Toujours Moi (1921)
    by Dana (orig. by Corday)

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    118ml Cologne
    118ml Cologne

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    This is a review of the vintage Corday version, which according to Barbara Herman, debuted in 1924, not 1921 as stated above.

    On me a burst of vanilla and amber recalls Shalimar. Then the smokier, darker notes come in - vetiver, lavender and frankincense - and shift it to being more reminiscent of Habanita. I never get the heavy, rich resinous notes of Tabu or Youth Dew, as some do.
    I suppose the floral notes weigh in somewhere to lighten it, along with musk, but I don't detect any of them (neroli, jasmine, lilac).

    It is for me a very light oriental and curiously minus any spice content, which I require to be happy with a "real oriental."

    Pleasant, but not anything remarkable to my nose.

    13 March, 2014

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    I went to a perfume shop over a month ago, and I noticed this bottle of Toujour Moi. I tried a sample, and I was blown away at how terrific this perfume is! This is a great perfume for a man to give to a woman, or any woman who is a fan of the 1920s. 5 stars out of 5.

    06 December, 2013

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    Love this fragrance!

    I saw this fragrance in Walgreens and was curious about it. The gracious looking mint green box and the French name led me to believe that this is a scent that's been around awhile, which is a plus since I love so many vintage fragrances. I have a sensitive nose and detest most modern scents (esp the Hollyweird celebrity ones). The girl behind the counter said there wasn't a tester, but if my mom (for whom I was buying it) didn't like it I could return it. When I gave it to her, it was love at first smell for the both of us! It simply eeks early century noir. Soft, powdery, yet spicy. It is similar to Tabu, but I love it soooo much more. It's more sophisticated and complex. It's the perfect scent for my sweet Mama's collection. And mine too.

    09 June, 2013

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    I have been wearing Toujours Moi exclusively for over 20 years. I love it and continue to get compliments on it. I hope and pray it will never be discontinued. This is a wonderful cologne and I only wish more stores carried it. If only they made dusting powder in this fragrance, too.

    12 March, 2013

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    I just bought a .5 oz bottle from eBay as a blind purchase and I am very happy with this fragrance! It is the first oriental that I have tried that is warm and inviting on me instead of heavy and cloying. I think this will be a wintertime staple from now on.

    22 December, 2011

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    Oh dear. This is LOVELY! It starts off quite rich and deep, as you'd expect from an old, brown perfume, and has a kind of menthol-eucalyptus element over a resinous base, which becomes a sumptuous incense. Not too long after it dries to a delectable, powdery, honey-tobacco scent. So closely did it seem to resemble Habanita, though, that I tried a little Habanita on my other arm, for comparison. Habanita came out VERY vetiver-heavy – sharper and reedier, and surprisingly lacking in the tobacco-nougat aspect that Toujours Moi evokes so deliciously. I definitely get a similarity to Bal a Versailles, too: the same powdery, softly-spicy, close-wearing balsam and vanilla/tonka – sexy yet snugly at the same time. The Toujours Moi, though, lacks the “skank”/old dentures element that you have to get through in Bal a Versailles, which is of course a plus point. I only wish my bottle of Toujours Moi was bigger!

    EDIT: I've now added a huge, modern EDC to my little, vintage EDT that can be found in the Art Nouveau-style bottle :-) Incidentally I can't detect any significant difference between the 2, except that perhaps in the ultimate drydown the modern EDC turns to a pleasant cocoa powder. I agree that this is also similar to Tabu, but without the hefty patchouli in the base that Tabu packs.

    06 February, 2011 (Last Edited: 09 June, 2011)

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