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Aubépine-Acacia (1965)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1965
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Aubépine-Acacia

Aubépine-Acacia is a feminine perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 1965

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Reviews of Aubépine-Acacia

Aubepine Acaica is a hidden gem from the yesteryear Creeds. I wasn’t anticipating on falling in love with this one but somehow this one just clicked. I too avoided this one fearing it might be overwhelmingly feminine but clearly it wasn’t. From application, I got a blast of bergamot and galbanum which gave a bright/fresh citrus-green opening. This opening lasted for a short period of time before moving into the heart. In the heart, I got a combination of Hawthorn and Mimosa. Both notes contributed to the scent making it become floral, green-herbal, and spicy. The drydown introduced a backbone of ambergris accompanied by a hint of amber which together joined the heart notes which are much more tamed at this point. AA would be classified as a green and floral scent and is best suited for the spring and summer months. This would be great for casual occasions in the daytime. Longevity and silage was relatively good with 6 hours of longevity and 3 hours of moderate silage before becoming a skin scent. Overall, AA gave off more of a greenish feel than floral which helped steer the composition of the scent from being too feminine. If you have an interest in classic Creed scents this is one worth trying out. Aubepine Acacia is absolutely amazing and one that I’ll likely get more of. Well Done!
05th April, 2015
Genre: Green Floral

Pleasantly bitter green notes greet the nose as Aubépine-Acacia lights on the skin, and they're fresh enough that they actually smell "chilly." There are some very potent aldehydes in the blend, and I have to say that at the start they aren't all that well integrated. A few minutes down the line and the greens are joined by the oddly musty sweetness of hawthorn blossoms. The green notes and florals soon coalesce into a tightly woven accord that vaguely suggests dry hay.

By this time Aubépine-Acacia has become quite faint and reads mostly as a mild skin scent. That or I habituate to it very rapidly. Either way, the scent remains very cool, crisp, and dry, with the slightest bit of something camphoraceous buried deep beneath the surface. Like Creed’s other crisp green floral, Chèrefeuille Original, Aubépine-Acacia reveals an anise or licorice note as it evolves, though in this case it emerges much later in the game. Otherwise, Aubépine-Acacia doesn’t so much develop as just slowly fade away. It’s understated and it’s more or less linear, but I think it makes a good unisex warm weather fragrance.
09th June, 2014
Interesting, unique, juxtaposition of bitter-salty over sweet. This fragrance features hawthorne, and it is a beauty. Too bad I can't find it on the Creed website; it must be discontinued. Rich, deep, fascinating. Smells expensive and three-dimensional. Beautiful for men or women -- although I bet it was made for men exclusively back in 1968. So sad that it's not listed anymore.
06th March, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A Citrus impression is present in the opening, and is merging into a green-floral in the drydown. Then the eponymous hawthorn note appears and dominates the overall scent, with some herbal-spicy sweetness that, however, is not cloying. An acacia-wood note arrives in the base with a hint of ambergris added. Amazing quality of the ingredients and exquisitely blended, This is a fragrance of first rating. Decent projection and silage with over four hours of longevity. Sample first as not everybody will like hawthorn.
23rd December, 2013
It's a shame this is not available anymore, but I can see why. The ingredients are obviously of superior quality, thus making it difficult and expensive to source.
AA is sophisticated and nonchalant. By far the greenest of the old-school Creeds, with an immaculate and long-lasting lemon note that endures for several hours.
24th November, 2013
It might be its better-than-average aquatics that make Creed popular, but it's the classics like Aubepine Acacia that make them legendary. Seriously, this is a fantastic perfume.

For Creed fanatics, it combines a lot of their signature notes and accords. It shares a lot of DNA with Bois Du Portugal and many of their classic masculine woody chypres, starting with their signature old-fashioned-in-a-good-way lemony bergamot topnotes that slip effortlessly into their famous green spices and hawthorn mix. It's got their signature sandalwood/ambrox base that comes through from the start, giving Aubepine Acacia the same expensive-smelling Creed richness as Bois du Portugal. Onto this typical Creed skeleton, they add a subtle honeyed-but-woody floral note (presumably the acacia), as well as some very subtle powdery flowers. The real treat comes later, when that peachy suede note from Royal English Leather peeks out, giving the whole affair a really amazing depth, like a subtle, well-crafted fusion of BDP and Knize Ten, with a subtle wink and a nod to Mitsouko.

Naturally, with all those masculine elements, I find Aubepine Acacia completely unisex, so try it while you can. It's off their website, so I assume it's discontinued. I understand that Creed is a for-profit business it's scents like Aventus and their silly fruity florals that pay the bills, but it's a real shame to see fantastic pieces of perfume art like this fade away. That being said, the tight new restrictions on natural bergamot are making these old Creeds pretty much impossible to make now, so it's probably new rules as much as changing times that are giving amazing perfumes like Aubepine Acacia their unfortunate death sentences.
07th June, 2012

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