Dune (1991)
    by Christian Dior

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    What a fun scent! You may not hear that often but I'm watching this history out of order. I smell in this one the mathematical mean of Paloma Picasso's jasmine-and-musky-hay-Minotaure and the sunscreen and salt of Salvador Dali's Le Roy Soleil. It's not great. It's not everyday. It IS Fun, it smells good, and it sure is a nice break from what I had been reviewing recently. Such is the power of retrospect, I suppose. Dune is a 'candywood' fragrance that even the collectors will like.

    12 April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Orange and anise drying down to - well, another negative review here said it and I must concur - wet dog.

    Trivial and unpleasant, despite the usual Turin undeserved five stars and nonsense description - "fresh oriental."

    27 January, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    I don't think Dune is a literal name, not an ocean dune, anyway.

    I get woody, oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, HUGE hit of mandarin orange. No salt, no sand. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous, though, I love it! It's intoxicating and definitely one of my favs!

    Wow, "wet dog" eh? I really need to read this Turin book, seems to have hit a nerve.

    06 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 01st April, 2014)

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Essence of Summer

    When I was little, one of my favorite summer pastimes was to go amber hunting. I would get up early in the morning and walk the few steps from our Baltic Sea summer house to the beach, eager to see what the waves had brought in during the night. After a quick dip in the cold, salty water, I would wrap myself in a bathrobe and walk, bent over, near the water line, carefully scanning the shore for a brown or golden pebble that seemed out of place in the white sand. A gentle sea breeze would blow, bringing with it a palette of scents ranging from brackish water and dry sand to warm sunscreen and old kelp.

    This is what I get from Dune. When first applied, I get a burst of something fresh and floral, as innocent as a childhood memory. That quickly gives way to a deeper, aromatic flower and incense both resting on a bed of warm sandalwood. When I lean closer, I get the salty sea, the warm sand and even a whiff of the musty kelp, backed up by musk and amber. For me, Dune works best on warm, even sweaty, skin where it leaves a more balanced foot print; it is softer, rounder and I am even able to pick up a trace of vanilla.

    Dune is a complex and interesting fragrance with scents ranging from delightful to downright strange. But it works. For several years, Dune has been my favorite summer daytime fragrance and, like the amber I once found, I treasure it like a gem.

    01st October, 2013

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    Floral plus

    A gentle orange opening with a wood tone give way to an aldehyde based floral drydown of ylang-ylang, peonie and lily. Later vanilla gives sweetness, counterbalanced in the base by benzoin and a mild patchouli. Pleasant, decent silage and projection with three hours of longevity. Quite versatile.

    22 September, 2013

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    knit at nite
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    Jean Louis Sieuzac's Dune

    The nose for Dune, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, also created such iconic scents as Opium for YSL, Bel Ami for Hermes, Oscar for De la Renta, and Fahrenheit, also for Dior. On my skin, Dune in the woman's marketed version in EDT concentration is dry herbs, non-cloying florals, precious woods and resins baked in the hot sun. The blending of these components is magnificently handled.
    Compared to Opium, oversprayed by women everywhere when it was introduced, Dune is downright subtle in its presence. It's a keeper for those who are patient enough to let it evaporate fully on your skin and let the magic happen.

    14 July, 2013

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