Aloha Tiaré / Tiaré (1984)
by Comptoir Sud Pacifique


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Year of Launch1984
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HouseComptoir Sud Pacifique

About Aloha Tiaré / Tiaré

Aloha Tiaré / Tiaré is a feminine perfume by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. The scent was launched in 1984

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white flowers gourmand

Aloha Tiaré opens with a fizzy, sparkling, citrussy note that fosters fleshy exotic white flowers- frangipani and tiaré- while tempering their headiness. The evolution is towards a heart of tropical , pulpy fruit- peach, banana, coconut- and jasmine The drydown is an excellently balanced gourmand vanilla, signature of many fragrances of the house, with the right dose of sweetness that retains a certain resinous, honeyed, slightly bitter quality.

Aloha Tiaré is a fun fragrance- you could imagine yourself wearing it at a party on the beach, with flower lei, fancy cocktails and so on, but it also proves pleasantly displacing when worn in an everyday context. The sillage and longevity are good, also in hot weather.

21st June, 2013
This is a floral with significant presence. The tiare flower has such a bold personality, that it was probably wise to underscore it with softer players such as vanilla and coconut. However, given its wholly assertive personality and density, it will repel as many as it attracts. I have some admiration for Aloha Tiare, but I had a feeling that it would eventually overpower me
11th February, 2013
Compared to genuine monoi, CSP ALOHA TIARE seems pretty tame. To my nose, it lacks the intoxicating quality of many tropical compositions with a monoi bent. At the same time, I find ALOHA TIARE to have very big sillage, which makes me somewhat self-conscious about wearing it anywhere but on vacation.

All in all, this CSP creation (like many others from this house...) is a bit underwhelming to me. I feel that the notes are not really niche quality, so I'd much rather wear a really well-made, voluptuous floral fragrance such as FIDJI. ALOHA TIARE is okay, but not great. Definitely wearable, but not a tiare that I'd recommend before others... I have the original formula, but would be interested to try the new one. Perhaps the lime adds new zing.
21st July, 2011
Original version ( Tiare ); l agree with Ayala that it's very much the scent of monoi ie. tiare gardenia flowers soaked in coconut milk, something which to me is utterly delicious & indulgent! lt's sweet, creamy & soft, not a big night out scent but lovely to wear at home on a summer's day.

Newer version ( Aloha Tiare ); Begins with a sharp burst of lime, followed by creamy sweet musky florals & a whiff of tuberose, mixed with coconut, rum & brown sugar in the base, just like a mojito! lt's very similar to Virgin lsland Water with perhaps a little less finesse, but it lasts for hours on me, & it's very refreshing to wear out & about in the city on a hot summer's day. See Jitterbug Perfume Lover's review for the images this conjures up for me, unfortunately all in my head as l've never been to Hawaii! Some day.....*sigh*
03rd September, 2010
Densely sweet floral with a creamy tropical feel to it. Coconut oil? It reminds me somewhat of Versace Blonde's oily tuberose which failed to impress me earlier. While I can appreciate the tropical island paradise theme, I prefer more classic floral orientals. In that respect, for me at least, TIARE is up against some very tough competitors.

*** This review is of the original Tiare ***

24th May, 2010
I love CSP, love Hawai'i, and love gardenia. Wanted to love Aloha Tiare, but don't. It's too intense and too sweet.
21st August, 2009

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