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HouseCotswold Perfumery
PerfumerJohn Stephen

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Ruby is a feminine perfume by Cotswold Perfumery. The fragrance was created by perfumer John Stephen

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United Kingdom
The opening blast emits a lot of smoke, a blast of a nigh smoky woodsiness that is of a vegetal nature with a whiff of black tea at times also present. Soon, when the dust, i.e. the smoke settles, the note behing this opening firework shines through: a superb and beautiful jasmine.

This jasmine, intense and uplifting, has been present for a while when the second major player comes the the fore: a deep, rich and glowing rose, beautiful in its own right, but melting together with the jasmine to form and extraordinarily exquisite floral dyad that rules the next hours of the drydown.

After a while a comparatively meak ylang-ylang rises, which is less sweet and heavy than expected. It fits in well with the jasmine and the rose, but remains nothing that an accompaniment to the star duo on my skin.

In the base a darker harshness sets in, nearly mimicking hints of an oakmoss-like tanginess, but soon this notes declares itself as a return of the smoky-vegetal impression of the top notes.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity and unexpectedly brilliant ten hours on my skin.

This is for all intents and purposes a duoflore, a creation for spring evenings that is admittedly not particularly creative or innovative, but blended of absolutes of a very fine quality. It is never really a particularly sweet mixture. In the same way a simple meal prepared skillfully of few ingredients of the finest quality can provide culinary delights similar to a more complex meal, this simple English country scent scales olfactory heights to surpass many of its more complex and glamorous competitors.

Furthermore, the unexpectedly strong performance belies the notion that high levels of synthetic components are needed to ensure superior longevity. 4/5.
07th October, 2017

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