Diorella (1972)
    by Christian Dior

    Diorella Fragrance Notes

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    For those who have never experienced Rochas' 1949 classic, Moustache, Diorella will seem like a unique scent. It's not. It's a copy of the earlier Rochas masterpiece.

    Lemons, oranges, limes, soured and just to the point of rotting, but not quite there yet. This gives it a typically French "dirtiness" that makes it a ball game all in itself.

    Diorella presents a rounder, lighter version of Moustache, and dries down to a warm chypre, which Moustache does not. The Rochas has one note, but it did get there first.

    I was going to give Diorella a neutral review due to its lack of originality, but thought better of it since I do want to encourage readers to experience this scent, regardless of whether the source be Rochas or Dior.

    Truly unisex in my book and a Dior winner.

    29 January, 2014

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    perfect chypre

    i got a sealed late 70s vintage diorella on ebay and i am simply in love with this gem. the current formulation is ok but nothing to get excited about - too citric, too generic. this, however, is a remarkable fragrance: deep moss that floats!, a floral undercurrent that gives it real old school elegance and a very ripe fruit (some say peach, i say whole basket) note that projects & lasts. i really love this and see it being an all-season wonder. moments like opening vintage diorella are what make this expensive hobby so utterly enjoyable. timeless masterpiece....

    Pros: one of the finest frags i've ever smelled
    Cons: extinct

    18 June, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    I love this simple sweet lemonade:-)

    I dont know what it smelled like pre reformulation, but now it is nicely balanced sweet, clean scent with lemony character that doesn't go into soar. I was positively surprised by longevity and sillage and how sophisticated this lemonade can be

    19 March, 2013

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    anomie et ivoire

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    Naughty bodily, perhaps willfully odd funny girl fragrance but rises above it to typeless and timeless. That melon: so far from the calone-note melon of today, as if they're all silicone implants and the original here was this unbridled gorgeous curve of flesh, totally comfortable with itself in its own skin. The peach and herbs smell still alive, on the tree and vine, though tinged with a decadent voluptuousness, overripe. The citrus too has a subtle dark humor in place of lemon's usual easy smile.

    Vitamin tablets, kitchen windowbox gardens, the rippling reflection of sunlight on a pool in a David Hockney painting, the cursive signature of Roudnitska, swimming figure eight laps to eternity--the coda of Diorella's fruit-green-fruit-green structure. Such warmth, so humane, likely more than any other in the typically gruff or pouty classic chypre lineup.

    21st November, 2012

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    Red Theodora
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    Diorella is confusing to me. When I look at the note composition it seems like a basic chypre structure. Citrus top, floral middle and woodsy, earthy base. For me the citrus top is the smell of citrus disinfectant. Not a lot of heart registers for me at all. But, that said, the drydown of the base is , well, rather glorious!

    22 September, 2012

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    Said to be the scent of choice for Maggie Thatcher and the younger Lady Di. Lemon balmy citrus underpinned by gentle flowers. Similar to Eau d'Hadrien but less assertive. I love it but my husband despite buying it for me finds it reminds him of toilet block. It's therefore a personal treat

    18 December, 2011

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