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Robe d'Un Soir (original) (1947)
by Carven


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Year of Launch1947
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Parent CompanyArco International

About Robe d'Un Soir (original)

Robe d'Un Soir (original) is a feminine perfume by Carven. The scent was launched in 1947

Reviews of Robe d'Un Soir (original)

A heavy, rich, warm floral chypre with an underlying potpourri sweetness, which is an alternate take on the classic Millot CREPE DE CHINE.

In this however the rich Rose de Mai floats above the base.

Promqueen below indicates all the notes involved. Like all the "takes" on CREPE DE CHINE by Schiaparelli, D'Albret, Faberge, Lelong, Ciro, Charbert, Balenciaga [they all had a try at copying this scent which dates from the 16th century], it can't help but delight.

Too bad this once extremely popular floral chypre type has died out. I haven't been able to find a single example produced after 1960. Out of fashion and only found in vintage scents. Too bad!
25th March, 2014
Wow. This is one of the most beautiful perfumes I've smelled. I own a small bottle of the vintage pure perfume, and I am very struck by the refinement and gorgeousness of this scent. This is a subtly sweet, powdery, woody scent. The aldehydes are mercifully minimal and subtle, but still there, enhancing the beauty and elegance of the notes. This reminds me very much of vintage Sortilege, but I think this is somehow more beautiful. I will need to do a side by side comparison. Glorious!
28th April, 2013
Like promqueen I adore this fragrance. I've never had any better scent (and everyone who smelled me, loved it). How come they discontinue such a winner? Any suggestions?
08th August, 2012
I'm not sure if I am sampling the newer or older version, but the bottle looks old. This opens with light-hearted perfumey aldehydes and is a light but very nicely balanced floral..maybe hyacinth? lilac? There is a whisper of slightly edible mandarin. Then delicious cream. It is a rich scent...but it seems to want to convey "spring morning elegance". The blending is beautiful...I'm impressed.
28th July, 2010
This is best juice I have ever used-bar none. It is my signature scent, and I have been wearing it since my Dad brought me home a bottle of the EDC from France, when I was 14. I am now in my 50's and wear the perfume, and people always say "WHAT are you wearing??-it smells awesome!" It starts out powdery, but dries down into a light, yet rich and distinctive woody note, unlike any other wood I have ever smelled. I use the original 1947 edition that comes in the green and white package. Unfortunately, it has now been discontinued. I do know it has a note of jonquil in it. Unique, original and elegant without being heavy-the perfect perfume.

Occasionally, it pops up on eBay, but otherwise, if you want to find some, GOOD LUCK! The newer formulation is not the same.

Ingredients: aldehyde, bergamot, mandarin, neroli, peach, carnation, jasmine, lily, orris root,
may rose, ylang-ylang, amber, benzoin, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla,
and vetiver.

For the original, two thumbs, WAY WAY up.
10th November, 2009 (last edited: 05th February, 2015)

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