Nuit de Nol (1922)
    by Caron

    Nuit de Nol Fragrance notes

    Jasmine, Saxon moss, Amber

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    When I first exposed myself to this scent, it was in the form of the original parfum strength - and I never smelled a viler scent in my life. Take a tweed coat and a fur coat and throw them on a bonfire and then inhale deeply. The very worst thing I'd ever smelled that came out of a bottle.

    The reformulation that is now available is a much toned down affair - this is now just a "very nice chypre," the sort of thing you would give a beginner to sniff and wear to introduce him or her to the chypre scent. Neither bad nor good, just acceptable.

    I never understood how the original sold - or how it got that absurd name - Xmas Night should smell like pine, leather, vanilla, berries - not like a bonfire gone wrong.

    22 April, 2013

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    This is a review of the extrait.

    I find it wonderful, a powdery chypre with a big shot of carnation and jasmine. The clove feels like an extension of the carnation, and the subtle woodiness (I would never have guessed it was supposed to be pine) feels like like a subtle woodiness that's part of the chypre structure.

    Like many of the Caron extraits, Nuit De Noel has that specific temperamental quirk where the powder note is strong enough to knock out your nose almost instantly, so it's quite easy to put on too much and run around thinking you smell of lovely subtle flowers while unknowingly choking everyone around you with monumental sneezy powder sillage. I prefer to dab on a single drop. Then, the wonderful flowers and woody greens may be a bit more in the background, but the powdery old-school aldehydes give it a wonderful depth and I feel like I'm smelling the whole thing.

    22 December, 2012

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    There was a television commercial for make-up that aired when I was young. It tried to sell the viewer on the notion that nobody would even know you were wearing make-up! Not too bright, I took this to mean that make-up did nothing whatsoever. I thought if nobody notices, why wear it? To this day, Ive never understood make-up.

    Nuit de Noel strikes me similarly. It smells identifiably perfumey yet on the level of perfume, it comes off as forcefully non-descript----intentionally under-recognizable. It is a soft chypre, soft like a seat-cushion filled with marshmallows. It doesnt evolve over time so much as it fades into the skin. Once on the skin, though, it doesnt disappear. It gives the impression of of something ostensibly hidden but easily found. Its the person playing hide and seek who heads for the nearest tree, then hides behind it, peaking out often to see whats happening.

    Low wattage, low sillage, if you close your eyes, it might smell like either a tiny spritz of perfume or a whole lot of make-up. Great for a man if youre willing to accept the implication.

    30th November, 2012

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    My father gave my mother Nuit de Noel every year for her birthday. I bought the parfume and the toilet water. I am told that they are not made the way it used to be. I remember putting it on when I was 17 & probably over did it, as it lasted for hours.
    I no longer find that the case, as I can use either the parfume or the toilet water & neither one of them last for very long. I would love some comments on this.

    11th June, 2012

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    Not all Caron fragrances are masterpieces but they all share one very important characteristic: They are totally unpretentious. Nuit de Nol may not be the most spectacular EDT available but it is quite pleasant. And since it is not very popular nowadays, those who can wear it well can really make a statement. NdN cannot be compared to anything else on the market now except maybe some early 20's fragrances such as Chanel No5 (although very remotely). I just don't get the name though. My mother wore NdN a few times on Christmas Eve (as a conversation piece, essentially) but I cannot say that I find it particularly christmassy. To me, a fragrance with a Christmas theme should include notes such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, orange peels, spruce, hot buttered rum or gingerbread. NdN has no such notes in it's olfactive pyramid:

    Top notes : ylang-ylang, tincture of rose and jasmine
    Middle notes: sandalwood and oak moss
    Base notes: musk and amber

    Nuit de Nol is a simple yet quite pleasant fragrance and I think it deserves a little more credit. I am glad most of us here gave it a good review!

    24 December, 2011

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    Chypre is my favorite type of fragrance, and I consider myself fortunate because, no matter the variances of note construction the first, middle, and last thing I smell of a good chypre is chypre. I dont much of an opening, I get a bit of jasmine, some aldehydes, some woods, a significant animalic vibration, and some moss: What I get is 100% chypre: This one is the of the brightest, chypres Ive tested. I think the brightness is caused by aldehydes of the opening and the ylang of the heartnotes. The result is a soft, delicate warm with a gentle sillage, bright florals, distant woods, and most definitely chypre.

    Nuit de Noel doesnt smell like Christmas to me. OK, its brightness and softness fit, but the individual notes arent of a generic Christmas venue. It smells to me like chypre, and its an excellent one.

    09 January, 2011

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