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Bois des Īles Parfum (1926)
by Chanel


Bois des Īles Parfum information

Year of Launch1926
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerErnest Beaux
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Bois des Īles Parfum

One of several Chanel scents available exclusively in Chanel boutiques.

Reviews of Bois des Īles Parfum

A lovely fragrance in its own right. For me it comes off as a gentle floral with a slightly sour or bitter, wood accord (which isn't a bad thing). It has a mellow base which lasts on my skin.
04th March, 2018
(When I can smell this) it smells like I have died and gone to the most beautiful spicy, creamy sandalwood heaven! The ylang ylang and sandalwood combo put me into some kind of wondrous stupor from which it is doubtful I will ever return. Bois des Iles is utterly delicious and delicate and reveals a vintage Chanel's typically smooth sophistication. Unfortunately though (and this is a large drawback for me), I can barely smell it. I even bought the parfum in hopes of gaining some kind of projection and/or longevity, but no such luck. I am genuinely sad about this because I can envision wearing BdI as a signature scent of sorts, if only I didn't have to huff like a maniac to catch even a whiff of its gorgeousness. :-(

I have to give it a thumbs up for its sheer beauty, with an emphasis on 'sheer.'

Edit: Just received a vintage bottle of the parfum and am swooning over its even dreamier, woody beauty. This also has enough depth and projection to keep me in a happy daze for quite some time. Smells like true love!
02nd October, 2017 (last edited: 15th February, 2019)
A classic aldehydic fragrance with themes of vintage Chanel. Not overly sweet or floral, it is a balance of Ylang Ylang and vetiver. It doesn't come across as a floral despite the Rose and Jasmine notes. This smells classy and an Evening formal scent.
24th August, 2017
Bois des Iles the best sandalwood fragrance I've smelled, and one of the best fragrances I've experienced, period. There are aldehydes, florals, and semi-sweet fruit and spice notes in the opening - but they're so well blended that it's nearly impossible to pick them apart from the perfectly harmonious whole. There's an unbelievable sensation of smoothness.

The accord morphs fairly quickly into a surprisingly direct sandalwood phase. The florals recede, and we're left with a semi-dry, somewhat powdery sandalwood note. It's glorious. So many sandalwood scents bury the note with fillers and try too hard to augment some facet of the note, with often unfortunate results. For that reason, I've been underwhelmed by most sandalwood scents I've tried. Bois des Iles lets the sandalwood augment the character of the rest of the accord, instead of the other way around. The sheer quality of ingredients here is what makes that approach work. Few scents in this price range are so clearly worth their price.

Men and women can easily wear it. Quality is top notch. It's unique, yet extremely comfortable to wear. People love it. Outstanding.
03rd March, 2017
I blind bought a decant of this when I just started learning about fragrances. It wasn't a big leap of faith; I have worn and loved Chanel No.5 since my mid teens, and I had just smelled and fallen for Egoiste in my local perfumery, so when I read some reviews saying Bois des Iles lies somewhere between those two, I was pretty convinced I would love this fragrance.

Upon trying this-perhaps due to those reviews- this is exactly what I got: something halfway between Egoiste and No. 5. Absolutely lovely, but at that stage I was wondering if my very limited fragrance collection was in need of something that, at the time, seemed a subtle variation on what I already had rather than a distinctly different fragrance.

Well, 2 months later, I changed my mind. I have been gently, but firmly won over by this scent. The more I smell it, the more I see its resemblance to its offspring Egoiste. However, the differences have also become increasingly apparent.

Let's compare them both to food.

Egoiste is the most delicious slice of cake at you favorite local bakery. It's an excellent bakery, that uses only the highest quality organic ingredients. The resulting product is sweet, rich, and warm, yet light and perfectly balanced, like a clear golden brown syrup infused with woody spices. It's the kind of delicacy that you treat your friends to when they're in town, and something you come back for time and time again.

Bois des Iles is that same cake, but made by a 3 Michelin star chef. It's a cake, but it's so much more. It's much more subtle and far more complex. The same sweet woody spices are treated with a lighter hand here, and they have been delicately layered with fragrant florals and a hint of the richest cream. It's at the same time more restrained and more surprising to the palate, both familiar and distinctive. It's the kind of desert that brings tears to your eyes when you eat it, because it is such an expression of skill and beauty.

Needless to say that I have now fully realized that I need a full bottle of this pronto, and that having both Egoiste and Bois des Iles in my very small collection is absolutely necessary.

I think this is an excellent fall/winter fragrance, but I'll probably wear this just as happily in hot weather.

If you are interested in this fragrance, but don't have easy access to a vendor to test it, try Egoiste and try No. 5. If you love both of these, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll love this with a passion!

It has a subtle sillage, and moderate longevity.

11th October, 2016
This is for review is for the vintage EDT!

Bois Des Iles is a wonderful Sandalwood fragrance. It is marketed for women but it is very much unisex. I get a blast of sandalwood off top with some floral arrangements & that beautiful woody/ginger cookie note.

This could ALMOST be gourmand but it falls short. It is delicious & wonderful in spring & fall weather. I personally think it is to thin to wear in winter. Much better options for that.

A draw back is that the lasting power is only around 5 hours or so... Not good considering the soaring prices for the vintage juice. The new version is still good, but lasting power is about the same, tho I would say, if you can live without the vintage juice & its real use of sandalwood, than by all means get the new version because it is a better option for your money as you will get more juice.

This is a classic for sure.
27th June, 2016

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