Must de Cartier (1981)
    by Cartier

    Must de Cartier Fragrance Notes

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    Canada Canada

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    It's sharp bitter galbanum at first, almost too much so but quickly dries down to a beautiful woody, amber and vanilla but not sickly sweet, it's a masterful vanilla. :) It has a lovely warmth all the way through.

    To me, it does not smell like CK Obsession (which I love as well). There is NO spice in Must, none. It's also sharper and has leather. It's in the same class and is ambery like Obsession, that's where the similarities stop.

    06 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 13 December, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    I've owned both the vintage and the current formulation, and I can't recommend the newer version. The vintage opens soft and velvety and continues to deepen as it evolves. The reformulation is sharp, citrusy, and then settles into something that resembles the vintage notes. Overall, the newer one lacks depth. Go vintage!

    A complex fragrance, so smoothly blended that I can't pick out individual notes. The woodiness is balanced by the florals, and the earthy base keeps it warm, subtle, and sensuous. Great sillage and longevity (over 12 hours)

    04 December, 2013

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    Argentina Argentina

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    Is it too fem for men to wear it?

    First: yes, it is true. It smells like CK's Obsession for women.

    Second: yes, it is somehow different. Why? No idea. At first smell, it is not so brash, less bold, more complex, you name it, than CK's. Now, just compare Calvin Klein and Cartier, make up for qualities associated with these brands and you will find enough reasons to conclude that C is much better than CK. In terms of fragrances I cannot attest as to how true this is, I am in no mood, nor have the resources for conducting a blind product test that would, in a conclusive fashion, tell us if this is so or not. In the meantime, take my word (or bash it, feel free to do it) C's Must feels better than CK's Obsession.

    Now, let's go to the point...

    "Dear Basenoters, can Must de Cartier for Women be worn by men?"

    - Indeed, ol' chap! Wear what you want, just make sure you feel comfortable. Cheer-ohs!

    - Of course not, are you **** out of your mind!!! There are some notes in Must's blend that are widely used in women's perfumes that will make you feel you are in drag, unless you like that, which is 100 % fine if your are happy with zat.

    - Of course you can, just make sure to layer it with some patchouli, dude. Peace and love...

    - Yap, you can layer it with some old fashioned musk - not Galaxolide, please. It does not mix well with Bvlgari Black (which, BTW, is my Galaxolide heaven).

    - Apply it two hourse before leaving home, the drydown is heaven. Besides, your maid will thank you for she won't have to air the rooms. Must will do it for her.

    - Did you try layerin git with Men's Must?

    Whatever. I enjoy it. No I did not try to layer it with Men's Must. But the rest of the suggestions did work fine.

    Said drag? Sorry, not my cup o'tea. But it does feel like it... sometimes, ehem.

    Pros: Not at all...
    Cons: Yes, it is...

    09 June, 2013

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    England England

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    To my nose, the opening is a very retro-style bergamot-aldehyde combo, & as it smooths out, it is very Shalimar-like in feel, with orange replacing the lemon. There's a little spice, a little wood, some sweet amber & a subtle touch of civet in the heart. After an hour, the vanilla & tonka bean add more sweetness, & it dries down to a sweet, musky-woody base. The projection is very low, but it lasts a good nine hours overall.
    Some reviews compare this to Obsession, & l get the similarity, but to me this is much lighter even than the Sheer version. l also don't get the chocolate note at all. A very nice, warm oriental though, if a little quiet for my taste.

    23 November, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    To me one of the most hieroglyphical fragrances of the worldwide panorama, dusty, powdery -milky, orangy, fruity, musky, woody,  unisex, womanly, boah! I don't know exactly. I finally smell a musky-galbanum and woody base, with some fruits (mostly orange) and florals around, a notable vetiver (you can catch it since the first blast, coming from the background) and a touch of balsams in the composition. I read some reviewers  writing that Must is a sexy juice commanding respect, well, i humbly disagree. The fragrance is indeed well crafted for sure, it's definitely balanced but a bit too faint and evanescent in the sense of being unable to impress the people around and to impose its presence with boldness and autority. Must is subtle but not strictly refined, is enveloping in its molecular swirling and slightly dusty aura but is not " terrific" in lushness and dreadful elegance. The last part of the development is delicately musky-rosey with minimal patterns of fruit. Neither bad but nor sumptuous.

    04 June, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    Finding this fragrance was a true God-send. Where I live, Must de Cartier is pretty much unheard of, in fact the name Cartier barely registers as being a fragrance house. A lot of people think that Cartier only makes jewellery.

    From what I have delighted in, Cartier is an amazing perfume house. Must de Cartier is my favourite so far.

    Classic yet extremely unique, Must de Cartier can be compared to the likes of Cacharel Eden, Gucci Rush and Rochas Byzance. As you may have gathered from the perfumes I compared it to, this fragrance is a love it or hate it.

    Must de Cartier is so very complex in its composition. It tends to be rather heavy and very 80's in its approach. Initially, Must de Cartier goes on very oriental with an ambery spiciness mixed with exotic fruits. I usually detest pineapple in fragrances, however in Must de Cartier the pineapple note is divinely beautiful.

    In the heart, this fragrance becomes rather powdery, a scent that I find resembles cosmetics. I smell vintage lipstick, perfumed face powder and inky eyeliner. A strange concoction, which is strangely appealing at the same time.

    I picture a dramatic woman when I smell Must de Cartier. She's the kind of lady that decks herself out in diamonds every day, wears intensely coloured clothes, high heel shoes and has perfectly manicured nails. Essentially, Must de Cartier is the kind of fragrance that would suit a much older me. At the age that I am now, Must de Cartier would feel wrong, however in the next fifteen or so years, this fragrance would suit me well.

    This fragrance is so well balanced. The combination of spiciness, powderiness and vanillary amber is beyond words. I could praise this fragrance for at least another 1,000 words, however I wouldn't want to bore you all to tears.

    Getting back to the important aspects; Must de Cartier has bold sillage and commendable lasting power. All I can conclude with is my strong desire to have everyone test this fragrance, especially now seeming that it is still relatively easy to find. You may be disappointed if you leave it too long, as I fear that a discontinuation of this fragrance may be on the cards.

    22 March, 2012

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