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Tabac Blond (1919)
by Caron


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Year of Launch1919
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerErnest Daltroff
PackagingFélicie Bergaud
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Tabac Blond

Tabac Blond is a feminine perfume by Caron. The scent was launched in 1919 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ernest Daltroff. The bottle was designed by Félicie Bergaud

Tabac Blond fragrance notes

Reviews of Tabac Blond

My ultimate unobtainium. I love this fragrance so much it hurts because, of course, it is the vintage, rare-as-hens-teeth extrait which makes my heart sing. I care not one whit for the current version (which should be called, as one perfumista noted, Tabac Bland). But the vintage--holy moly--what a gorgeous thing, and tailored so wondrously to my own particular tastes. Tobacco, smoke, and leather, all drifting by in a wondrously warm and woody cloud of scent. Sophistication, sex, and rebelliousness all rolled into one. I have owned two small bottles, the contents of which I doled out in the most minute and careful dribs and drabs. And if I had a cool thousand to toss aside without a thought, I'd go online and snatch up the biggest bottle I could find and wear it mindlessly, while sending out my servants to gather up another bottle. And another. Ad infinitum.
09th August, 2018
Vintage cologne...

I had not smelled this in 28 years. At first spray, I remembered what I loved about this. I wore this sparingly, only at night, when I was younger. Now, I would wear this any time, with abandon.

The first blast I immediately smelled carnation, tobacco, and leather. Rich, smoky, and dark. After some moments iris and mild vetiver kick in.

When she settles on my skin I get smooth musk, a hint of vanilla, warm patchouli; earthy, dusky, ambergris and oak moss accords. I am enjoying this trip down memory, with this sample I've been given. What a fine masterpiece Tabac Blond "was". I write was, for I have not tried any modern, more recent versions. I doubt I will. I cannot imagine it is better than this.
05th April, 2018
Caron Tabac Blond Eau De Cologne Vintage

With all the wonderful praises of the EDP and Parfum I expected to be wow-ed by this. I have been, however it is in quiet contemplation of the structure, balance and non linear composition.
This opens with a splash of the Peppery Aspect of Carnation. Camphour of the same is subdued. Citric or Acid are minimal. Sugar, of which there is a careful balance, is counterpointed by a tannin, perhaps the Lime Blossom.
The scent takes on the Leather aspect of comparable perfumes,in my memory and direct comparison, to first Shalimar without the Guerlain-ade,Habit Rouge without the Incense,the Vibrant Contemporary lipstick of Cuir Cannage and the Godet Cuir de Russie with a little oomph and sexiness. Deep down is a little growl not unlike the Leather of the earliest Bel Ami.
A petroleum lilt is provided which I would guess would be Jasmine.
Iris is blended delicately and provides(for me) a gentle rigidity beautiful and I suspect a waxiness in background, which then blends with Vanilla to provide a semi-dry Talc in drying. I feel the light breeze of Ambergris and volume-nizing of the Oakmoss. Castoreum?
Is that what makes this so smooth and comfortable on my Masculine skin?
In spite of the Eau strength, I have, a three hour longevity, with a beautiful dry Tobacco nuanced accord and non-stuffy powder.
Although I pick up no smokiness in the scent proper, I played, by applying a light spray of a very smokey, linear Contemporary scent, to one of my girly's Leather jackets,(I'll pay for that later)sniffed and was brought back to moments of High School 70's and friends, who were girls.
At 15, as like most,I a boy, viewed girls, largely from a position clouded by sexual desire.
A girl wearing the Caron, smoking heavily, wearing glossy Lipstick and perhaps a Leather Jacket, the Caron would have added an intoxicating, "Womanly" scent to the mix. That would have had me... tormented.

Vintage Extrait

Ah Yum! The Feminine Knize Ten. Halo of scent that is sumptuous, with the sliver of Leather Whip. While the Cologne suggests fetish, with this I can hear the snap and feel the sting.

Contemporary Perfume.
While pleasant and balanced it carries little of the drama of the Vintage.There is an overall accord of Clove oil. Leather?
Maybe. Tobacco? Yes, Indonesian perhaps with it's scenting of clove.

On to the Vintage EDT soon.
17th March, 2018 (last edited: 30th March, 2018)
I love this classic scent. This is a perfume with history, rather like Habanita but perhaps with a bit more carnation or clove in it. And like Habanita, I love it.
It sort of smells like the inside of an old leather shaving kit I have....nostalgic, sweet, a bit dusty and spicy.
I love the notes of leather and tobacco that are there but very much in the back of the scent.
At first I get much carnation and clove but if you wait, the floral aspect quiets and then you have a wonderful skin scent.
I totally see why this was so effective in complimenting or covering up the smell of smoking on a woman in the 1920' actually works and goes well with the lingering smell of smoking that will stay on you....
A beautiful scent that has been harmed in reformulation. Most of the Caron reformulations are not done well....if you can, get a vintage sample from TPC and enjoy it. On comparison to the Tabac Blond available to purchase today, there is no contest. Go for the vintage perfume or EDP.
03rd April, 2016 (last edited: 26th June, 2016)
Much has been written about the differences between the vintage and modern reformulation of Tabac Blond. This is a review of the current extrait, which - if not identical to its predecessor - is a beautiful fragrance in its own right. It smells very much like Habanita to me, albeit with more tobacco in the opening; in the drydown, they are almost identical twins to my nose.

Note: I'm editing this review of the current extrait because I just received a 1940 sealed bottle of Tabac Blond extrait, and the differences between them are striking. The vintage perfume is every bit the "angular, dykey leather" that Luca Turin says it is - it's one of the best leather-and-tobocco scents I've ever smelled. The opening is sharp, distinctive, in-your-face, and its floral notes provide a muted backdrop for the atmospheric top and heart notes. It's exquisite, a masterpiece of the perfumer's art.

The current extrait, by comparison, is more about the florals, with leather and tobacco subdued; some people will like it better than vintage, for that very reason. The Tabac Blond DNA is there, but in a very polite and genteel form. It's quite beautiful, but missing key elements in its character.
02nd October, 2015 (last edited: 20th July, 2018)
Words fail me...

What an incredible masterpiece this is! Like gold or pearl necklaces, and dresses made from finest black velvet. This is a perfume which has to be not smelled but rather experienced!

Tabac Blond (I'm reviewing the Eau de Parfum here) was released in 1919 (same time as the legendary Mitsouko by Guerlain) as a perfume for women who smoked! It was a revolutionary concept, and also a revolutionary perfume in many ways because firstly, it was the first time that leather had been used in a woman's perfume and secondly, this was one of the very first tobacco fragrances! I think it's more revolutionary than Mitsouko though.

It's a hard one to explain but I'll try to. What you get is dry, soft tobacco, like the paper which lines a pack of cigarettes, rather than the cigarettes themselves. Spicy carnation dominates, along with a gorgeous leather-iris combination and a hint of animalic notes. Damp cedarwood and dry, dark vanilla mixed with creamy ylang-ylang complete the base.

This is unlike anything I've tried in a very long time. When I smell this I get two images, elegant balls and women dressed in black with white gloves and cigarette holders, marble floored ball rooms and the golden aura from crystal chandeliers. The other image I get is the women of the 1920's, androgynous women (this was reportedly a favourite of Marlene Dietrich). I don't get "flapper" or "loose woman" out of this. I get "rich woman who smokes"... and yes it's a lot like the smell of makeup and tobacco but at the same time is so deep and luxurious that it really deserves a few tries to really see the elegance in it. It really gives of an aura of gold and black and luxury. I can't explain any better than that. If you can, please try and experience this. A legendary perfume.
12th August, 2014

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