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Mimosa (1986)
by Czech & Speake


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Year of Launch1986
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseCzech & Speake

About Mimosa

Mimosa is a feminine perfume by Czech & Speake. The scent was launched in 1986

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Reviews of Mimosa

I mostly smell white soap mixed with aquatic lily chemicals, lightly flavored with plasticky hairspray aldehydes, jasmine that's more indoles than jasmine, and just a tiny pinch of honeyed mimosa. It verges on mushroomy, and maintains a floral heaviness, but mostly just smells like aquatic soap. It's not terrible, but like others here are saying, it smells quite dated and not especially pleasant. I love a good mimosa note, but there isn't one to be found here, so I'm not finding this very satisfying because even without the mimosa focus, what this is doing isn't that great.
05th September, 2017
Mimosa by Czech & Speake is a clean, nice, soapy and aldehydic soliflore centered on this underrated yellow natural beauty. Fresh head notes, spices, light woods, probably other floral molecules enhancing and rounding the "botanical-earthy" density (jasmine, tuberose), and above all, the mimosa note. Which sadly, as much as it smells good, is quite artificial and cheap, therefore lacking in deepness and nuances the real mimosa oils are instead quite rich in (and in general, all natural oils). It is a straightforward, simple, plain *smell* of mimosa, with no evolution and as I said, not much deepness or complexity. Which is a pity because mimosa has a lot of great nuances - it can smell of pollen, roots, earth, even musk... here there's just a microscopic little bit of all that. Well, however, this does not make Mimosa a complete fail obviously, as I understand people may want specifically "this" kind of shallow and safe floral scent with no earthiness and no raw shades. It smells nice, just more on the unpretentious, simplistic and slightly mediocre side. I don't get anything indolic by the way, just slightly earthy at some points.

27th September, 2014
So Old School it should be an exhibit somewhere. A well-constructed jasmine-tuberose combo with plenty of indolic unease and an underlying murmur of the kinds of bone dry spice mix one found in a multitude of perfumes of a certain age which have (with a few exceptions) since hit the dust. Shakes off the indole and gets creamier with time and ultimately soapy (which is the closest this gets to mimosa), but I’ll pass.
22nd August, 2012
Entirely presentable, if a bit 'auntie's bosom'. However, for something as jasmine-heavy as C&S' Mimosa, I'd prefer instead to go for Olène by Diptyque or Lutens’ A La Nuit.

That so many people have found this dismayingly stinky (indolic, fecal) makes me wonder whether I'm smelling a reformulation, as I find nothing to press charges over.
12th July, 2012 (last edited: 22nd July, 2012)
Oh dear ! I see not too many people enjoy Mimosa by C & S.
I totally understand that the problem could be the indolic nature of this scent especailly right at the start.
It has the same indolic factor that Joy has in extrait and also it reminds me of the very slight indole I get in Jasmal by Creed. . It's the jasmine that is causing issues no doubt .However, I guess I am swayed as I quite like a bit of indole . In Mimosa it opens with a slightly fetid breath with a powdery mimosa which then tunes into green jasmine. I find it very vintage in character .
I like it but I don't need a bottle.
03rd July, 2012
A ladies jasmine type floral that smells dated a type of scent you could imagine a old lady would wear in the 1950's.
09th February, 2012

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