Happy Heart (2003)
    by Clinique

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    A sister to Clinique's best seller, Happy. 'Happy Heart' is a floral fragrance in a similar bottle to Happy, but with a pink cap.

    The fragrance was designed to capture the happiness felt when seeing joy in people who are close to you.

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    United States United States

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    It's fresh; almost as fresh and fragrant as strawberries. I'm on a search right now for strawberry in perfume... have to get some more L'Interdit. Happy heart freshens me up especially when my husband frys steak and the house smells like it.

    Blonde woods for the base? I don't know what that is, but I like it. I thought it had pine needles and mango; thought I read that somewhere and I don't see it listed in the notes. It's easy to wear unlike some complex fragrances that are great, but take so much more figuring out. My bottle has lasted 3 years and still going. Don't wear it often, but when i do I say to myself: glad I still have some left.

    16 October, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is my favorite perfume, and while working at a perfume kiosk, I tried just about everything! I was always a lover of Clinique Happy. I tried this on a whim, and now I'm in love with it. I have heard that people with certain skin types react to this scent differently (my sister cannot wear either of the "Happy" brands), so that's most likely why some women say they don't like it. It's one of the those perfumes that you need to try, and see how it smells a few hours later to see if it's for you.

    Another thing, is I get so many compliments on this perfume. From males and females! Just yesterday, I had a guy ask me what perfume I was wearing.. he wrote down the name, and said he was going to get it for his girlfriend for Christmas! This is definitely my #1 choice!

    05 December, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A good fragrance choice for a young girl who has no perfume direction yet. I didn't mind it but it was unremarkable on me. I'm giving it a thumbs up only because it is a nice change from a boring floral. The crispy cucumber freshness with the carroty note was different at least. I found it smelled more like a good laundry detergent on my skin than a perfume. I wouldn't wear this myself but I can see it could be nice on others. Not my thing.

    02 October, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    Happy Heart is basic yet pretty.

    This fragrance doesn't make me jump up and down for joy or do somersaults across the room, however I do feel much happier when wearing it.

    Happy Heart is a light fruity floral which has a tendency to be clean and slightly soapy, but not overly so. It has some similarities to Happy, also by Clinique, however this fragrance isn't as citrusy.

    The cucumber in the top notes adds a unique, cool watery freshness that I really enjoy. Cassia also adds a nice spicy subtlety which is reminiscent of most Clinique fragrances.

    I found the note of carrot to also be surprisingly good and far from the predictable path that Clinique could have chosen. It was unfortunate that this fragrance just didn't agree with my skin chemistry. I would have considered it if it did.

    26 June, 2011

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    About the only clinique fragrance that I think is nice, the carrot makes it interesting.

    clinique happy I thought was just plain and mild, and aromatics elixir smells terrible to me.

    Happy heart is definately the best in the clinique range

    27 March, 2010

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    Wales Wales

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    I love 'Happy', so was keen to try this. Horrible: sickly-sweet and cloying. What a disappointment.

    10th July, 2009

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