No. 19 (1971)
    by Chanel

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    Named after Chanel's birthday (19th August). A sophisticated scent which was created especially for Coco Chanel to use and to give to friends and favourite clients.

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    100ml EdT
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    Fresh, green, unique

    A lovely classic beauty Many years ago I wore this and remember it as being fresh, chilly, and green. I've recently received a bottle as a gift, in EDP formulation, and I'm enjoying the rediscovery of this beauty. Curious how our perceptions change over time. After 5 hours' wear, it's very different from my memories. The sharp bitterness of the opening notes put me off at first, but after 15 or 20 minutes, soft floral notes began to appear and the fragrance settled into a more feminine, less assertive version of the #19 I remember. Iris and rose is predominant, with a touch of powderiness appearing now and again. It's both warm and cool, a seemingly difficult balance to achieve, but this formulation pulls it off beautifully. The woody/mossy basenotes are warming in their effect. A touch of leather, nothing dominant, with the florals still playing their part in the development. The greeness seems to be gone; freshness replaced with earthiness. I think this is one of those go-to frags that can be worn in almost any situation. Sillage is average, longevity very good, about 8 hours. A good unisex fragrance.

    Pros: sharp, greenish, with floral heart., nice woody drydown
    Cons: None"

    20th September, 2013

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    My signature over 30 years

    Since 1983 I have this fragrance and it is always good. Chanel has made some changes in the past 30 years. I found the deodorant and the bodymilk/cream after the changing in 2012 better but it can more better. The longlivety is short and to soft from the bodymilk/cream.

    The EDP is a bit different comparing with the EDT. I do love the EDT more.

    Pros: You can always wear this fragrance
    Cons: expensive (always) "

    30th July, 2013

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    Beautiful, classic fragrance

    Purchased a bottle of the EDP recently. The opening is a burst of earthy green foliage, reminiscent of a lush springtime garden after a downpour of rain. After a while, hints of leather and musk emerge, along with an aura of soft powder, but it never loses the green earthiness that makes this fragrance so memorable.

    20th July, 2013

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    This is one of my favorite January - February scents, it powdery florals combined with a sharp green (ETD version purchased in 2011 has since been reformulated I hear, juice is emerald green) accord and a nice leather to give the scent backbone and keep it from going down soft and ladylike. It's lady like - but this is the scent of the ultimate bitch - the one with money and who knows what she wants.
    It stays with me all day but isn't over powering. It will never make an entrance but I've been told lingers on clothes - and sheets. On my skin it dries down to a nice woody musk. This is by far one of my favorite perfumes for it's ability to both melt into something pleasing on my skin but also for wearability. It is not out of place anywhere - except maybe a nightclub, you might want something more seductive or flirty for that: No 19 is not a flirty, girly, come hither scent it's much more of a "I know what I want and if I want you; I will come and get you" scent.

    28 November, 2012

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    This is my "austere bitch" fragrance. It's sharply green, tailored, smart. I love it in the fall/winter.

    12 September, 2012

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    This is one truly bad fragrance. It smells like dead ladybugs. Anybody who has lived in Southern Ohio in the fall knows what I mean. I received a bottle of this as a gift one Christmas and I think it is still in the bottom of my closet.

    02 September, 2012

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