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Oh My Dog! (2000)
by Dog Generation


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseDog Generation
Parent CompanyPAC Paris

About Oh My Dog!

Oh My Dog! is a feminine perfume by Dog Generation. The scent was launched in 2000

Reviews of Oh My Dog!

This is a nice, light scent for your pooch. IMO It smells like a baby shampoo. I sprayed it on my wrist & rubbed some onto my Pit Bull Cooper. The scent lasts MUCH longer on his fur than on my skin. Probably because its formulated for DOGS not humans, right? LOL. He didnt seem to mind the scent at all, he doesnt like many of the "people" perfumes I wear, especially PRADA, he HATES that one, LOL. I wonder why Basenotes has this listed with the female symbol? This isnt marketed as a femine fragrance, its marketed as a scent for DOGS. I'm looking at the box right now, it says "EAU DE TOILETTE VAPORISATEUR SPRAY FOR DOG* *POUR CHIEN" The box (and the manufactures website) says nothing about this scent being for females, it says its for dogs, and it doesnt specify female dogs only either, lol. Theres NOTHING feminine about this scent, it smells just like a lightly scented baby shampoo & thats about it. I give it a thumbs up because its not a bad scent for a dog. I doubt that I'll purchase another bottle though.
06th April, 2009
This may indicate that this for girls, but that didn't stop me for buying it for my VERY spoiled rotten Yorkie named Buddy. He loves it . . . and so do I. Nice to put on between groomings and for going on walks. Besides, like his Dad, he loves to smell nice - heaven forbid he get dirty - even when chasing any chipmunk in sight!

Thumbs up!
06th November, 2008
Since I am a perfume lover, of course I purchased this wacky doggie fragrance for my two shelties! I basically like this smell much better than the shampoo their groomer uses. The correct application is important, as the directions say: spray into your hands and run through the dog's coat. When applied in this manner, the pooches aren't bothered by it one bit! Leaves a nice fresh aire about them. Doggie chic!
29th June, 2007
Oh my dog is very gentle and formulated for dogs to wear. My bishons have mixed feelings about the fragrance however. Bobbie hates it and makes the funiest face when he gets a whif or sees me coming with it...he curls up his upper lip and wrinkles his little black nose and puts his paws over his face. Edward though, seems to enjoy the frag. He comes to me when he sees me coming with it and will stand still for a spray. Both boys will roll it off on the carpets whan I am not looking :) Doggies like more stinky things to wear like eau de dead fish or eau de cat poop. But think about, many humans love ambergris :) I say hurray for Dog Generation! What innovation and fun. The website is cool too!
28th June, 2007
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United States
It a fun fragrance for a casual spring day on myself... But for a dog!? Oh my god, pun intended, the poor creature's eyes and nose! I know you're not supposed to spray it directly in the animal's face, but still, it may make the dog itchy. Dogs lick their snouts, and perfume cannot be good for them to ingest. What is society coming to? Perfumes for DOGS? Unscented baby shampoo works just fine to make Maggie not stink, and it's GENTLE.

Thumbs up for a fun, flirty, affordable fragrance that lasts for hours. Thumbs down for weird marketing. But I'll give it a thumbs up anyway.
05th March, 2007

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