Cristalle Eau de Toilette (1974)
    by Chanel

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    A light and fresh scent with notes of rosewood, hyacinth and vetiver.
    An Eau de Parfum version was launched in 1993, created by 258s.

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    This French classic is citric, bitter, fresh and green--the perfect fragrance for warm weather and bare skin. It strikes me that this was developed for the woman who doesn't like perfume in the classical sense, but wants something more than an eau de cologne. From the lemon and bergamot opening right through to the rosewood and hyacinth heart to the bitter and earthy basenotes of oakmoss and vetiver, this is a winner. Wearing this, a woman can feel fresh, sporty and modern and yet be squarely in the middle of the great French perfume tradition. A friend of mine who used to smoke wears it--back when she was smoking (which she never did around other people to spare them the smell) she would always have a bottle of Cristalle in her bag and would reapply it regularly throughout the day. I am not sure if the tobacco added to the overall scent but she always smelled GREAT.

    I hope that new gereartions of elegant young women keep discovering this gem, which is harder-than-ever to find these days. While I do not wear women's perfume as a rule, this one would easliy work on a man.

    15 January, 2014

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    tempest moon

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    Like a walk through a wet forest in the spring...

    This is a review for the EDT. This fragrance, whilst being a classic, is certainly (not) for everyone!

    What hits me upon initial impression is the bitterness of it all. A hit of very citric lemon and oakmoss which stays throughout the life of the fragrance, coupled with a floral dry-down (I'm detecting a little hedione, or Jasmine-like smell). This is very "green" and sparkling, hence the name Cristalle.

    It smells very very mossy and lemony acidic, almost giving the impression to me of walking through a forest with the trees and flowers still wet from the spring rain. To me it doesn't exude "freshness" because of the heavy oakmoss vibe, but I can see what other people mean when they describe it that way.

    Who would wear this fragrance? Well, anyone who likes "green" or "hesperidic" (i.e. slightly citric) scents... or those who like a little bitterness in their fragrances. On that kind of person it will be a holy grail fragrance. For me, I enjoy it (it's also completely unisex as an EDT), but I can't fit into it so easily.

    Overall... is it well made? Yes. Is it a classic? Yes. For everyone? Well, for those who like this type of scent... green, bitter, mossy, damp, citric and sparkling! Like rain dew on flowers and musty, moss-covered tree logs in the forest after a downpour of heavy spring rain. You've done it again Chanel... (to me) this is slightly disturbing, yet unmistakably unique!

    21st November, 2013

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    Not all it is cracked up to be

    Something here didn't sit well on my skin. Quickly developed a tiresome, sad buttery note. Dense and unappealing. Synthetic peaches?

    05 October, 2013

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    Sippin' Cristalle

    It's no surprise that this fragrance shares a name with the fine Roederer vintage of rapper lore. The pop from opening the bottle, the fizzy sensation that hits your nose on the first sip, the tart, dry sensation - it's a sensory experience that is eerily similar to a glass of brut.

    But we typically associate Champagne with fancy evening celebrations, and while I think you could easily don this scent to a New Year's Eve party, it seems better suited for warm sunny days. Albeit a buttoned-up, prim and proper day at the country club in tennis whites. A summer that doesn't sweat.

    The opening, in typical Chanel fashion, is admittedly a little assaulting - they do love to hit the high notes early. The harsh opening that I have come to associate with the brand dies down quickly, however, and the oakmoss and bergamot make for a light bright green combination that's pleasingly challenging. It takes about 15 minutes before the floral and woody notes start making their appearance on me, and that's when I think Cristalle really starts to shine, presenting a great range of accords, but quietly, and without making too big a deal about it. A hushed harmony.

    I put this on last night, and woke up this morning with a much softer green floral scent still lingering on my wrists. My skin usually soaks up Chanels, as if my skin likes to suck it in as much as my nose. I'm lucky to get 4 hours out of any one of them. So this was a very pleasant surprise.

    My one question is how did I just now discover this scent? For a company who's marketing is almost as perfect as its fragrances, I was surprised that this scent mostly flies under the radar. At least, my radar, which may just be tuned to the wrong frequency, as is all too common with me. Still, another Basenotes victory for championing a great frag that I would've otherwise missed!

    Because I'm a stickler for research, I got an amber-colored vintage sample and modern decant to comparison in my recent quest for a summer scent. I'm still new to the perfumista game, but the two are reassuring similar in character, longevity and sillage. I actually got a couple more hours out of the newer sample, so fiddlesticks to the reviews who have poo-pooed the modern formulation!

    Pros: Sparkling, dry, and complex - like a great champagne
    Cons: Oft neglected"

    19 July, 2013

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    The classic, amber EDT is gorgeous.

    It does have very tea-like elements, but it doesn't resemble so-called tea fragrances of today. Agreed that the bergamot is much like a good Earl Grey, but with less pucker.

    The overall fragrance is light, but not without complexity. The dry citrus notes smooth out to lightly sweet hyacinth, with an underlying hint of tannins. That the part that's very much like fine tea — a floral cloud, covering a bitter, mildly astringent edge.

    It was new and sparkling in the seventies, and it stands out for its depth and sophistication now.

    18 April, 2013

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    This might sound very strange, but after 1 hour i smell green tea, not the kind you get in grocery stores, but true japanese gyokuru, never smelled this in any male or female scents, so for this alone , cristalle earns two thumbs up for top grade / high quality ingridients.

    14 July, 2012

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