Coco Mademoiselle (2001)
    by Chanel

    Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance Notes

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    The dry down reminds me of Miss Dior Le Parfum which is gorgeous. This isn't as creamy but that just means it has more spark. It's better than Miss Dior EDP, which is quite different than the Le Parfum.

    So, there's a nice vanilla in the dry down but not gourmand (thankfully) it's just a bit of sweet warmth to counter balance the quality citruses and ubiquitous Chanel rose/jasmine mix. Clean patchouli and crisp vetiver also help balance the potential gourmand. It's so Chanel, perfectly balanced. You have to wonder why there aren't more copy cats of this but maybe that's what all the other fruitchoui's are and you have to appreciate even more how well Coco Mademoiselle is made.

    22 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 29 March, 2014)

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    Lisa DP

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    To be wearing Coco Mademoiselle is like drinking skimmed milk or eating low fat cheese. When you have the delicious, real, fulsome thing (that is, Coco) standing by and demanding, "come and get me", why would you bother with Mademoiselle? It is a poor imitation of the real thing. Whilst others have remarked on the awful first hour of it, I don't mind the top notes. It is the dry down for me that turns into a weak, plastic mess. A good thing that the staying power was so weak, as it would have been soap and a scrubbing brush otherwise. I've given it a neutral rating as I have smelt it to be "nice" on other people. But truly, unless you're working in a hospital with sensitive noses around, why would you want such mediocrity?

    21st February, 2014

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    I truly love this juice! I am in my early thirties and find it completely age appropriate, yet youthful and vibrant. When I first put it on I get clementine with sparkle of grapefruit that is replaced almost immediately by the sweet jasmine and rose middle notes. On me it settles in about an hour into the bourbon-musk-vetiver base. It almost reminds me of wearing a boyfriend's jacket and sniffing his lapel after he is gone.

    03 December, 2013

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    Great after you suffer through the first hour

    I just wanted to hate Coco Mademoiselle; letís check out my list of complaints:
    1) I usually dislike very fruity perfumes.
    2) The note listing = boring clichť line-up. Yayóanother fruity-floral with a dash of patchouli. Bleck.
    3) Itís painfully ubiquitous.

    Anyway, Mademoiselle is, indeed, all of the previously mentioned items; however, in spite of the reality surrounding this fragrance, I still enjoy it. First, the citrus fruit somehow sticks around past the opening and blends with the patchouli and lychee creating a warm, pink haze that weaves through the composition. Below the pink haze is a touch of musk and above the pink haze one can detect the icy fluttering of jasmine and rose. The floral component is high quality and can be found in other Chanel fragrances; IMO this is one of the features that keep Mademoiselle from sliding into the pit of mediocrity. An hour later, the delicious patchouli-vetiver-tonka-musk combination takes over. This is, by far, my favorite phase and Iím shocked at how much my wrist finds its way to my nose. After the release of Coco Noir and Chance, I have a newfound appreciation for MademoiselleÖ

    Pros: Sexy, high quality 'fruitchouli'
    Cons: It's painfully ubiquitous"

    20th October, 2013

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    Itís sexy, elegant, classy and feminine but fresh. Thatís something that really surprised me (in a good way). I thought it would be suffocating. But it is definitely not!

    As many have said, it is patchouli all the way, with jasmine and musk also being notorious on my skin. I donít get so many other notes but I suppose thatís the thing about a good -quality perfume, that all the notes blend in together and you canít quite put your finger on each of them. I feel it to be quite "creamy" but not powdery.

    It fills up a room but is not overpowering. I guess that what Iím trying to say is that the minute you walk in people are going to notice you but in a subtle way, itís not a "in your face" kind of fragrance.
    I would be comfortable wearing it on a daily basis, but I wonít because it is really expensive and I prefer to use it when I want my spirits boosted or for a special occasion. But you can most certainly wear it during the day, at night, and both in winter and summer, although some notes are best appreciated in a warmer temperature.

    When it comes to the age, I would say it suits a wide range. Iíd say from someone in their twenties to someone in their sixties.

    Summing up, it is really versatile!! Age, season of the year, time of the day, occasionÖ. It really is liquid gold to me!
    I really like it!! It makes me feel good when I wear it. It "dresses me up". I hope it never runs out.
    Absolutely recommended! =)

    Note: If you donít like patchouli or want a very sweet and heavy fragrance, this oneís not for you.

    EDIT 23/05/13: I spritzed only once this morning, and I could smell it on me all day long!! I love love love this perfume! The sillage and longevity are excellent! No doubt about it, a Chanel is a Chanel.

    24 May, 2013

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    I used to love it but now that my nose learnt better, i smell very metallic note, is it jasmine musk combo? That metallic note shows up the most after 1- 2 hours and is over whelming, it copies a bit old joy with this super elegant rose jasmine combination, only that this is clean and very modern and synthetic version, with modern musk note, and nice citrusy top. If it did not have that prominent metallic tone it would be thumbs up

    19 April, 2013

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