Fleurissimo (1972)
    by Creed

    Fleurissimo Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    Attractive tuberose and violet floral blended with a unique banana candy note -- I mean that in a complimentary way. Underneath it all is a lovely, full rose. I'm not a floral wearer, and some of the Creeds are too green and realistic for my taste, but this one is sweeter and yummier. It's on the borderline of actually delicious.

    06 March, 2014

    Elsie's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Very elegant, dignified floral fragrance. Not overly sweet and powdery as some can be. There wasn't anything about this fragrance that I disliked, but overall it lacks that certain je-ne-sais-quois to be among my favorite fragrances.

    A very wearable and pleasant scent, but I have to say that the bottle (or rather, the cap) is something of a disappointment, and not something I would be proud to display on my dressing table!

    28 August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is a gorgeous classic French floral fraagrance that is refined and ladylike but deeply sensual at the same time--much like Princess Grace herself. A green opening is followed by roses, violets (very ladylike!) and tuberose/gardenia and underlying this is an animalic note similar to the one in Bal a Versailles but because Fleurissimo is a brighter, greener fragance than the oriental Bal a Versaiiles, the animal note (Civet? Ambergris?) is less noticable, but it is still there! It is like a big wild cat prowling the jungle wearing white gloves and pearls. I really like smelling this on a woman. Well done, Creed!

    16 May, 2012

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    England England

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    This smelled very green, sharp & quite masculine to me, not floral at all. There seems to be a note in these green floral scents that dominates on my skin. The same thing happens with Chanel No.19 for example, so l think it's probably a skin chemistry thing. l reckon it could smell great on a man, though! Just not on me, ho hum.

    13 September, 2010

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    lady love
    Argentina Argentina

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    I really like this one!

    I feel Fleurissimo is more like (sweet candy floral) some soft and 'delightful' Banana chewing gum (maybe this feeling is caused by the violet combined with the tuberose). It's from the 70's and don't smell old! Very Impressive!

    One of the finest and most wearable Creed fragrances. The Sillage and staying power are good.

    If you like Joy, Diorissimo or Kenzo parfum d'ete, you'll love this Fragrance very much.

    21st May, 2010 (Last Edited: 30th January, 2011)

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    Canada Canada

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    Regal, queenly, linear. Commands respect for the lady wearing it. Quite dated though, but will definitely stand out and assert amidst all the Pradas of today.

    18 May, 2010

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