Bois des Îles (1926)
    by Chanel

    Bois des Îles Fragrance notes

    Jasmine, Damask Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Bitter Almond, Gingerbread, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Vetiver

    Bois des Îles information

    One of several Chanel scents available exclusively in Chanel boutiques.

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    One of my favourite Chanel's ever. Simply marvellous! So great and timeless. I enjoyed Luca Turin's review in his Guide, I feel quite the same. Perfect for men too. Won't try to convince you or describe it – just try it, at least once in your life!


    18 April, 2014

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    England England

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    This is a fragrance of creamy woods, from start to finish. ln the opening l get a slightly "off" note, which may just be the way my nose interprets the aldehydes. After half an hour, though, this note subsides, leaving a sublimely creamy, sweet sandalwood, with just a touch of spice. Any floral notes are extremely subtle here. There is a rather edible, biscuit-like accord in the base, & perhaps a whiff of incense. The whole thing is very soft, but lasts a good ten hours on me.
    l can see why this fragrance gets such high praise around here; it's possibly the loveliest, purest sandalwood l have smelled anywhere. What frustrates me is the lack of any real projection, even when spraying from an atomiser. Perhaps the parfum might satisfy me more, but at the moment l don't have the means to try it.

    04 April, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    When you take a look at note breakdown, there are lots of notes in this fragrance but to be honest with you, the scent isn't complicated or complex at all!
    The opening is a semi fresh floral and spicy scent with some sweetness in the background.
    The spices are not that strong and I'm quite sure it's not cinnamon!
    The sweetness is very smooth and almost creamy with touch of white and bright floral notes!
    It's OK and pleasant but there is nothing special about it.
    In the dry down. the spices become weaker and you will get a smooth and light soapy vibe with some florals and some sweetness in the background.
    That's it! the scent will not change on your skin that much and also disappears from skin very quickly!
    Projection is soft and longevity is weak on my skin! I got around 3-4 hours and it's not that great!
    I don't know why people compare this fragrance to "Egoiste" because I can't see any similarities here!
    I had "Chanel Egoiste" for a long time and I know how exactly does it smell like and I'm sure they don't smell the same at all!!
    Chanel Egoiste has a very sharp and strong spicy cinnamon with lots of woods at the start but this one doesn't have cinnamon and woods and it's much weaker against "Egoiste".
    Also the floral note in "Egoiste" clearly is rose which has a masculine aroma, but in this fragrance the floral notes are very light and bright with mostly feminine vibe!
    Also "Egoiste" doesn't smell soapy!
    What's wrong with you guys?!!!!!
    All and all, it's a fragrance right in the middle!
    Nothing really bad about it but nothing too exciting or special about it too!
    You can easily pass this fragrance!

    16 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Perfectly balanced floral melange (rose, jasmine, yang yang) with spices (almond, ginger, cinnamon) over a sandalwood, tonka bean and vetiver base.

    I agree with those who put this on a higher level than Chanel's Egoiste, as I agreed with the idea behind that scent, but not its execution. It was too cloyingly candy fruit sweet and the sandalwood was too dry and harsh. No balance at all.

    Bois des Iles is a perfect achievement - why ever did they even consider Egoiste when they had Bois des Iles already a proven hit?

    10th January, 2014

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    Gary F
    United States United States

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    Lovely Floral

    This is perhaps the most feminine smelling of the "exclusifs" line that I've tried. That is not a criticism, just an observation. The florals are tempered with the usual Chanel richness. I can see why it is so well-loved. Not one of my favorites from this line (like Coromandel, Sycomore, or Eau de Cologne), but not one of my least favorites either (Gardenia, Beige). Well worth a try if you're sampling from this line.

    Pros: Rich Floral textures
    Cons: A Bit Too Feminine For Me

    07 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Masterfully balanced

    The balance of this gorgeous fragrance, top to bottom, is masterful!  The rose in the opening 15 minutes is the first Spring blossom of an Austin Fair Bianca.  Along with the florals, a deft hint of vanilla over the creamy sandalwood result in BdI's dry down being soft and comfortable, yet grounded enough for a man to wear.  

    19 May, 2013

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