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Diesel Green Feminine (2001)
by Diesel


Diesel Green Feminine information

Year of Launch2001
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

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Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections
Parent Company at launchPerform Group > Marbert

About Diesel Green Feminine

This fragrance from Diesel comes in male and female versions, both of which come in a weed-killer style bottle design.

Reviews of Diesel Green Feminine

I really eanjoy this. A very simple fragarnce: lime soda first, sandalwood and then vanilla sweetness. Easy to wear, too.

It is discontinued, so now with unbelievably cheap price.
19th November, 2011

I don’t find the lime opening very attractive. It’s not exactly a bad lime note, but it’s too strong and has too alcoholy an ambiance; however, since it’s lime it doesn’t annoy for very long. The middle goes floral, spicy, ferny, powdery, and abundantly sweet… powerfully green: so many notes, so little organization. For floral I get mostly orange blossom and jasmine, which is ordinarily an excellent combination, but these are not quality notes. The cinnamon and ginger spices are well done – not at all strong but filling out the background nicely. Mainly there is green and sweet. The spicy base goes even sweeter and quite powdery on my skin – musk and vanilla, and opoponax – rather clunky in presentation. Actually the Diesel Green, besides being generic, seems more masculine than feminine. There is so much lacking in this except the bottle is kind of cute.

16th April, 2009
As this is still available in discount pharmacies and the like it is worth adding my 2c. Lime cordial. Possibly could be worn to a pre school fairy party with an appropriate pixie hat.
24th November, 2008
Even my daughter who loves all types of perfume would not wear this one...........too green - too strong.

Great to use as a toilet deodorant. lol.
07th October, 2008
No No No. Don't do it.They discontinued it for a reason. Couldn't be that they intended this for a perfume. Perhaps I could use it to spray on cockroaches (as the bottle suggests). Another very good reason for never buying a scent before trying it on my skin.
02nd August, 2008
Not as green as I expected, and just too sweet for me. A bit of spiciness emerged as it dried down, but it didn't lose its sweet edge.

The bottle is fun, although I don't know how much I'd like it sitting alongside my collection - it would seem out of place.

The verdict? I enjoy many different fragrances, so I must not be *that* hard to please. But even at $5 and with a unique and fun bottle, I passed.
21st June, 2007

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