Deneuve (1986)
    by Catherine Deneuve

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    Why was this wonderful fragrance discontinued? It was a wonderful woodsy floral, a little heavy on the woodsy, that I wore in the late 80s and always got compliments on. It stayed around for the long haul, but I never got any criticism on this. Wish they would bring this lovely fragrance back.

    05 September, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I often give a thumbs up if I believe a perfume does a good job as it is intended, even if it is not my own personal style. This one is a thumbs up AND my style. It opens in a beautiful florist shop green bouquet..very natural smelling. Then it is mostly a dry mossy musk. DRY MOSSY MUSK!!!! (I've never really encountered it.) The flowers are don't really sense them, but as soft jasmine-rose presence. It is elegant, and classically french. My only complaint is it is quiet. It never sings out. I admire that, but also like a little bravado at some point in a fragrance.

    15 November, 2010

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    Bon Vivant to Mme Deneuve for this Lovely
    Perfume this fragrance brings out her Personalty Cool refined elegant worldly
    sophisticated and French.
    Mrs Deneuve the Legendary screen goddess
    released her only fragrance Deneuve in 1986 the top notes first applied to my skin is an hearty note of greens crisp and bright with the coolly sophistication of Aldehyde; the heart notes dries to a scent of dry muguet
    Rose for an Powdery texture and grounded
    Orris for an earthy feel.

    I do smell a pervasive amount of Jasmine
    but the drydown is a bit oily but nice
    with Warm dry Sandalwood with a deep
    woodsy note of Oak moss musk for an masculine appeal and civet which i don't
    think it should be in this perfume but it is.

    I love Catherine Deneuve she brings French Elegance and Womanhood to the screen.

    09 October, 2010

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    I bought the Long Lost Perfume version (Irma Shorell), called Cannes. I really enjoy it. It's a green chypre, but rather light and delicate, actually, with a soft leather drydown. Very subtle and elegant.

    02 August, 2010

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    Many years ago, I owned a bottle of the Eau de Toilette.
    It seemed soft and flowery with a hint of greens in it but my co-worker suddenly remarked, "What smells like a fire here?"
    Unfortunately, this limited the use to private occasions.

    04 February, 2010

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    Fizzy fern smelling on top, this is a green floral semi-chypre. I thought it must contain carnation or clove but none is listed however the florals are peppery and heavily spiced. It is a little woody dry and herbal, as well- The base continues the green feeling with "moss" and animal hints of musk and civet. Golden aldehydes soften the edges but not much. Chic and elegant.

    27 September, 2008

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