Coco (1984)
    by Chanel

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    This is a great '80s perfume that has been sadly eclipsed by its far less interesting younger sisters, Coco Mademoiselle and, more recently, Coco Noir. Soapy florals and a delicious cinnamon-flavoured dry-down make this a lovely winter smell. When I'm wearing it, I imagine myself snuggled up in a leather armchair with a wool blanket keeping warm by the fire as the snow falls outside. Unlike its younger siblings it does not aim to please by being overly sweet - it makes no apologies for who it is. Yet unlike similar fragrances from the era, it does not overpower. Coco is high on my wish list.

    24 February, 2014

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    Lisa DP

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    Ahhh Coco. The perfume that rescued Chanel for me. As much as I love and respect No.5 on other people, it smells stale and sweaty on me. As with many of Chanel's creations, I was forced to admit that they just didn't suit my chemistry. That was until I met Coco. The ingredients, top notes, middle notes and dry down have been articulated far more accurately and eloquently by others here. All I can write about it how Coco makes me feel. She is a winter fragrance for me. Whenever I wear her, I feel lava hot, invincible...and pretty darn foxy.

    22 January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    A classic floral/oriental with a spicy soul, the Jacques Polge's trademark and an impressively charismatic aura of elegance and clean subtleness (spiciness), something familiar to each of us, evocative about a left back feminine type of radiancy once swirling around in air constantly (almost everywhere) and nowadays veiled and subsided by the "new-age" common gassy/chemical orchidea based modern insecticides. Yes, Coco is extremely elegant "at distance" (logistical and temporal), is "white" (balmy), spacious, radiant (as could be intended Japuir Saphir for instance), slightly aldehydic (i suppose) and subtle in the background (a backwardly emerging floral/spicy patchouli spark in the middle of the balsams). I definitely agree with Foetidus as i detect a forceful soul of spicy patchouli (cinnamon for sure), rose/jasmine/mimosa (the latter just noticeable by me in the top) and amber, the first approach being deliciously fruity (i detect the peach and the orange indeed in the top), spicy (i detect the aromatic coriander's influence among the mild spices) and with a mossy (labdanum) background along the base which nails the aroma down among the classic spicy/boise hystorical chypre. A coconutty/tobacco spark emerges vaguely from the dry radiant amalgam. The patchouli is stout , rosey, slightly earthy and spicy till the end, representing under my nose the royal backbone of this ambery floral chypre. Class and refinement dominate the scene with this textured and "fragrant" potion. Sillage and longevity deserve a commendation for sure. Coco will be forever a potion created to elevate each "misured" woman on the stage of the Queen.

    17 November, 2013 (Last Edited: 22 November, 2013)

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    #5 but better and more complex

    I love this perfume; there is nothing else to say, in the end. One of the first "real" perfumes I ever smelled was Chanel no. 5; it was nice, but after all the hype, I was a little disappointed. I liked the newer, (then) trendier Obsession better. When I first smelled Coco in 1994, I felt as if Chanel finally got it right. Like so many scores of others, I detect a close kinship with 5. Along with that, there is a deeper feel to Coco, and the drydown is heavenly. For some few people, the drydown turns a bit sharp, but it is a chemistry issue rather than a fault with Coco's formulation. Although it was created in the 1980s, it is a lasting classic. Just as with any scent, you should be fine in the office as long as you don't douse yourself. But you might want to! Good anytime, but excellent in cold weather and for (classier) evenings. Not too formal, but appropriate for formal occasions. You will have to decide for yourself whether you like it in hot weather. I love it anytime, but some people think it's too strong for summers. Give me Coco any day over the boring one-note concoctions omnipresent these days. Layers well with real vanilla oil. I need to get some more of this and try it out with something like Wish or Angel. Coco strikes me as amenable to the gourmand side of things.

    Pros: Very likeable
    Cons: It might not work with your chemistry"

    28 August, 2013

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    Absolutely amazing

    This is my favourite scent by Chanel, I can't help but smile each time I remove the bottle's cap and treat myself to two or three spritzes of the EDP. The opening is a delicious blend of amber, peach, roses and other florals. On my skin, the scent gets better with the dry-down ... becoming more 'edible' and warm as time goes by, perhaps due to the tonka bean and opoponax. And it lasts! If I spritz myself early in the evening, the scent is still there on my skin in the morning. Highly recommended.

    21st July, 2013

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    I prefer the EDT, lighter and more wearable than the EDP, too strong and sweet for me(and I must say I love strong perfumes). It has the Chanel elegance and is very complex and feminine. A masterpiece.

    05 May, 2013

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