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Coco (1984)
by Chanel


Coco information

Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 778 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PackagingJacques Helleu
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Coco

Coco is a feminine perfume by Chanel. The scent was launched in 1984 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge. The bottle was designed by Jacques Helleu

Reviews of Coco

Hygeia by Gustav Klimt
05th March, 2018
Mesmerized by this
Growling tiger of flowers,
Spices and resins.
25th January, 2018
This is in regards to vintage Coco, eau de toilette. Coco is one of those rare ones, for me. Every now and then I try a perfume I don't care for at first. Then it grows on me, a little. Then I like it more and more, as I wear it.

I don't smell any stand-out notes of mimosa, vanilla, Tonka, or orange blossom here. Everything else, seems just fine. This reveals itself to me in layers. It is "old school" and I like that. I may procure another sample, for further wearing's. This, like Mitsouko, are slow to win me over...
07th January, 2018
Vintage edt: Dreamy perfume to my nose, especially the opening and early on while it's still strong. I love perfume from the 1980s, and this is one of my favorite feminine fragrances overall, a delicious sweet floral.

The vintage parfum version is also a treat: a modern-smelling, fruity floral that smells like fresh, clean laundry.
01st February, 2017 (last edited: 05th February, 2017)
Vintage COCO (84) EDP.
COCO is the goldilocks "just right" of Orientals. Old luxury is a slightly understated, quality experience. That embodies COCO.

In its historical genre there's Opium (77), Cinnabar (78), Diva(83), Teatro Alla Scalla (85), Incognito (92).

Review for Vintage COCO EDP

COCO is the most balanced in the genre. There isn't a main ingredient you can point to and say "thats what dominates in COCO." That is its true strength. She is all her own done in Chanel style. You can see echoes of Diva and Opium within her DNA, yet balanced and refined for the Chanel house.

Her spices are never overdone, her fruits are luscious, the rose is a beautiful feminine addition. Its as beautiful as an Oriental can get. She will be loved because there isnt a part of her that stands out too much, or not liked for not having a distinct identity and perspective. Perfect example of a well crafted, strong, classy, non offensive benchmark in perfumery. The only reservation I have is when hunting the vintage, in my experience the strength fades overtime.
23rd December, 2016
This is gorgeous and I understand why it is such a classic. There is such incredible scent development and smooth transitions.

Coco opens with bright mandarin, something akin to orange blossom and is supported by opulent rose and jasmine. After about 20-30 minutes the sparkling citruses dissipate, the florals deepen and a very smoothed spice develops. There is also a mild sweetness in the background. Not sugar sweet, more of a vanilla bean which is rounded out by a touch of powder. Roughly 8 hours later it is still very present. It has softened and the creamy sweetness of the vanilla bean and powder is more prominent. The strength of this perfume is in it's balance. Everything that is loud or soft feels like it is meant to be that way, like a well composed piece of music.

Sillage is moderate to heavy at maybe around 4-5 feet and lasting power is incredible at 10+ hours (outdoors in dry/cold weather on dry skin).

I don't go through bottles of perfumes....but this I could see buying multiples. It's a classic for good reason.
05th December, 2016

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