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Cristalle Eau de Toilette (1974)
by Chanel


Cristalle Eau de Toilette information

Year of Launch1974
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerHenri Robert
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Cristalle Eau de Toilette

A light and fresh scent with notes of rosewood, hyacinth and vetiver.
An Eau de Parfum version was launched in 1993, created by 258s.

Cristalle Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

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Reviews of Cristalle Eau de Toilette

So to me Cristalle EdT is really, really, really good. Lookit: if Cristalle were a drink, I'd have a serious problem. Some years ago I attended a snob party/benefit and the hostess was sporting this scent. I couldn't stand her ass, but I really dug her perfume. Well, go forward in time, and now I am the a-hole wearing Cristalle EdT. Pfft. Whatever. I am fabulous, and I smell crystalline. Bottoms up!
07th November, 2014
Cristalle opens with a delicate and slightly metallic herbal accord comprising several "organic" pungent and natural nuances (basil, mint, grassy notes), citrus notes, fresh and lively white flowers, dry resins, a really subtle vanilla-amber-woody base which provides a light, but at the same time elegant and Oriental warmth embracing the "freshness" of the scent. Honestly initially the oak moss is not that perceivable in my opinion, after a while the only thing I could link to it is a vague greenish-mossy note, humid and slightly dark, but without all the stale earthiness of oak moss. However I was surely not expecting a Puig's Quorum in drag, so no big deal. The name Cristalle perfectly fits this scent, which in fact has a "cristalline" personality, where crystal means transparency, freshness, angular cleanliness, almost an abstract architecture. Clean, understated and geometrical, elegant but somehow a bit anonym and pale (not in a good way: imagine the smell of a "faded" scent), plus with a really short longevity. Interesting, but nothing amazing to me.

26th August, 2014
Genre: Green Floral/Chypre

Aldehydes and citrus are what you get when you apply Cristalle, joined almost immediately by sharp, bitter green notes and a balancing dose of sweet flowers. Cristalle’s components come rushing in at high speed, and arrange themselves with equal haste into a clean, grassy floral heart accord, wrapped in a shimmering cloud of aldehydes and resting on a nutty chypre foundation. The blending of components is exemplary here, so that it soon becomes extremely difficult for me to isolate individual notes.

Cristalle settles into bright green floral chypre territory for several hours, with only moderate projection, but paradoxically persistent sillage. As Cristalle ages it does not so much develop as very slowly fade away, its soft chypre base accord being the last element to exit. Cristalle is one of those cases - like some of the Diptyque scents - where I enjoy the heart accord so much that I’m happy that it remains relatively linear! After spending some time with it, Cristalle impresses me as a very well-made and alluring fragrance in a style well removed from Chanel’s accustomed aldehydic floral manner.
11th June, 2014
A strong, half sweet, half bitter lemon with a mossy dry down, halfway between Borsari's Acqua Classica and Rochas' Monsieur. Very nice, though very simplistic.

It seems the edt came first, then the edp which is darker and denser. The edt is preferred, but hard to find.

Great for summer wear, to be re-applied every few hours.
16th April, 2014
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This French classic is citric, bitter, fresh and green--the perfect fragrance for warm weather and bare skin. It strikes me that this was developed for the woman who doesn't like perfume in the classical sense, but wants something more than an eau de cologne. From the lemon and bergamot opening right through to the rosewood and hyacinth heart to the bitter and earthy basenotes of oakmoss and vetiver, this is a winner. Wearing this, a woman can feel fresh, sporty and modern and yet be squarely in the middle of the great French perfume tradition. A friend of mine who used to smoke wears it--back when she was smoking (which she never did around other people to spare them the smell) she would always have a bottle of Cristalle in her bag and would reapply it regularly throughout the day. I am not sure if the tobacco added to the overall scent but she always smelled GREAT.

I hope that new gereartions of elegant young women keep discovering this gem, which is harder-than-ever to find these days. While I do not wear women's perfume as a rule, this one would easliy work on a man.
15th January, 2014
Like a walk through a wet forest in the spring...

This is a review for the EDT. This fragrance, whilst being a classic, is certainly (not) for everyone!

What hits me upon initial impression is the bitterness of it all. A hit of very citric lemon and oakmoss which stays throughout the life of the fragrance, coupled with a floral dry-down (I'm detecting a little hedione, or Jasmine-like smell). This is very "green" and sparkling, hence the name Cristalle.

It smells very very mossy and lemony acidic, almost giving the impression to me of walking through a forest with the trees and flowers still wet from the spring rain. To me it doesn't exude "freshness" because of the heavy oakmoss vibe, but I can see what other people mean when they describe it that way.

Who would wear this fragrance? Well, anyone who likes "green" or "hesperidic" (i.e. slightly citric) scents... or those who like a little bitterness in their fragrances. On that kind of person it will be a holy grail fragrance. For me, I enjoy it (it's also completely unisex as an EDT), but I can't fit into it so easily.

Overall... is it well made? Yes. Is it a classic? Yes. For everyone? Well, for those who like this type of scent... green, bitter, mossy, damp, citric and sparkling! Like rain dew on flowers and musty, moss-covered tree logs in the forest after a downpour of heavy spring rain. You've done it again Chanel... (to me) this is slightly disturbing, yet unmistakably unique!
21st November, 2013

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