Acaciosa (1929)
    by Caron

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    Acaciosa is a women's fragrance by Caron. The scent was launched in 1929 and the bottle was designed by Félicie Bergaud

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    Austria Austria

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    I agree with so many things said here by the previous reviewers. First of all, I can smell the pineapple clearly as a note at times. To my perception, Acaciosa is mostly that special candied jasmine that many have described as Caron's type of jasmine (contrary to indolic... I'm more on the dirty side with my taste) with pineapple and maybe the ylang-ylang being a big helper here as well.
    I agree very much with BayKAT with regard to the mood. This is bright, sweet, fruity... like an escape to a tropical island. It lifts your mood and is simply fun to wear.
    I also agree with Mimi Gardenia and I can see that Joy vibe in Acaciosa as well.
    In a nutshell, Acaciosa is a high quality fountain extrait from Caron, linear in progression, very fruity, bright, very sweet (too much for myself), thick ( yes, honeyed, is a good word here, too.).
    The drydown, some hours into your wearing, reveals what Acaciosa was meant to be... a variation of the preceding Pois de Senteur Chez Moi. They even shared the bottle design in their original presentation.
    Maybe spot-on for a grey, wet and cold winter day, where nothing seems more tempting than a tropical island and exotic drinks served under a palm tree. Order a Piña Colada and dab yourself with Acaciosa!

    18th August, 2011

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    England England

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    This is a delightfully smooth, creamy, warm floral. l get a syrupy, slightly musty sweetness from the candied pineapple in the opening, then honeyed, powdery florals. There's a little lily of the valley, & a restrained jasmine that's not at all green. The rose isn't obvious to me. After about 40 minutes the white florals become very clean & soapy, which l like, & after 2 hours there's a soft, woodsy, sweet amber. lt all stays beautifully warm & creamy, the sillage is good, & it lasts an astonishing 10 hours on my skin.
    My sample was sent by a generous basenoter, but unfortunately leaked in transit, so l only have a tiny amount left. l feel the need to spend more time with this fragrance, so l plan to try & get a decant at some point. l think it could be love!

    13th February, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Acaciosa is truly a grand diva of classic French parfumerie, and, as befits a diva, it is rare, precious, and beautiful. As far as I know, it is only available in parfum or extrait from a Caron boutique, but well worth the effort of the quest for the chosen few who appreciate the extravagance of the landmark Modernist scents.

    The name is a bit misleading, in as much as it suggests acacia; but no cassie or mimosa is to be found here. (Caron does, however, have a fabulous acacia fragrance, Farnesiana.) Instead, this is a glorious floral melange with jasmine the most prominent note. I don't detect the pineapple specifically, but I would imagine it could be the note that makes the blend so very difficult to describe. Amber is prominent among the various base notes, which include sandalwood and vanilla, and gives Acaciosa an almost--but not quite--floral oriental quality. All and all, it smells like nothing else I have ever encountered.

    After the first overwhelming olfactory blast, so typical of Caron fragrances, Acaciosa dries down into a sensual bouquet with wonderful sillage. It is amazingly enduring as well. (The small amount I had on my wrist soaked into gel wrist support for my computer keyboard, which in turn imparted the fragrance back onto my wrist for nearly a week.)

    It is not an everyday fragrance, nor is it for the faint of heart--but neither are grand divas.

    11th September, 2010

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    United States United States

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    A big thank you to Mysticknot, who graciously helped me in my quest to try all Carons by providing a generous sample :-)

    Because I don't see the notes listed, here they are: rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom, ylang ylang, pineapple, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk

    Blame it on just returning from Maui, but i do detect the pinapple here, and it is delightfully crisp and mouth watering. I've read that pineapple contains an ingredient that is supposed to help with depression. Indeed, whenever I am anxious i tend to crave it. How interesting that this note caught the perfumer's nose in 1924, which was firmly in the grip of the optomistic, sky is the limit, roaring 20's.

    This is a happy scent. It is also one of the few (the first for me, actually) Caron's that opens pleasantly from the first spritz; there is no wait time while it develops. During the dry down this does get sweeter, channeling that aspect of the twenty's where people had too much of a good thing. Like others have said, it is a bit pungent, which works here by holding the jasmine at bay. This is another star on the Caron 'how did we do this week' sheet.

    03rd May, 2010

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    Canada Canada

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    On my skin, at least, Acaciosa is a beautiful flower that emerges from a homely bud. The top notes are rather acidic, aldehydic, waxy, and little stagnant in a musty, fruity way, akin to candied peel but much less sweet. The pineapple here is preserved, rather than fresh.

    That this is a largely floral composition isn't immediately apparent, and in fact it takes a good hour on my skin before the richly floral heart emerges in all its glory. Jasmine and orange flower take the lead here, rose more of a background player, all suspended in a dusky, resinous amber accord. Rather than something intense and tropical, as white floral accords are liable to be, Acaciosa is mellow and golden, a poem of autumnal flowers just beginning to fade, tinted by just the faintest hint of animal warmth.

    Though the sillage is comparatively subtle for a parfum, this lasts and lasts, the flowers gradually fading out a day later to leave a soft vanillic amber.

    Acasiosa is definitely a hidden gem among the urn parfums. I don't know what it was before the current string of reformulations, but it's still unique among the panoply of florals out there.

    01st May, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Acaciosa is an absolute JOY to wear. The immediate thought that come to mind is JOY - joy in the sense of the word and Joy as in Jean Patou's Joy in vintage extrait. It has that classic combo of jasmine and rose in it. I do not really detect much pineapple in it . It has less civet if any compared ,to jean Patou's Joy and I think that is the main difference to me. Easier to wear than Joy itself . It's rich ,decandent , smells ' old world' ,definitely a qualtiy perfume as only Caron can make. I love you Acaciosa !
    ( A blind buy for me - that much faith in Caron ! )

    12th April, 2010

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