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J'Adore (1999)
by Christian Dior


J'Adore information

Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 476 votes)

People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About J'Adore

J'Adore is a feminine perfume by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 1999 and the fragrance was created by perfumers François Demachy and Calice Asancheyev-Becker

Reviews of J'Adore

I'm a sucker for everything jasmine-tuberose, but what made me keep this one -which I understand is the love/hate note- is the pear note, and what I love the most is the drydown.

J'adore is an amazing blend of delicate and sweet, but also vibrant and sexy soft floral, fruity, musky notes.

At first I felt the fruity note a bit sharp to the point of making my eyes itchy, but after an hour or so, the musky drydown made me fell for it.

Let me put it this way: at first, it's a glamorous post-shower clean, but then it mutates into a flapper girl with a glass of sweet summer white wine in hand, lounging by the pool.

I feel I can wear this -I acually do, as a matter of fact- with jeans+white top and I feel dressed. It's a summer scent, perfect for casual wear, night or day. Lasts about 8 hours on my skin.
08th April, 2016
Kotori Show all reviews
United States
I don't think this is for me, because it is very popular, and very floral. However, I tried it on my skin for the first time today after years of passing it by without a thought, and there is something old-world feminine about it. There is a classic structure reminiscent of Diorella and Mitsouko, but with a brighter, more linear effect. It is sunny without being shrill. On the card, the ylang ylang and tuberose screech. On my skin, however, the fruit ripens, and I get a mezzo-soprano voice with mellow vibrato and a hint of dark edges. I think I could wear this. I understand what people say when they say it smells like shampoo, but I think that's a chicken-or-egg issue. I think J'Adore must've inspired some of the functional perfumery in the last decade and a half since its release.
22nd November, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This is fine French perfumery brought up to date--feminine, sunny and chic, this is a perfect representation of the brand as it is today--a (perhaps THE) great couture house, still relevant in the current day. A fruity floral with Ylang, rose, jasmine and tuberose, lightened by aldehydes and anchored with sandalwood, this is a textbook composition done right. Does it shout for attention? Does it stand out in a crowd? No, but a woman wearing J'Adore will always be one of the best smelling women in the room. Wonderful packaging and marketing, with the beautiful Charlize Theron, sunny, chic and feminine herself, perfectly representing this lovely offering from the House of Dior.
29th October, 2015
My daughter received this as a gift from a new boyfriend. He did not know her very well because this is not for her. She thinks this scent is old lady. I don't know were that is coming from. I seen a review on this that said it smells good on paper. That hits the nail right on the head. I wanted to like this because it is so pretty and floral. It ends up just smelling waxy after a few hours on my skin.
22nd October, 2015
My wife owns this fragrance, and along with Miss Dior they are both my all time favorites. J'Adore is just so sweet and subtle. The floral notes are perfectly light. J'Adore makes me very happy when I detect it on my wife. It's light and draws me in and I always want to get close to her to smell it on her skin. A perfect fragrance for a happy marriage IMO.
12th May, 2015

Needless to say:J'Adore by DIOR is a Ambrosial,Eternally Stylish perfume for a Tender Femininity.Most fragrances pale in comparison With this one.Sure to get a Lot of compliments if you wear it. Romantic,Classy,Artistic,Popular, Mysterious,Original,Cheery,Fresh and Feminine.

The composition is built of a perfect harmony.The top notes Encompass a Fruity Melody of Pear,Peach,Bergamot and Melon that is simply Lovely.The Middle notes a bouquet of abstract Flowers with an Indefinable Femininity Due of Charming and Sweet Base notes.

This Scents a Breathtaking Blast of Loveliness that tells of an Exquisite Expression of a Particular Lady.Perfect for SPRING Evenings Even Winter days,when you just need a reminder of a Spring Romance.It Gives you a strange feeling of joy.I would recommend it to a Romantic Lady looking to get an fragrance for Men Attention.


Longevity?It is Truly Weird on my skin.

22nd April, 2015

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