there is a build-up of the drydown and staleness. Still, not bad in a fuddy duddy fashion. However, minutes in, the dry vanilla joins in to leave one with only a reluctant leather with the occasional powdery waft of the now somewhat wilted carnation. It’s not unappealing, it just refuses to project.

    08 June, 2014

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    Just bought a 1970's Lotion Tabac Blond version and I have to say it reminds me a lot of the recent formulations of Knize Ten big time, which although I own, I still don't really like it until the very end of the drydown and Tabac Blond is following the same path. Perhaps the Knize is a little harsher as another reviewer puts it. I cannot see what all the fuss and astronomical pricing old bottles fetch is on this item.

    09 April, 2014

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    France France

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    Some says that it has nothing to do with good ol' days... Maybe.

    Though, that's a knock-off. A very subtle fragrance suitable for women and for men. "Tabac Blond" is a metaphor as it does not contain any tobacco in it. Figurative & complex, it is the first perfume that does not try to copy/paste natural stuff.

    I wear it for very special and formal situations...

    28 November, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Vintage or nothing

    This was a perfume I knew I'd love immediately, both from its backstory (flapper girls discovering cigarettes and Charleston-ing till dawn) and its notes (leather, vanilla, smoke and sandalwood).

    So I managed to get a sample of the vintage juice from the Perfumed Court - and indeed, it was love. At the time, I was reading a lot of John Le Carre novels. And more than anything, Tabac Blond occurred to me as the perfect spy scent - it was sophisticated and clever, had a history, and carried notes of dusty books and opulent leather that I could imagine in the London men's clubs where diplomats and agents would meet to talk of world affairs.

    However, when I tried the newer version, I found it a very different animal - it has some smoke and vanilla, but is overpowered by a sharp floral note, and it has none of the dusty leather that I had recognised in the vintage. If you have to buy a new-version Caron, I would go for En Avion, which seems a bit more interesting.

    Pros: Smokey, dark, but soft
    Cons: The new version is not worth it."

    14 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Vintage Tabac Blond is Habit-Forming

    Tabac Blond is a Gasoline Blast going in. No mistake about it.

    From that addictive top-note aura on through the compelling nicotine of it's namesake, Tabac Blond spins a habit-forming distraction.

    Women started publicly smoking cigarettes shortly before1919. Ernest Daltroff created Tabac Blond as an elegant companion to their status symbol of tobacco.

    Vintage Tabac Blond's initial top-note blast subsides into a "marshmallow" note reminiscent of those in vintage Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue. Not a sweet, cloying marshmallow. Dry and woody, it recalls marshmallows roasted over an Autumn bonfire, with a slightly sharp edge. That could be due to the combination of leather and lime, with carnation lingering softly in the background.

    The projection seamlessly transitions into a refined, buttery leather. Towards the end of the topnotes, it's the flawless calfskin leather of an elegant lady's glove. Steady and mesmerizing, vintage Tabac Blond reaches its confident potential.

    The first six times I wore Tabac Blond I detected no tobacco. Or rather I detected only the "idea" of tobacco.

    But amazingly, during the seventh time, there it was.

    It wasn't a cigarette type of tobacco. Nor was it the tobacco of a curing barn.

    But rather I caught the heavenly scent of a faint and aromatic pipe tobacco, softly emanating from a wooden cabinet.

    Vanilla, Cedar and Patchouli lend Tabac Blond its perfect aromatic and spicy dry down.

    Pros: Unique, Refined, Complex
    Cons: None

    30th June, 2013

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