Montaigne (1986)
    by Caron

    Montaigne Fragrance notes

    Coriander, Mimosa, Vanilla

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    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
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    This is an ideal scent for gifting a young lady in her late teens or early twenties. It is exuberant, cheerful and confident.

    The fruity mandarin and blackcurrant float over tuberose, jasmine and mimose, supported by coriander, vanilla and sandalwood.

    Although much too fruity for my tastes, I can still objectively rate Montaigne as a marvelous Caron creation for the very young and young in heart.

    16 April, 2013

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    There is - after a boisterous opening - a steady stream of perfume that reminds me of vintages. Full, even, long lasting. I am not good at describing notes, but a warm haystack comes to mind. It gets better and better as it dries down.

    Thumbs up for a classy perfume.

    23 March, 2012 (Last Edited: 01st April, 2012)

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    Canada Canada

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    Exhuberant. Quite loud. Opens with rich fruits and then switches over to florals, I get a lot of tuberose over a vanilla base. This is the EdP. The parfum on the other hand plays out the same way, but is more luscious and quiet. I adore Caron and must eat crow having villified the house and Richard Fraysse since I loathed Parfum Sacre and was totally baffled how Tabac Blond could be interpreted as a leather. But Infini? Sweet mother of God how lovely! Montaigne? Pure cheerfulness. I love that Caron still offers so many of their scents in extrait, that alone, is very vintage. I think they beat Guerlain hands down. I don't see me reaching for Montaigne too too often, but I'm glad I have it. Infini is my go to Holy Grail . . . so far. I am now on a mission to try them all.

    15 March, 2012

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    Singapore Singapore

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    A few minutes alone with Caron MONTAIGNE (edp) is time enough to convince me I am in the presence of a stunning beauty. While many floral orientals tend to go heavy on the syrupy sweetness, Caron has managed to keep the saccharine base to more tasteful levels, allowing the heart of the fragrance to blossom in all its splendor.

    It makes me smile and I'm not even sure why. There is this certain joie de vivre about this Caron that simply lifts my spirit. Not unlike a secret joke shared between friends with a wink or a knowing smile. The barely concealed tension between powdery and lush floral accords is the cherry on the cake or if one is so inclined to think, the glossy red smacker that leaves a gentleman bewitched, bothered...and bewildered.

    12 September, 2011

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    Vietnam Vietnam

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    I love it! In fact, I really really love it!!!
    I can't tell if there's mimosa or narcissus in the composition (I know, I'm no expert!) but to me, it's one of the best floral orientals I've tried.
    Montaigne is heady, indolic and creamy as everybody has stated. It started a little spicy and slightly bitter at first, then settles down in a sweet,warm and creamy base.I find the scent plush and sunny. Very French and old-fashioned.
    I tend to wear Montaigne a lot in winter because it cheeers me up, as if the sky was not so grey any more, the weather no longer gloomy and like I was walking on a carpet of yellow flower petals! If I wear Montaigne on warm days, I feel like the sunshine started to be collected around me and the atmosphere started to shimmer! I think it's drop-dead beautiful!

    29 August, 2011

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    GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL, DIVINE! The opulence of this is second to none. Thumbs, way, WAY up on this classic!

    04 January, 2011

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