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Aromatics Elixir (1971)
by Clinique


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Year of Launch1971
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Aromatics Elixir

Aromatics Elixir is a feminine perfume by Clinique. The scent was launched in 1971 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bernard Chant

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Reviews of Aromatics Elixir

This scent is so classic, so beautiful.....but unfortunately it's off limits at my office, because a coworker hates it with a passion. LOL So, it's only for evenings out or at home, because it's a strong one that you either love or hate. I LOVE IT!
09th February, 2016 (last edited: 30th March, 2016)
Aromatics Elixir grabs your attention like a carmine trench coat.

Its rose - coriander - patchouli profile is unique and instantly recognisable and it still divides opinion today, 45 years after it was created. Many people are confounded by Aromatics Elixir and detest it; others appreciate the challenge wearing it poses; some find its strange beauty almost mystical.

Aromatics is a kind of Herm, a milestone that Parfumista's may encounter on their journey; the experience can be for some, like me, a rite of passage.

It is, without doubt, a perfume of huge significance; an outstanding achievement that's transcended its era to attain canonical status in the history of perfumery. But is it really a masterpiece?

For a work of art to be a masterpiece it should either be an utterly sublime rendition of a perfect (Platonic) form, or it must be a revolutionary tour de force capable of articulating a new type of beauty. Unfortunately Aromatics fails on both of these counts because a) the profile is still perfectible - it lacks a certain refinement, and b) its structure is derived from the chypre - and so it embodies no unique vision.

Consequently its very good indeed, but not a masterpiece.

07th February, 2016 (last edited: 08th February, 2016)
an herbal MONSTER...but a classic. Its not going to appeal to those who look to be appeased, right from the start. Its bitter, and very green and somewhat screechy, in the beginning. But like a lot of powerful herbal scents, it does wind down, while it shows off all that it brings to the table. Its primarily a rose scent, smothered in oakmoss, chamomile and dandelion.
24th November, 2015
It's funny - I've never asked to smell Aromatics Elixir without the Clinique salespeople actively trying to discourage me from smelling it. I'm amazed it's survived this long. I can see why - it's a classic, dense, difficult mix of old fashioned smells that likely smells repulsive to those with more modern, mainstream taste.

So what does it smell like? A loud burst of sneezy white powder over vinegary clove and white flowers and soap. It's also got an "oriental" mix that's sort of like amber, but with openly poopy musk instead of vanilla. In terms of smell, it falls halfway between Coromandel and Bal A Versailles, but much cheaper.

And that's my real complaint: The concentration feels cheap. This could feel like a grand, expensive perfume with higher concentration of the base notes, but instead, it starts off ridiculously loud and fades very quickly, so it just doesn't stand up to the perfumes that clearly inspired it. Thumbs up just for being classic, widely available, and very much worth a sniff, but with the caveat that you can do better.
17th November, 2015 (last edited: 03rd January, 2016)

She is bold,with style to boot!both chic and chypre floral brings to mind a rebellious woman with extreme elegance,an icon with devastating sedeuction. ARPMATICS ELIXIR is a scent of mystery.evoke mystery with this exceptional scent inspired by the mysteriouse space between the terrestrial and the celestial. Tempting,Glamorous,Classic,Rich,Woody, Powerful,Sophisticated,Elegant and Mysterious like the women who choose to wear it.

This timeless scent created of top quality magnetic with aldehydes and chamomile notes toping,a heart of a passiononate bouquet floral like rose and ylang ylang and seduces with classic incense and depth of patchouli and oakmoss for a incredible scent with oompht and complexity.the dry down is interestingly irresistible.not for the faint of is best used for a femme fatale in a unforgettable winter evening.


Longevity?Great on my skin.

13th July, 2015
I always found AE attractive but also overwhelming for me to try it on my skin. Years after smelling it on a dear friend yesterday I came across a sample. I am wearing it 5 hours now and it is still very potent although nothing compared to the super heady opening. Everyone says that AE is a floral and/or green chypre. For me this is a sweet, floral with green undertones and a kind of dirtiness (or maybe this is the leather accord others talk about). This accord is the most staying impression I have of what I am wearing right now. The silage is really powerful and over-applying will give you and the people around you a headache. Longevity seems above average. I will keep on using my sample but I am not taken by AE. I am certainly glad that I tried it though. It is a must try for perfume lovers and although AE has lasted the test of time I do think that it is dated. Can sensuality be dated? Somehow, I think it can. This may be the holy grain for many but not for me.
21st March, 2015

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